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Save Money on Your SRP Bill

Save Money on Your SRP Bill

Save money on your SRP bill! As one of the nation’s largest public power utilities, SRP has one million customers. Most of them don’t know about all the programs that SRP offers low income customers… but we do!


Choose the right energy price plan for you!

There are several energy price plans to choose from. By default, customers are provided the Basic plan… but depending on your energy consumption habits, you might be able to save money by switching to a different rate plan!

The EZ-3 plan is specifically designed for customers who can avoid using electricity during peak demand times. These times are usually between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays and on six observed holidays. Those holidays are New Years’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. The average annual savings on an EZ-3 plan is 5.5% – and if you don’t see savings in the first 90 days, SRP will credit you the difference and switch you back to the Basic plan!

The Time-of-Use plan is more intense than the EZ-3 plan. Instead of avoiding major electricity usage during three hours of the day, Time of Use customers avoid major usage up to 7 hours per day. This works well for busy families who are often away from home! During May to October weekdays, you’ll have to skimp on the electricity from 1pm to 8pm… and between November and April, you’ll take it easy on the electricity between 5am and 9am and again between 5pm and 9pm on weekdays. The average savings for ToU customers is 6%!


 The M-Power plan is a prepaid plan with no monthly bills. You’ll never have late fees with this program! However, you’ll need to ensure that your balance doesn’t hit 0 or your service will be interrupted. You can keep track of your balance and energy use with an in-home M-Power display.

The Economy Price Plan is specially designed for households on tight budgets. If you meet the income requirements, you can receive a monthly discount of $20-$21 on your SRP electric rate plan! You can even receive this credit if you’re on the M-Power plan. Call (602) 236-8888 to apply. You will have to reapply every year to certify your continued eligibility but SRP will remind you when you’re due to reapply.

Check out these helpful payment options from SRP!

I love how many helpful options SRP offers low income customers. They offer several convenient payment options, including the ability to choose your own due date and enroll in automatic billing. 

You can also level out your SRP electric bills so you don’t have higher bills during certain seasons. The budget billing program works by averaging your annual usage into twelve equal payments. To enroll, your SRP account must have a 0 balance and you must have at least 12 months of usage history on your account.

Save money on your SRP bill!

Of course, there are certain things that everyone can do to save money on their power bills… but SRP customers have access to a few exceptional programs that can make it even easier to save money!


Sign up for eNote alerts to help you stay on budget! These alerts can notify you when your daily usage (or monthly projected usage) exceeds a certain amount you’ve selected. The system can also provide a projected bill so you know what to expect.

You can also get up to two FREE desert-adapted trees and save up to $50 off your energy bills! These trees are 4-6 foot tall saplings that can help shade your home when planted in the proper places. To receive your free trees, you’ll need to attend a free workshop. Click here for more information (including registration instructions)!

Low income SRP customers can also receive up to $6,000 in FREE home improvements to help improve the energy efficiency of your residence. These funds are donated to Arizona Community Action Association by SRP.

You may also be eligible for federal funding to assist with free weatherization improvements! The US Department of Energy’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) provides additional funding for weatherization improvements. These funds are also managed by the Arizona Community Action Association.

The weatherization funds are granted to trained technicians who can install insulation, window shading, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, air conditioner duct seals, space heating and cooling equipment maintenance, motor upgrades, energy efficient lighting and more! These improvements can help you save a lot of money on your SRP electric bill!

Click here to see income restrictions or call (480) 833-9200 to apply.


Get help with your SRP bills!

If you’re struggling to pay your SRP bill, there are several agencies that can assist you.

SRP Customer Resource Counselors are an excellent resource. These Counselors can help you sign up for discount programs, reduce your SRP bill and even connect you to community resources that can help pay your bill, find affordable shelter, clothing, food or medical care! {Of course, we’re happy to help you with all that, too!}

Project SHARE funds are available for one-time emergency assistance. These funds are only available to those who can demonstrate a financial crisis that has rendered them unable to pay their bill. To get Project SHARE assistance, you’ll need to contact the Salvation Army.

Arizona Community Action Association can also assist you with paying your electric bills! They administer several programs, including the Home Energy Assistance Fund and the federal LIHEAP program.