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Talquin Electric Customers Can Get Help!

Talquin Electric Customers Can Get Help!

Paying your Talquin Electric bill doesn’t have to make paying the rest of your bills harder. You can get help paying your bill and upgrading your home. We found ways to make your Talquin Electric bill better!


Get help with your Talquin Electric bill now!

The Florida LIHEAP benefit helps low-income residents who qualify for assistance through the state get help paying their bills. You could save money on your Talquin Electric bill by getting help through LIHEAP. The benefit will deposit a set amount into the electric account of residents who qualify.

If you’re in need of help or if you’ve received a shut-off notice, you might be able to get help from the Catholic Charities. You do not have to be a member of the Catholic church to get help, but it’s important to keep in mind this charity is religion-based.

The Salvation Army in Tallahassee might be able to help you with your electric bill. You will need to provide a copy of your Talquin Electric bill and financial information for your household. You do not need to provide tax statements, but you may be asked to write down your income and your bills. The Salvation Army generally provides help in amounts up to $200. You might also only qualify for help once per year.

Seniors, people with disabilities and veterans can get help.

Big Bend Cares is an assistance program for low-income people who are unable to pay their electric bill. Funding is based on donations they receive from the public so it may not always be available. When it is available, you could receive anywhere from $50 to $200 toward your electric bill. You must meet income requirements and must be prepared to provide information on your household.


If you’re over 65, you might be able to get help through the Talquin Assistance Program. It can help you if your rates are too high or if you’re facing a shut-off notice from the company.

Are you a veteran? You might be able to get help with your bill through Family Endeavors. The program helps veterans who qualify by making sure they have assistance paying their electric bills. If the agency is unable to help you directly, they will refer you to other resources.

Talquin Electric offers payment options.

Even though Talquin Electric doesn’t provide an official payment arrangement program, you might be able to get one just by contacting them. Contact your Talquin Electric office as soon as you know you’re going to need a payment arrangement for the best chance at help.

The levelized billing program can help you avoid big bills during the hot summer months in Florida. The program averages out the bills you pay throughout the year and uses that to make sure your bills aren’t too high because of the weather.

If you often struggle to pay your bill when it comes, prepaid electric could help you save yourself from shut-off notices. With prepaid electric, you can pay up front for the electric you’re going to use. When Talquin Electric sees that you’re getting low on the amount you prepaid, you’ll get a reminder to re-up.

Upgrade your home for free and lower your bill.

Using weatherization assistance, you could make your home better than it’s ever been. You can get upgrades to your insulation, your flooring and even your cooling system. If your home is not energy efficient, the program can help you make these upgrades…for free! You must meet certain income requirements, but even renters can get approved for this type of assistance!

The Talquin Electric free energy analysis can help you save money on your bills by showing you where you’re wasting the most electric. You can learn about your usage and adjust your habits to start lowering that usage.


Talquin Electric helps the community.

The Current is a newsletter that Talquin Electric publishes on a monthly basis. You can find free things in the newsletter because they offer a trading post section. You may also post the items that you have for sale to make a little extra money!

Talquin customers who have teenagers might be interested in the youth tour. The tour takes teenagers who qualify to the state capital and then again to the nation’s capital. Your teen could qualify for the program by being interested in electric and showing a desire to make a difference in the energy industry.

The youth leadership council for Talquin Electric can help your student learn what it means to be a part of a committee. They may also be involved in making decisions about the electric company and even rates!

Use these tips to lower your electric bill even more.

We found a lot of great ways to save more money on your Talquin Electric bill! Many of these tips are cheap or totally free and only take a few minutes of your time to do!

Save even more money in Florida!