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The DoNotPay App: The World’s Most Affordable Lawyer

The DoNotPay App: The World’s Most Affordable Lawyer

Lawyers can be ridiculously expensive.  What if there was an easy, affordable way to solve your legal problems?  The DoNotPay app is the solution to the problem you may not have known you had! 


The DoNotPay App is the world’s first robot lawyer.  Powered by artificial intelligence, this app can provide assistance in a range of different areas.  From fighting parking tickets to helping you pay bills, this app was designed to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and make your life easier.

In this article, we’ll be covering what the DoNotPay app is, what it can do, and how you can put it to work in your life.  Read on to find out more about this amazing opportunity!

What is the DoNotPay App?

The DoNotPay App is a service that promises to help alleviate stress by acting as your robot lawyer.  With the help of DoNotPay, you’ll be able to file the requests you need in a timely, easy manner.  This means less time fighting unfair charges and more time spent where it truly matters.

Praised by Time magazine as “the hero the world needs,” DoNotPay was originally created by a 21-year-old university student to fight parking tickets.  Using artificial intelligence, its chatbot asks a series of questions, then uses your responses to fight for you.  This could mean anything from filing an appeal to a traffic ticket to helping you access greater scholarship opportunities.  


The possibilities don’t stop there!

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Originally created to fight unfair parking tickets, DoNotPay has expanded to provide legal help in a variety of different areas, including divorce, canceling unused services, and many more!

Fight Unfair Charges

Acting as your personal lawyer, DoNotPay provides everything you need to fight unfair charges.  This means writing appeals against parking and traffic tickets, fighting for Airline compensation, even helping victims of crime receive the financial compensation they deserve!  

Best of all, in most cases, DoNotPay fights the fight behind the scenes.  You won’t be required to do much more than sit back and wait for the notification that your case has been settled.

What if these charges take place on a larger scale?  Say, if you have to go to court to fight against your landlord in person?

DoNotPay can help with that!

Once you’ve provided the DoNotPay chatbot with the necessary information, it can write a script that you may use in court.  This script includes options of what to say in different circumstances, helping you phrase your problems in a way that’s most likely to get you the attention you deserve.


DoNotPay can handle all your legal communications, including:

  • Request sick leave
  • Organize neighbor complaints
  • Handle HR complaints
  • Defamation demand letters
  • Child travel consent forms
  • Notice of intent to homeschool

So often, one of the biggest headaches in life is simply filling out the paperwork required to do what you want.  By handling these tricky communications and forms for you, DoNotPay takes the weight off your shoulders.

Save Money

Even if you don’t consider yourself someone in need of legal help, chances are, you’re still someone who likes saving money.  The DoNotPay app comes equipped with a dozen little ways to help you save money and hold on to your hard-earned dollars in ways might never have expected!

DoNotPay can find ways to pay bills, get gift card cashback, and make money from those late deliveries. This app can even work with you to lower your property taxes or find unclaimed money!

Whether you’re hoping to just find a little cash on the side or save major, long-term money through reduced college, the “Robin Hood of the internet age” is here to help. 

Fight Spam

How many times a week do you find yourself answering spam calls?  Have you already put your name on the “do not call” list, only to have fake companies still filling your voicemail with spam calls?

DoNotPay can fight those calls and even get you money for your trouble!


Not only can DoNotPay fight spam calls, but they can also prevent spam information from backing you into a corner.  By providing you with (completely legal) fake card information and burner phone numbers, this app can allow you to take full advantage of trial programs without having to worry about paying afterward.

They can help you cancel old subscriptions, gym memberships, and other services that have purposefully been made to be as annoying and time-consuming as possible.

So Much More!

Essentially, this robot lawyer can help legally help you in almost any situation in which you could really benefit from a professional guardian angel.  The list of services is seemingly endless; by taking advantage of everything this app has to offer, you are, in effect, hiring your own personal assistant!

Check out the official website to see what all DoNotPay can do for you!

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The help you need may only be a click away!

Does it Work?

While this service may seem too good to be true, DoNotPay is real, trusted, and safe.  Backed by the BBC, NPR, The Washington Times, and Bloomberg, DoNotPay has already helped hundreds of thousands of people fight fraudulent ticket charges, saving untold amounts of money.

Described by Fox News as “the Uber of legal services,” this app was downloaded over 25,000 times within its very first week of existence.  According to Browder, the app’s creator and founder, he hopes that DoNotPay can “remove the word ‘lawyer’ from the dictionary.” 

“In all areas of the law, I think lawyers are charging hundreds or thousands of dollars for copying and pasting a few documents,” says Browder, “Today, the DoNotPay app only helps with minor issues under $25,000 and under $10,000 in other states, but in the future, it should be able to help with everything. Access to the law for free – that should scare you if you are a lawyer making millions of dollars or thousands of dollars a year.”

Before signing up, be aware that DoNotPay is a subscription service.  In exchange for their assistance, customers are responsible for paying thirty-six dollars every three months.  For some, this is worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that under the worst-case scenario they have the protection they need.  For others, this cost is enough to cause them to think twice about continuing this service.

Though some find themselves surprised by the charge that accompanies this app, DoNotPay has been deemed trustworthy, earning over four out of five stars on Trustpilot with hundreds of happy customers.   


The DoNotPay app has made a name for itself in the virtual world, with many companies lauding it as the future of legal exchanges.  Whether you’re hoping to fight a traffic ticket or earn back money for a canceled order, this app may have exactly what you need.

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