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Visit Virginia State Parks FREE (or cheap)!

Visit Virginia State Parks FREE (or cheap)!

From the Atlantic Coast to the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia State Parks feature more than 600 miles of trails, hundreds of climate-controlled cabins, thousands of campsites with complete hookups and so much more.

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Without a discount, you’ll pay full price for access to the parks. Day use fees begin at just $3-$5 per vehicle per day. However, you can get an annual pass to all Virginia State Parks for just $66. If you want to add boating and equestrian access, you’re looking at a $167 price.

Can’t afford it? Don’t worry – you might qualify for one of these discounted pass options!

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If you’re disabled, you can visit Virginia State Parks for FREE!

If you have an official handicap license plate or placard, you’re good to go! You can get in free to all Virginia State Parks! You don’t even need a disability pass. Just drive in!

No plates or placard? Disabled individuals who do not qualify for plates or placards can apply for a FREE Disability Passport. You’ll need to submit a copy of your Social Security Administration benefit letter with this application.

Want to use the boat launches? Anyone with a handicap vehicle plate, placard or Disability Passport can obtain an annual Handicapped Launch Passport for just $48 per year!

I’ve reached out to the Virginia State Parks to see if other disability programs qualify, how long these passes last, etc. I’ll update this article as soon as I receive a response.

Seniors get a $30+ per year discount on annual Naturally Yours passes.

If you are a senior age 62 or older, you can receive a $30 discount on an annual Naturally Yours pass. Just $36 covers parking and admission to all 37 Virginia State Parks for an entire year! If you intend to use the boat launches and/or horse trailer parking, you can pay $133 for the Boaters & Equestrians upgrade. Get the application for these discounted passes here!

Veterans with a 100% service-connected disability rating get an AMAZING deal!

If you have a 100% service-connected disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs, you qualify for the Veteran Disability Pass! This free Virginia State Parks pass completely covers admission, parking and boat launches. The veteran will also receive 50% off camping, yurts, cabins, shelters, swimming and park-operated equipment rentals. This pass remains in effect as long as you retain that 100% rating. Apply now!

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