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Have a Volunteer Energy Bill You Can’t Pay? We Found Resources!

Have a Volunteer Energy Bill You Can’t Pay? We Found Resources!

Struggling to make your electric bill payment this month? If you’re a low-income Volunteer Energy customer, you might be able to get help with your bills!


Volunteer Energy is an electricity supplier. This means they provide rates for electricity in certain states that are deregulated. Rates can vary depending on different factors and you might not have as many resources as you would with a traditional electric company.

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Get help with your Volunteer Energy bill!

If you’re low-income and you’re struggling to pay your Volunteer Energy bill, you might be able to get assistance through state programs. Each state has different programs available and, since Volunteer Energy is in different states, you will have to apply for help through your state. There are different requirements you’ll need to meet including ones for income. While LIHEAP can be very helpful for people who are low-income, it might not cover your entire electric bill.

Click your state below to visit the LIHEAP site:

The Salvation Army might be a way you can get help paying your Volunteer Energy bill. While different Salvation Army locations have different resources and requirements you’ll need to meet to get help, you might be able to get up to $200 to help with your bill. This could make it easier for you to pay the rest of the bill and to keep you from having your electric turned off. Many locations require you to fill out information on your income, family size and electric bill information. Help is not available at all Salvation Army locations and might not be available depending on the funding.

We found payment options.

You could get help with your rates through Volunteer Energy. The company could make it easier to lower your energy bill by offering different rates. The rates they have are subject to change and could be different according to the service area you’re in. Before signing up for one of their rate programs, you can see information on what they have to offer through their website.

The company might be willing to do payment arrangements for people who are in good standing and meet their requirements. If you need a payment arrangement, you’ll need to ask about it long before you are going to be late on your bill. Knowing ahead of time that you’ll need an arrangement might make it easier for you to get one.  

Get free upgrades to your home and lower your Volunteer Energy bill!

If your home is not energy efficient and you need to make upgrades to make it that way, you might be wondering how you’re going to pay for it. These repairs can be expensive and it might be hard for you to get the money you need for them. In that case, you could qualify for help through the weatherization program from your state. Each state has different weatherization programs and you’ll need to meet different requirements to qualify for the program in your state. You can view the different requirements for your state depending on which state you have Volunteer Energy in by clicking one of the links:

Take small steps to lower your bills.

We’ve compiled a huge list of small things you can do to make your energy bill even lower. See our best tips for saving energy here. Bonus: many of these tips are free or very low cost!

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