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Can’t Pay Your Withlacoochee Electric Bill? You Could Get Help!

Can’t Pay Your Withlacoochee Electric Bill? You Could Get Help!

If you’re having trouble paying your Withlacoochee Electric bill, you might be able to get help. There are programs available that might be able to help low-income customers.


We found help for Withlacoochee Electric customers!

You could qualify for help through LIHEAP if you meet the income and household requirements. The LIHEAP benefit might make it easier for you to pay for your Withlacoochee bill. While the program generally will not cover your entire electric payment, it might be able to significantly lower your bill. If you meet the qualifications for the program, you could get help throughout the year.

The Pasco County Salvation Army might be able to provide help to some people who are low-income and qualify for assistance. The program is intended for those who are low-income or very low-income and unable to pay their bills. If funding is available at this location, you might be able to get up to $200 for your bill. They have different times when funding is available and not everyone will qualify for assistance. Salvation Army limits the amount of times you can get help to once per year.

Mid-Florida Community Services could help depending on your income and your family size. They have some resources they can use that might help if you’re having an electricity emergency. If you’re unable to get help directly through the program, they have access to other community resources that might make it easier for you to get the help you need for your bill.

You could get more help for your bill.

Pasco County Human Services offers help to people who are low-income and meet their qualifications for assistance. If you are struggling with paying your bill, you might be able to get help with it through this program. Pasco County could offer assistance to people who meet their income requirements and who need help with energy. The program could also direct you to other resources like energy saving programs and job opportunities!


You might be able to qualify for assistance through the Operation Roundup program. This program could make it easier for you to make your bill payments and they could offer you a chance at saving money on your electric bill. Depending on the funding that’s available at the time when you apply, you could get help with your full electric bill or a percentage of it. You’ll have to meet the Withlacoochee Electric income requirements.

Is your electric service medically necessary? You might be protected from shut-off and you might be able to get help paying your bill if this is the case. The Medically Necessary program could help you! Depending on the situation and certification from your medical provider, you could qualify for help through this program. The program might also be able to protect you in the even there are power outages.

You could get payment options for your bill.

The Pay as You Go plan might work for you if you are worried about your electric being shut off all the time. You will need to meet the requirements for the plan, but you might be able to pay for your electric up front instead of having to get a bill each month. This way, you’ll know how much electric you have left and how much you’ll be able to use. You can then use this to help you conserve electricity if you know you’re going to be unable to pay your bill!

While Withlacoochee Electric might not have an official option for payment arrangements, you might be able to get help with arrangements if you need them. You will need to contact the electric company to let them know you’re in need of help paying your bill. This can be helpful if you’re struggling or if you know you’re going to have money later than the bill is due. You might be more likely to get help with a payment arrangement if you reach out to the company as soon as you know you’ll need one. People who are in good standing on their bill might also find it easier to get a payment arrangement.

Upgrade your home and save money on your Withlacoochee Electric bill!

The Florida Weatherization Program might be able to help you make your home more energy efficient. If you’re a low or moderate-income resident of Florida, you might be able to get help with the weatherization program. It could help you save money on your bills and might make it easier for you to make updates to your home for free. Depending on the issues you have with your house, you could qualify for weatherization assistance to correct things like poor insulation, leaky entrances and even old appliances. You will need to meet income and other requirements, but not everyone who meets these automatically qualifies for help through the program.

Withlacoochee Electric comes with so many benefits!

Withlacoochee is a part of Touchstone Energy. This means you get all the benefits that come along with a Touchstone membership. You might be able to get discounts on shopping, eating and even entertainment. The program also offers discounts for some prescription medication and could help you save money on things you already have to purchase!

As a member of an energy co-op, you get access to capital credits. These credits are paid out on a regular basis and are a result of your ownership in the electric company. They’re usually automatically applied to your electric bill in the form of a credit. If you think you might have capital credits, you can contact the company to find out if you have any that they owe to you.


Each year, Withlacoochee Electric provides scholarships to students who are in their service area. The scholarships are based on needs and on your ability to prove you should get the scholarship. They are generally given out to people who are going to school for energy-related degrees.

Want some free fun things to do with your kids? The Kids Energy page through Withlacoochee has fun games and information related to energy you can do with your kids. The site is totally free to use!

Use these tips to make your bill even lower!

Saving energy could be as simple as following a few small steps. We found so many great ideas to lower your bill. Use these free and low cost tips to make it easier to pay your electric bill!

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