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Get Help Through West Virginia Legal Aid

Get Help Through West Virginia Legal Aid

We found West Virginia legal aid! Use these resources to find an attorney who can represent you and help you with your civil case.


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Need West Virginia legal aid? We found it.

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When you’re looking for West Virginia legal aid, you might be wondering how you’re going to afford it and what you’re going to do to get help. Paying for an attorney can be expensive, so it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. The legal aid resources we found might be able to help you save money on retaining an attorney while also getting the representation you need. Since most of the legal aid organizations only offer legal aid for civil cases, it’s important to know help is also available for criminal cases. The public defender’s office might be able to help with those!

West Virginia legal aid could help you!

West Virginia legal aid can provide resources to people who qualify for help. In order to qualify, you must meet their requirements. The organization has requirements for the amount of money you make as well as residency and other requirements. Meeting the requirements does not automatically qualify you to get help through the organization. Help might not always be available for all types of civil cases.

If you’re unable to find an attorney who can represent you for free, the West Virginia Law Line might be able to answer some basic legal questions you have about your case. You’ll need to have information about your case. Using the line does not guarantee you will win your case and is not a substitute for having an actual attorney.

As a last resort, you might be able to represent yourself. Doing this is not easy and it might end up not allowing you to get the results you want for your case, but it could be the only option you have. If you’re going to represent yourself, you might be able to get help through the WV court website. They offer forms and self-representation guides that could help you have an easier time when representing yourself is the only choice you have.

Use these specialized programs for more help.

If you’re a West Virginia senior resident, you might be able to get West Virginia legal aid. There are a variety of programs available that could help you, but the senior legal aid organization is a great place to start. They might be able to help you with information about your rights as a senior as well as assistance for finding an attorney who can represent you.

The Catholic Charities Immigration services might be able to help if you’re an immigrant or if you’re dealing with a legal case that’s related to immigration. Catholic Charities is a service that’s based in religion, but you don’t have to be Catholic to get help from it. Anyone who meets the income and other qualifications might be able to get help through this program. Keep in mind there might be religious materials associated with getting help through Catholic Charities.


If you’re a military member facing a legal case, help might be available! The military legal programs available through the VA could help you find an attorney who can help you. The attorneys who work with these companies are familiar with military laws and might be able to provide you with representation tailored specifically to your civil case for free!

We found free law school clinics for West Virginia legal aid.

The West Virginia University law clinic could help you get the advice you need for your civil legal case. Through this clinic, you might be able to get answers to the questions you have about your civil case. You might also be able to qualify for help from one of the student attorneys. Visiting these clinics does not cost anything, but you should register in advance because they are usually very busy. Space might not be available if you walk in to one of the clinics.

Use help through your West Virginia county!

If you’re in a West Virginia county that offers legal aid, you could qualify for assistance through one of the programs. Not all counties offer West Virginia legal aid, but if yours does and you qualify, you could get legal help!

Berkeley County

If you live in the greater Martinsburg area or in Berkeley County, you might be able to get West Virginia legal aid through the county. Help is available through the legal aid program and might make it easier for you to get help if you’re facing a civil legal case. Help could range from free advice from a bar-certified attorney to assistance for full legal representation.

Fayette County

Residents of Fayette County might be able to get West Virginia legal aid depending on the civil case they’re facing. You will need to meet the county’s requirements for help and be income-qualified based on their standards. There might also be other requirements they have in place that may change from time to time. Depending on your civil case, you could get help from an attorney who can fully represent you.

Mercer County

Are you facing a civil case in Mercer County? You might not have to go at it alone! There are legal aid options that could help make it easier for you to get the representation you need. Not every person and every case will qualify for help and attorneys may choose to pick who they help on a case-by-case basis. To qualify for help, you’ll need to meet their specific requirements including income requirements.


The bar association could provide resources to get West Virginia legal aid.

Even though the bar foundation might not be able to provide West Virginia legal aid directly to residents, they do have resources you might be able to use that could help you with your legal issue. They have attorney listings so you can learn more about which attorneys offer free services through their own practice or through an organization.

Use ACLU resources to find legal help.

The ACLU might seem like the most obvious first choice for people facing legal aid issues, but this might not always work. While the ACLU can provide you with resources, they don’t typically represent cases they hear from individuals. Instead, you can use their site to find helpful legal resources including information on your civil rights!

We found help in West Virginia!



Thursday 25th of November 2021

Need help with a cps case that was just opened on my husband


Monday 13th of December 2021

I’m so sorry that you are going through that. It sounds really difficult. Unfortunately, we cannot give specific legal advice. You can get low-cost legal advice online from our friends at JustAnswer, or you can look for free legal assistance in your area here.