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Get in Cheap to Wisconsin State Parks!

Get in Cheap to Wisconsin State Parks!

Wisconsin State Parks are awesome – and so is saving money! Keep reading to discover how YOU can save money the next time you visit a Wisconsin State Park near you!


Looking for free/cheap State Parks passes in another state?
Please click here!

Disabled veterans and former Prisoners of War can get FREE waivers!

Wisconsin veterans who meet certain qualifications can get a FREE State Park, Forest and Trail pass! You will need to visit your County Veteran Service Office (CVSO) and supply your VA award letter, DD-214, photo ID and this application.

To qualify for a FREE Wisconsin State Parks pass, you’ll need to be a Wisconsin Resident and meet one of the following criteria:


  • You are a veteran who are rated as 70% disabled or more by the VA.
  • You are a veteran who receives Individual Unemployable benefits from the VA.
  • You were held as Prisoner of War during a war period or while in service in a crisis zone.

If your VA rating is temporary, your pass will only be valid for two years. You will have to renew after that time, if you still qualify. If your rating is permanent, you will receive a permanent, lifetime pass.

Military service members receive FREE admission to Wisconsin State Parks on select days!

If you’re a Wisconsin military member, you can enjoy FREE access to all Wisconsin State Parks on Veteran’s Day and during the three-day Memorial Day weekend! Just show proof of your state residency and military membership.


Going with a school group? Get a Vehicle Permit (or Trail Fee) waiver!

You can complete and submit this application for a free vehicle permit or trail fee waiver if:

You are attending a public or private school activity. You may be asked to supply a letter from the School District Administrator or the administrator of a home-based educational program.

Home school students are included in this discount! I reached out to the Wisconsin Department of Education to confirm and this is the reply I received:

According to HSLDA, “home-based private education programs” is the legal term for homeschooling in Wisconsin… so there you go!

You are visiting the park in conjunction with an accredited Wisconsin college or university class. You may need to submit a letter from your course instructor to validate this.

Free access to Wisconsin State Parks is also available to anyone on official government business and those with mentally/physically disabled persons who are attending with a nonprofit organization.

You’ll need to submit your form at least seven days before your anticipated arrival date.

Enjoy Wisconsin State Parks FREE during Free Fun Weekend!

I love the idea of Free Fun Weekend! During this weekend, state park fees are waived – and fishing licenses are waived, too!



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