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20+ Safe Summertime Activities for the Family

20+ Safe Summertime Activities for the Family

Are you looking for safe summertime activities for you and your family to do together? This is perfect for low income families who are looking for cheap and safe entertainment for the kids all summer long. These are some great ideas for parents and kids of all ages, whether they are stuck at home for the weekend, or Mom and Dad have some vacation time to spend with the kids. 


We have included some fun pastime activities for the family to enjoy together including bonfires, water gun fights, late night stargazing, hiking, building a kite, and learning how to fish. Try out these 5 different ways to have fun with your family with 20+ ideas to do! What other ideas can you come up with for your family to do together this summer?

Food and Fun with the Family!

Make the most of your summer by spending some time at home, enjoying the company of your loved ones. One great idea to help pass the time would be to prepare a lunchtime picnic in the yard to enjoy together. Another idea would be to host a family cookout where delicious foods are devoured and some yard games, like ladder ball, are played for hours. 

Have a Picnic at Home


Who said you could have a picnic ONLY at the park? Enjoy some yummy tuna salad sandwiches, using this recipe that requires only 3 ingredients, or bologna and cheese on white bread in the comfort of your own backyard. Add some favorite chips or fruits and veggies as a healthy alternative side, like the ones listed here that will keep the kiddos hydrated and energized.

Throw out a blanket or a couple beach towels in the backyard or even the front yard. Try using a fitted sheet, as described here to help keep the bugs out of the eating area and let the family relax easily. This is a great video that demonstrates how to use your fitted sheet in a beach environment to help make it work best. 

Ask Grandma and Grandpa to join the fun, or even a close friend!

Host a Family Cookout

If you feel comfortable hosting a gathering at your home, have people over for a delicious BBQ or traditional cookout with burgers and hot dogs. Try pairing your main dish with this homemade, kid-friendly potato salad recipe using only 6 household ingredients. Add a simple layout of fruits and veggies for color and taste! 

Yard Games for the Family

Yard games can be a popular hit for family fun, but did you know that you could also make these yourself instead of purchasing them from the store? Try using what you have first before buying something brand new. 


To help out with this, check out these quick and easy DIY projects that the whole family can help make! The games range from making your own large scale tic tac toe, using recycled bottles for outdoor bowling, or even preparing a mud pie station for the family to enjoy together.

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Let’s Get Active Together!

Summer time is a very important time to keep the kids active and involved with being outdoors, enjoying nature and learning about it’s importance. Some great ideas to help get the family involved is to take a family bike ride around the neighborhood or even a nice stroll. Change things up by teaching the kids to fish or make their own kite using household items! 

Take a Family Outing 

Take a family stroll, or better yet get mobile! Use those bikes, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades that have been waiting to be played with. Start with taking a nice little ride down the sidewalk in front of the house, then start adventuring out into other areas around town. 

Try taking a ride around the park before taking it to the trails. There are always more opportunities to get the family active and being mobile is very important to maintaining a strong health.


Go Hiking or Take a Walk on the Beach

Another good way to let the kids burn off some extra energy without having direct access to a playground is to take them hiking. Whether you choose to take a nice little stroll through the woods or visit the beach to let the kids roam the sand, the open space will allow them to run around and expel the pent up adrenaline in their little bodies.

Make a Kid Friendly Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever participated in a scavenger hunt? Try your hand at making a kid-friendly scavenger hunt that let’s their imaginations explore and allows you to sit back and watch them enjoy the fun. There are numerous ways to prepare this type of activity, but try to do yourself a favor and utilize one of these printable hunting lists found on 

This list is to help you best prepare for the scavenge and give you more ideas for future fun. Some examples may include locating items of a specific description, locating a specific number of an item, or even scoping out the local neighborhood for bugs, sticks and birds! Get creative with what your kids enjoy and try to make it fun for yourself as well.

Watch the Sunrise or the Sunset as a Family

If you are looking for an activity to get the family together, why not try watching the sunset or sunrise together? If you are an early rising type of family, try making it to a local spot where you can watch the sunrise. If you are in a better location for a sunset, take a trip after dinner to enjoy the wonderful colors of the evening sky. 

Not only is this a great bonding opportunity, but you can also make a game out of it and see who can spot the moment the sun meets the horizon! Be sure to arrive a little bit before the sunrise or sunset so as to ensure that no one misses a moment of the beauty.

Teach Your Kids to Fly a Kite

Try making a DIY kite with the family! There is always so much to learn, so why not try teach your kids how to make their very own kite with the supplies that you have on hand at home. These are some great ideas to help you get started with making the base of your kite whether your desired shape is a diamond, triangle or even a simple square.

The instructions are very simple to follow and it even teaches you how to make the tail of the kite! Remember to customize your kite using crayons, markers, colored pencils, water colors and more. Be sure to let your creation completely dry if using glue or paint before taking flight!

Summer Berry Picking Fun

This may not be the choice for everyone, but if you love eating fresh berries then you should certainly try taking the family out to an orchard, local farm or even out in the wild to pick some berries! Be sure to check the Harvest Calendar to see which types of berries will be ready in your area and when. 

Not only is this a great idea to help get the whole family outside to enjoy the summertime weather, but you are also taking advantage of a cost friendly family outing. 

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Trying to Cool off in the Summer Heat?

The hottest months of the summer in the United States can be unforgiving, so it is very important to remember to take care of yourself and the family and stay cool. Remember to get outdoors, but protect yourself from the sun! Try making your very own sprinkler or slip ‘n’ slide using the ideas seen below.

Make a Sprinkler Yourself!

Is it yet another hot day? If you have access to an outdoor water hose or spigot, try setting up a cheap or homemade sprinkler and let the kiddos run through the refreshingly cold water. 

Looking for a way to use what you have on hand? Let’s start with some of the easiest DIY projects to help you save some money and get the kids involved. Try using a recycled bottle, a PVC pipe or even an old pool noodle and attach to the hose. Poke some holes in the make-shift sprinkler, turn the water on and enjoy the cool water! Use some of the tricks found here to help give you ideas.

If you have some extra funds available, purchase one of these items to pair with your sprinkler set up! A little pool could do some good for you and the kids, but why not set up a slip ‘n’ slide instead? Try using this simple and easy, 3 step instruction on how to construct your very own slip ‘n’ slide using plastic or a tarp, a strong water hose and the help of gravity from a nearby hill.

Better yet, splurge on the trampoline and set the sprinkler underneath for some added fun when jumping through the air. Add some dish soap, bubble bath or body wash to the mix for some added bubbly fun!

Surprise Family Water Gun or Balloon Fight

If you are looking for a way to cool off during these hot summer days, why not try starting a water gun fight or an old school water balloon fight? Surprise the kids with a couple new squirt guns you can find at any local dollar store, or pick up a water balloon kit to help get things started. 

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Late Night Fun with the Family!

Another great idea is to prepare some fun evening and night time activities for the family to enjoy rather than watching a movie on the couch or playing a board game at the kitchen table. Everyone loves watching movies, but why not try it outside? It could be a great idea to roast some hot dogs on a fire and make some smores to enjoy while watching the movie as well.

Finish the night off with some camping. Whether or not you have a tent, you can sleep under the stars!

Pitch a Screen for Movie Night

Have you missed going to the movies? We understand that it can sometimes be a hassle and quite costly to take the family out to the movies. With the cost of the tickets, movie theater popcorn, drinks, and a treat, prices can sometimes seem overwhelming. Why not try a night in? 

Better yet, take it to the backyard! With an old, solid-colored sheet, and a DIY projector, you and your family can enjoy some of your favorite movies from the comfort of your home. Throw out a couple blankets, bean bag chairs or the ones from the kitchen table and enjoy your movie. Laugh as loud as you want at the comedies and let the kids run about as they please without a care for interruption.

Bonfires, Smores and Stars

Take advantage of the late night warm weather and have a family bonfire, or invite a few friends or loved ones over to enjoy the evening together. Roast some marshmallows on the fire and try out some of these new, kid friendly ways to prepare your smore! 

There are some great family friendly games that can be played at sunset or even well after dusk. Try catching lightning bugs in a mason jar and remember to poke holes in the lid for air circulation! 

Once things have settled down for the night, lay out a couple of blankets, sheets, or towels in an area where the sky is completely open. Get comfortable and stargaze for a little while. Then, try asking your little one what they see in the nighttime sky. Use this star chart to help identify what stars and constellations you can see.

Camping in the Backyard

Do you have a tent just lying around, waiting for the best opportunity to use it? If you have a yard, or access to an open plot of land, try pitching a tent with the family for a night or two. Even if you don’t have a tent, make an evening of camping with the family in any way that you can! Throw out a few sleeping bags or blankets and roast some hot dogs on the fire with smores for dessert. 

Do things as you usually would when you camp – do everything you can outside and make the most of the situation. Engage the family in some traditional camping games or maybe teach the kids how to fish if you are near some water. 

Try sharing some old stories, or even spooky ones, around the campfire after dinner time and finish the night off with some late night stargazing from the comfort of your sleeping bags. Remember to bring the bug spray for nighttime adventures!

Looking for Ways to Have Fun Indoors?

Although it is important to enjoy the summertime weather, it is a good idea to plan out some fun family activities to do when you are stuck inside on a super hot or rainy day where options are limited. You can try reading a book with the family, try out some Pinterest science experiments with the kids, prepare some yummy treats to enjoy together, or even get crafty with photos and paint! 

Form a Family Reading Club

If you have kiddos who enjoy reading, try setting up a little reading club with them and the rest of the family. Start by choosing simple books that everyone will enjoy, then work your way up from there. Book club meetings are not always necessary, especially in this case as families are able to discuss topics and new ideas in person at any time. 

This could be a great tool to help each other learn as well as promote a healthy relationship with reading. Use this website as a tool to help you get started!

Prepare Some Science Experiments for Kids

When was the last time you tried a science experiment? Have you wanted to get your hands dirty and try some of those fun DIY projects that you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest and Facebook? Give them a shot with some of these kid friendly science experiments using everyday, household items. 

From understanding why apples turn brown, learning how to make magic milk, to making a sundial and knowing how to use it, the opportunities are endless when all you need is a few things from around your home. 

Make a Yummy Summertime Treat

If you are looking for a great treat to help your kids cool off during the hot summer months, try making one of these two types of fruit popsicles:

  1. These Easy Homemade Fruit Pops is a recipe that can be prepared in just 15 minutes and requires only a large banana, large strawberries and some apple juice. Once placed inside your desired mold, chill for at least 6 hours or overnight for best results.
  2. This is another great recipe that requires only 2 ingredients, honey and the fresh fruit of your choice. Simply puree together and pour into molds!

Another great idea is to try making these Healthy Fruit Pizzas that require no cooking at all! All that you will need is some tortilla shells, a mixture of orange juice, honey and vanilla extract, as well as the fruit toppings of your choosing. This recipe is a good alternative for those seeking something a little cheaper with things that you may already have in the house, but also reduces the sugar intake by using tortillas! 

As an added bonus, you can let the kiddos decorate their very own pizzas by supplying a spread of toppings for them to choose for themselves.

Make a Homemade Bird Feeder

Create an easy homemade bird feeder for the kids to make and the family to enjoy together. There are several different types of feeders to choose from, those on The Spruce Crafts webpage include: pine cone bird feeders, bagel bird feeders, cereal bird feeders, toilet paper roll bird feeders, orange rind bird feeders, and milk carton bird feeders.

Try using what you have on hand and get creative with letting the kids decorate and construct how they want the feeder to look like. 

Build an Old Fashion Fort

This is a great childhood game that many adults may still enjoy even well past their youth. When is the last time you remember building a fort made out of your bedding, every towel you could find, as well as the entirety of the hall linen closet? This may be one extreme version of a homemade fort, but all you really need is some extra blankets and sheets. 

Try getting creative with where you want the fort to be as well as the structuring of the furniture around it. Another idea would be to expand the fort to other areas of the house, or simply create an individual one for each child. Let them decide!

Get crafty with Scrapbooks and Tie Dye

Do you have some old photos lying around that you’ve been wanting to put in a memory or scrapbook? Break out the art supplies and let the kids help you make something beautiful that you’ll always remember. You can also print off some more recent photos, especially if you haven’t necessarily had the time to print some out recently! Try getting some information from these Pinterest boards, but remember to let your imagination wander as well.

Do your kids prefer to play with paint? Try your hand at tie dying! Instructables helps break down the entire process to let parents enjoy the product they are making with their kids. Use these ideas to help you gather supplies that you can find around the house, like old tshirts and food coloring, or pick up some cheap items at the local dollar store. One tip is to do it outside where spills and messes can happen freely while the family enjoys the summertime weather!