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Kids Bowl Free: A Parent’s Guide to Free Summer Fun

Kids Bowl Free: A Parent’s Guide to Free Summer Fun

Are you looking for a fun and affordable way to keep your kids entertained this summer? The Kids Bowl Free program is a fantastic opportunity for children to enjoy free bowling. It’s been a staple of our family summers for over 10 years!


In this post, we’ll explain what the program is, how you can sign up, and how you can make the most of your free bowling passes. Let’s dive in!

All About Kids Bowl Free

Kids Bowl Free is a nationwide program that allows children to bowl for free all summer long at participating bowling centers. This program provides two free bowling games every day, all summer long. It’s designed to provide a healthy and fun activity for kids while giving back to the community.

A lot of the rules and guidelines about this program are set by the local bowling alleys who participate. That means that the rules may be different depending on where you live. Some alleys allow children ages 18 and under to participate, while some cap the age limits at 15 or even 12.

Each bowling alley defines that summer season a little differently. Our local alley starts in mid-April and runs until mid-October, which means we can use these benefits almost half of the year! It just depends on your local bowling alley’s policies.


How to Sign Up

Signing up for the Kids Bowl Free program is easy!

First, you must visit the official Kids Bowl Free website and locate a participating bowling alley in your area. You will have to register your children at one bowling alley, where you will be able to redeem your free passes. You cannot play free at more than one alley per season.

Remember, you can choose the bowling center you want. If you don’t like the one closest to your house, you can choose a different one. I know because I’ve done it myself.

When my kids were young, we didn’t like the alley nearest to our home. It was in a dangerous part of town and I didn’t feel safe taking the children there by myself. Instead, we selected the bowling alley that was closest to my in-law’s place. It was in a safer place and offered a better experience for our family.

Second, you will need to register your children. You will have to list their names and ages, among other basic details. During this process, you will have the option to purchase a family pass that will allow adults to play with the children throughout the summer. This is a great way to save money and let the whole family make memories together.

Third, you will receive your passes and be able to redeem them at your participating alley during KBF hours. Please note that the passes do not include shoe rentals. You will need to rent shoes at the alley or bring your own. Thrift stores can be a great way to pick up bowling shoes for cheap!

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What to Expect

After you register, you’ll get a confirmation email. Once the season starts, you’ll be notified when new bowling coupons are available in your account. Just download them, take them to the local bowling alley, and redeem them for your free games.


You do not have to play both games if you don’t want to. You can choose to just bowl one, or give up halfway through. There’s no obligation to stay longer than you want to.

However, you need to remember that the cost of shoe rental is not included in the price. You will have to pay to rent the bowling shoes. If you want snacks while you’re there, you’ll have to pay for those too.

How to Maximize Your Kids Bowl Free Benefits

Our family has loved using the Kids Bowl Free program. It has saved us hundreds of dollars and helped us create some incredible memories. Some of our best memories happened at our local bowling alley, all because of this program.

We’ve learned several tips and tricks over the years that have helped us save money and maximize those benefits. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Save money on shoes. Look for used bowling shoes at your local thrift store or see if you can borrow some from a friend. This is a great way to make Kids Bowl Free even more affordable.
  • Don’t forget socks! Make sure that your children are wearing or bringing socks so that you don’t have to buy those on-site either. I made that mistake more than once when my kiddos slipped out the door in sandals!
  • Aim for less busy times. Be mindful of when the bowling leagues are scheduled and visit during non-peak hours for the best experience.
  • Go on hot days. If you don’t have air conditioning at home, hiding in a cool dark bowling alley can help shield you from the summer heat.
  • Don’t buy the Family Pass right away. If you wait a few days, you’ll usually get a better priced offer through email. It’s a great way to save a little extra money!

Our family really enjoyed upgrading to the Family Pass. It costs a little bit of money but it allows the adults in your home to join in on those free bowling games, too. It usually pays for itself in just three or four visits. If you have older children or if you’d like to play alongside your children, the family pass can be a great asset.

More Free Summer Fun

These are just a few of the programs we’ve found that can help you save money while making great memories with your kids. You may be able to register for Kids Skate Free as well!


Don’t forget to check out our list of EBT museum discounts and all the incredible free adventures you can get with your library card! You may also be able to get a free state parks pass, a free national parks pass and more!

FAQs about Kids Bowl Free

We love to talk about this program so naturally we’ve got a lot of questions about it over the years. Here are some things you may want to know.

Is Kids Bowl Free available everywhere?

Kids Bowl Free is not available everywhere, but it is offered at over 1,500 bowling centers across the globe, including many locations in the US and Canada. There are participating alleys in most, if not all, states. Stars & Strikes is one of the more well-known ones. To find a participating bowling alley near you, visit the Kids Bowl Free website and use their search tool.

Is Kids Bowl Free legit?

Yes, Kids Bowl Free is a legitimate program. It has been running since 2007 and has helped millions of families enjoy bowling together. Our family has used it for many years and we love it! Just make sure to choose your local alley and be mindful of any restrictions on hours, ages, or seasons.

Is the Kids Bowl Free Family Pass coupon worth it?

Whether the Kids Bowl Free Family Pass coupon is worth it depends on how often you plan to go bowling with your kids. If you plan to go more than twice, it’s usually a good way to save money.

Relief Recap

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to create unforgettable memories with your family! Kids Bowl Free is a great way to stay cool, get exercise and keep your kids busy during the summer months. Sign up and select your local alley today. Maybe we’ll see you there!