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Alabama homeowners can get help with repairs!

Alabama homeowners can get help with repairs!

Whether you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments or faced with an unexpected repair expense in Alabama, there is help available to you! While researching low income home buyer programs in Alabama, we stumbled across several helpful programs for those who already own their own homes.


Alabama has many helpful programs for homeowners!

Low income homeowners nationwide have a hard time meeting their mortgage payments. If you are at risk of foreclosure because you’re struggling to make your housing payment, these programs can help you!

Hardest Hit Alabama is a foreclosure prevention program that assists homeowners who are facing temporary financial hardships. You may be able to receive up to $60,000 in assistance through their programs. The program is reporting closed as of March 2021, but it is not clear if this is a permanent closure or simply for the remainder of the 2021 year.


Housing counseling agencies can assist you with foreclosure counseling, home repair education and other essential services! The HUD website can provide you with contact information for agencies in Andalusia, Auburn, Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Florence, Greensboro, Greenville, Hayneville, Huntsville, Jasper, Millbrook, Mobile, Montgomery, Moulton, Ozark, Prichard, Russellville, Rutledge, Sheffield, Troy, Tuscaloosa and Union Springs.

Tax exemptions are available to Alabama residents who are at least 65 years old OR permanent and totally disabled OR blind. If you meet any of those criteria, you will not have to pay the state portion of the property taxes. Some county taxes may still be due.


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Alabama cities and counties may offer additional assistance.

Birmingham Neighborhood Housing Services assists with rehabilitation and repairs. To qualify, homeowners must be low income, participate in two Financial Fitness workshops, and provide proof of insurance coverage. They also offer free foreclosure prevention workshops that have a 90% success rate in helping their clients save their homes!

Jefferson County offers home rehabilitation grants to residents who have lived in their homes for at least a year. The home must be located within the boundaries of the Jefferson County Community Development Consortium, which is all of Jefferson County that is outside the city limits of Birmingham, Bessemer, Hoover, County Line, Sumiton, Argo and Helena.

Tuscaloosa offers home repair grants through HOME funds. These funds can also be used for home purchases, building, and other property services.

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Have too much month at the end of your money? Me too - and that's how Low Income Relief got started. I have over 20 years of professional research and writing experience. Over the years, I've worked as a novelist, journalist, ghostwriter and content creator. My work has been featured in various print and online publications, including USA Today,,, Legal Beagle, The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah), The Chronicle (Centralia, WA) and others. At Low Income Relief, I use my professional research and reporting experience to help low income families save money and make ends meet. It's been my full-time job since 2016, and it's truly an honor to serve you.

Mary Mckinney

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

My husband is disable and we need to have our bathroom redone with a walk in shower.We need financial assistance


Monday 17th of January 2022

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Chat with Lira, she might be able to help!

Darkie Leonard

Thursday 14th of October 2021

My name is Darkie Leonard I'm 56 years of age on SSI and my house indeed of repairs real bad not livable at but don't have any choice to stay here ?


Monday 29th of November 2021

Low Income Relief is an information service and does not provide cash or items directly. You will need to search our website for information about organizations that can help you meet those needs. Sorry! I hope this helps, or you can Chat with Lira She should be able to help,

Christine Verhoestra

Sunday 22nd of November 2020

Have roof (2) damage from Hurricane Sally. Also a disconnection from an addition of a 2nd building to the original house. Found mold damage, severe, in original house and ALFA Insurance covered removal of Mold During repair, they removed the sheet rock and the separation from addition to the original home.There are gaping holes and you can see outside. Winter is coming and it is getting cold, bugs, rats are entering from outside. I have disaster insurance from ALFA called AULA but they require $16,000.00 up front co pay, that I don't have. I am 71 yrs old in bankruptcy and making payments to keep my home. Is there anything out there for my needs? Can you refer me somewhere?

Hannah Benge

Thursday 10th of December 2020

Im so sorry you've had to deal with this. Did any of the resources on this list help? What area are you in? I can check what we have. Thanks! -Hannah


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Hi Nicole, have you done any research in the Jackson county area? Please do let me know. Thank you ?

Hannah Benge

Wednesday 27th of May 2020

I will make sure it's on the research list! Thanks! - Hannah

Lucy Leena

Saturday 9th of November 2019

I am 68 and on SS only. my house is as old as I am and has a natural gas GRAVITY heater that is in need of REPAIR. the unit has NO moving parts, and the pilot WILL LIGHT but the ignitor or what ever it is that actually feeds GAS to the burner, isn't functioning. I do NOT want a new unit as (even though this is a very old heater, when it heats, it REALLY HEATS well and is efficient for my 900 sq ft house) JUST a proper repair or part replacement. I have called EVERY plumbing service in Huntsville, but most of course now are super busy AND most only want to sell me a new furnace. I cant afford a new furnace much less the cost to install one (even on payments, my income is LESS than $900 PER YEAR and I scrape by monthly to pay insurance on the house and vehicle (2005 model car, that I try to maintain and not have to replace). I don't have any savings other than what I set aside monthly to pay the house/car insurance by they year (since its actually discounted that way). do you know of ANYONE that's old school and actually KNOWS ABOUT THESE old time gravity furnaces, that can at least come SEE what the problem is and hopefully fix it and not charge me hundreds of dollars? in the 20 yrs I have lived here, I have had SEVERAL come out, only to be overcharged to simply replace a WIRE to the thermostat (the 'repair guy' claimed he had to buy a SPECIAL WIRE which I later found out was just a piece of wire he already HAD ON HIS TRUCK but charged me $50 for the wire and another $50 for the 'service call'. for ME, this was and still is a tremendous cost). ANY help to get this furnace up and running again is greatly appreciated. I have already done the plastic on windows to try keeping out the cold air, but its a minimal solution at best. Also, the ONLY heat here is from the mini split unit and that simply does NOT heat sufficiently even though it was 'serviced' in May. thank you.

Riley Thomson

Saturday 9th of November 2019

Lucy, I'm so sorry to hear this! I'm not sure of anyone specifically to fix that problem. I would recommend trying or checking with your local community action program. I hope this helps. -Riley