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Get Help with Your Green Mountain Power Bill!

Get Help with Your Green Mountain Power Bill!

You may be worried if your Green Mountain Power bill is too high. Even if you’ve already received a shut-off notice from Green Mountain Power, there is still hope.


Green Mountain Power Payment Options Are Easy

Since knowing what your bill is going to be every month will make it easier to pay, budget billing is an ideal option to help keep you from having unexpectedly high bills.  Your payment will always be the same. The budget billing program can help you know what to expect and be prepared for your bill in advance. It will also help you if you have high usage during the cold winter months.

If you are in need of an extension to pay your bill, Green Mountain Power will look at your case on an individual basis. As soon as you know you need an extension, you should talk to Green Mountain Power. While there are no guarantees they will grant you an extension, asking sooner is often better than asking later. The company may also be more willing to work with those whose account is in good standing and who have made regular payments in the past.

Payment arrangements may be able to help if you have a large bill that is past due. Green Mountain Power may be able to provide you with a payment arrangement if you are not already on a payment arrangement plan, if you have a past due amount and if you have not defaulted on a payment arrangement in the past. The payment arrangement works by requiring you to pay a small portion of your past due bill. You can split up the remainder over the next 12 months to make your total payment more manageable.

Need Help Paying Your Green Mountain Power Bill? We Found Help!

Green Mountain Power offers an energy assistance program. The program can help you by paying for a past due amount or by reducing your bill. You can apply for the program through Green Mountain Power, through your benefits office or through a local community action program. Even if you do not qualify for the total arrears forgiveness, the program may forgive up to 50% of the arrears you have. The amount the bill is discounted on the energy assistance program is often equal to around 25% for families who qualify.


LIHEAP is a benefit for those who are low-income. The program pays for all or a portion of your electric bill. You can apply for the program through your local assistance office or through any community action program. If you are already receiving SNAP benefits or Medicaid, you may qualify for LIHEAP. The program accepts applications during the cold winter months in Vermont. It may pay for all or a portion of electric bills throughout the year.

If you are receiving LIHEAP benefits or you are receiving help from the energy assistance program, you may be able to qualify for a lower rate on your Green Mountain Power bill. The rate will depend on your income and household size. The company offers this program to customers on a yearly basis. Even if you were eligible in the year before, you will still need to apply again to make sure you are eligible for the program and the reduced rate again. GMP estimates a savings of around $25 per month.

Get Affordable Home Improvements To Lower Your Green Mountain Power Bill!

Green Mountain Power has many products they offer for free to help your home be more energy efficient. From water heater regulators to smart home products, they have free things for your house.

You can use the weatherization program to help your home stand up to the harsh Vermont winters. The program can provide you with free insulation and other energy-saving measures. It is a free program for those who qualify. Vermont’s weatherization focuses on providing tools that will help your home stand up to the elements. These tools can range from additional insulation to better doors. They can even make upgrades to the appliances used to heat your home!

If you have some money to spend on energy-saving measures, you may be able to take advantage of the on-bill energy improvement loan. GMP offers this for customers in amounts up to $15,000. The loan can help you pay for upgrades to make your home more energy efficient. Financing is available in up to 10-year terms and the average payment is around $160 per month.  The loan is subject to both credit approval and approval based on information obtained from prior electric bills.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

Community action programs in Vermont can help with crisis utility payments. The Crisis Fuel and Utility program uses grant money to help you pay your bill. You must show a shut-off notice to qualify. You’ll have to know how much money you make and your household size. The program may require you to provide proof of both of these things. You can use benefits from the program once per year and the program will allow you to maintain your utility payments so you don’t have to worry about the high cost of energy.

Vermont’s WARMTH program helps those who are at risk of having their electric shut off. The program is an emergency one that requires you to have a shut-off notice. The state administers the program. You will need to visit a local community action agency or an assistance office to apply. As it is an emergency program, they can only help you pay your bill once per year because limited funds are available.


If you have a very low-income rate, you may be able to get help from the Joint Urban Ministry Project. JUMP provides resources to people who have provable low income. They may be able to help them with the needs they have. They have very limited funding and operate on a first come, most needed basis. If they are unable to help you directly with the utility assistance you need, they may be able to provide you with information to be referred to another organization.

Save Even More on Your Green Mountain Power!

Green Mountain Power allows customers to take advantage of the Empower program. The program will allow customers to save money by using their electricity during non-peak hours. GMP has requirements customers must meet like having a smart meter and committing to the program for 12 months or longer. GMP will choose certain days to ask you to reduce your electricity use during peak hours while you are on the residential program.

If you can lower your electric bill, you may be able to pay it more easily than if you have a high electric bill. It is important to take advantage of options that will help you lower your bill. You will be more likely to be able to pay a lower bill.

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