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Alaska State Veterans Benefits

Alaska State Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran living in the State of Alaska, there are many benefits that you can take advantage of. Read on for Low Income Relief’s guide to Alaska State veterans benefits, including land discounts, property tax exemption, recreation discounts, transportation discounts, and more. Please note that the benefits outlined below are administered by the State of Alaska, and many more veterans benefits are available at the federal level as well. 

Alaska State Veterans Benefits: Mortgage Program and Land Discount 

Alaska State Veterans benefits include a robust list of options for veterans to save money on housing and land purchases. 

The State of Alaska administers the Veterans Mortgage Program, which offers housing loans to veterans at a lower interest rate. More information on this program is available through the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Veterans who wish to purchase residential or recreational land are entitled to a 20 percent land discount on the purchase price. Veterans may only use this benefit once in their lifetime. For more information on the veterans land discount, contact the Department of Natural Resources Commissioners Office at (907) 269-8400. 

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Alaska State Veterans Benefits: Property Tax Exemption

Alaska State veterans benefits include a significant property tax exemption. According to the director of the Office of Veterans Affairs of the State of Alaska: 

“The most popular state benefit is the Alaska Property Tax Exemption. This exemption provides a tax break on the first $150,000 of assessed value of the home for Veterans with a 50% or greater disability rating either by the military or the VA.”

To receive the Alaska Property Tax Exemption, the disability must have been incurred or aggravated during service. The Property Tax Exemption transfers to the veteran’s spouse if they are at least 60 years of age when the veteran passes away. For more information on the Alaska Property Tax Exemption, contact your local tax assessor’s office by March 15 of the year you wish to begin claiming the tax exemption. 

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Alaska State Veterans Benefits: Transportation and Recreation

Veterans residing in the State of Alaska are also eligible for a number of outdoor recreation and transportation benefits. 

Alaska State veterans benefits include free camping passes for disabled veterans residing in the State of Alaska. Free camping passes can be used in all developed Alaska State Park campgrounds. Proof of a service connected disability and proof of Alaska residency must be presented with your application. Contact the Natural Resources Commissioners Office for more information about free camping passes for disabled veterans. 

Alaska veterans seeking transportation discounts are also in luck! Veterans with a service connected disability are entitled to a one year pass on the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway (between Alaska ports only). This pass entitles disabled veterans to a 50% discount. 

Finally, a 20 percent Alaska Railroad discount is available to all military retirees and their dependents. To make a reservation, visit

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More Alaska State Veterans Benefits

There is an abundance of Alaska State veterans benefits on top of the federally funded and administered veterans benefits available through the VA. 

From acquiring veteran recognition license plates to eligibility for residency in the Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Homes, the State of Alaska offers a range of veterans benefits for those who served.

The federal government also offers a wide range of benefits to veterans, including educational benefits, loans and grants to help veterans make their homes more accessible, and even help finding jobs

For information about the programs outlined in this article and more Alaska State veterans benefits, check out this detailed handbook from the Alaska Department of Veterans Affairs. 

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