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11+ Incredible EBT Discounts in Arizona

11+ Incredible EBT Discounts in Arizona

Looking for EBT discounts in Arizona? You’ve come to the right place! Your Arizona EBT (Arizona Quest Card) food benefits card can do some incredible things. You can also use it to get discounted admission to several awesome destinations, including the Phoenix Zoo!

We update this post continuously, so be sure to check back often for updates.

Getting Started with EBT in Arizona

We’ve found a long list of EBT discounts in Arizona, but we’ve also uncovered a lot of things that people don’t know about benefits in this state. After all, we’ve been researching the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, or food stamps) for over 10 years now.

You can apply online.

If you don’t already have SNAP benefits, it’s easy to apply online. That’s the fastest and easiest way to get your benefits.

According to Arizona Food Banks, 1 in 6 Arizona residents struggles with hunger. Even if you only qualify for the federal minimum in benefits, those dollars can go a long way toward solving your hunger crisis.

You can buy more than just groceries.

Did you know that you can buy more than just groceries with your EBT card?! We’ve picked the Federal Food Stamps Act apart to figure out what you can buy with your EBT benefits, and there’s some really surprising information in there.

You can buy seeds, produce-bearing plants and even certain gift baskets with your food benefits! The trick is to look for gift baskets that contain mostly edible items.

You can double your money at certain retailers.

We know that SNAP funds never last long enough. There’s never enough money to go around. If you’re trying to stretch your food benefits farther, then you need to know about these Double Up programs!

When you visit participating Farmer’s Markets, CSAs, farm stands and even grocery stores, you can get more fresh fruits and vegetables with your purchase. This can help you eat healthier and get a lot more food for your money.

You may be eligible for more benefits.

Over the years, we’ve found that a lot of households in Arizona are getting less food benefits than they actually qualify for. That’s because it’s easy to make basic mistakes on your application that reduce the amount of benefits you receive.

You need to make sure that you calculate your household size correctly and that you’re getting the right deductions. Seniors and people with disabilities can even count their out-of-pocket medical expenses against their income, which can help them get more food money. We’ve got a guide on how to get more food stamps that can help you figure it all out.

You may be able to buy fast food!

Certain elderly, disabled, and/or homeless people who receive EBT benefits can purchase hot, prepared food from restaurants. It is important to realize that the Restaurant Meals Program is not available to everyone and it is not available in every area or every restaurant of a chain. 

Please click here for more information on which specific restaurants in Arizona you can use your EBT benefits. There are over 300 restaurants on the list and it just keeps growing!

You can get cash back from rewarded shopping apps.

Did you know that you can submit your receipts to certain rewarded shopping apps and get cash back, even on your SNAP EBT purchases?! We’ve helped thousands of people do this, and it’s helped people purchase essentials like diapers and toilet paper that can’t be purchased with food benefits.

Download Ibotta or Fetch Rewards now to get started.

Statewide EBT Discounts in Arizona

There are many organizations that offer deals and freebies to people with Arizona EBT cards. For admission discounts, be sure to check our list below!


Amazon offers discounted Amazon Prime memberships for customers who receive EBT or Medicaid benefits! This discounted program is called Prime Access. As an Access customer, you’ll have access to the same perks that regular Amazon Prime customers have, including FREE shipping and FREE streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows!

You’ll need to provide proof that you participate in a qualifying government assistance program when you apply for this discount. Apply for Prime Access now!

Free Cell Phones & Service

There are several providers that offer free cell phones and service through the Lifeline program. This program technically has its own eligibility requirements, but you can qualify automatically if you receive SNAP benefits!

There are many different providers to choose from. Pick your provider now!

Got Arizona EBT? We found EBT discounts in Arizona!

Get EBT Discounts in Arizona!

These admission discounts are the most-searched EBT discounts in Arizona! All you have to do to claim these discounts is show your card at the admissions desk.

However, you need to remember that you cannot pay for admission with food benefits. To get these EBT discounts in Arizona, you’ll have to show your card at the desk and then pay any remaining admission price with a different payment method. Credit or debit cards are usually required, but some venues may accept cash. You’ll have to call ahead to be sure.

This list is divided into two categories. Some of them accept EBT cards from other states, so those locations are marked with green titles. That means if you’re visiting Arizona but have SNAP benefits from another state, you can still get those discounts. Locations with black titles to do not provide discounts to people with out-of-state EBT cards. This should help you figure out which EBT discounts in Arizona apply to you.


The Arboretum at Flagstaff – $3 per person

Explore Flagstaff’s finest high-elevation gardens, woodlands, and prairies at a discount with your EBT card! This is a wonderful way to spend the day, and it’s more affordable than ever when you visit with your card.

Admission is $3 each for up to 4 people (with an EBT card). It is generally admission for the day. Special events like concerts are not included but we do have some free with admission activities that would be included.

Bren Sessions, Visitor Center and Membership Coordinator at The Arboretum at Flagstaff


Arizona Museum of Natural History – $2 per person

This is one of my favorite EBT discounts in Arizona! The Arizona Museum of Natural History invites you to explore the world of dinosaurs, archaeology and so much more! With an EBT card, you’ll pay just $2 per person for up to six family members to attend!

When you visit, you will need to show a state-issued driver’s license or ID card that matches the name on your EBT card. If you don’t have both cards, you will not be able to receive this EBT discount.

i.d.e.a. Museum – $2 per person

The i.d.e.a. museum inspires visitors every year with popular art and art-inspired activities and exhibitions. They’ve made it on our list of EBT discounts in Arizona because they offer admission for just $2 per person, up to six people per Arizona EBT card.

The Museums for All discounted rate cannot be combined with any other offers. If you’re planning to use this Arizona EBT discount, then you cannot use any other coupons or discounts.

Oro Valley

Children’s Museum of Oro Valley – $3 per person

The Children’s Museum of Oro Valley has been recently redesigned as Children’s Museum Oro Valley @ Tohono Chul. This museum historically catered to children age 5 and under in their small space, but this may be changing with the new relaunch.

Regardless, the museum still honors its EBT discount! Through the Museums for All program, you can visit for just $3 per person. The discount can cover up to four guests per visit, but the cardholder must be present to redeem it. People with WIC benefits can also get this discount!


Arizona Science Center – $3 per person

If you love science, this is one of the coolest EBT discounts in Arizona! Since the Arizona Science Center is now a Museums for All participant, you can bring up three additional guests for $3 per person with your Arizona EBT card.

You must show a valid photo ID during check-in and the name must match the name on the card. The discount only counts toward regular daytime admission. It will not give you access to special ticketed events. It also cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

To reserve your EBT discount tickets in advance, you will need to call (602) 716-2028 or email [email protected]

Phoenix Zoo – $10 per person

The Phoenix Zoo has a generous offer but it is only available to people who receive food benefits from the state of Arizona and have a valid ID issued by the state as well.

This Arizona EBT discount reduces your Phoenix Zoo admission to just $10 per person. You can only buy a total of four tickets at this price. The discount is available on Tuesdays and Sundays only. If you visit any other day of the week, you will not get a discount.

The discount only covers regular daytime admission. It does not include any additional Zoo experiences, such as the theater, safari train, stingray bay, carousel, or anything else.

This offer has changed frequently over the years. The price has gone up and the available days have been reduced. We do our best to keep this article updated and accurate, but I strongly recommend that you call the zoo prior to your visit so that you don’t end up disappointed upon arrival.

Rosson House Museum at Heritage Square – $3 per person

The Rosson House is a full-restored 1895 Queen Anne Victorian house. Admission is usually $12 per person, but those with Arizona EBT can get admission for just $3 per person! There is a limit of four people per EBT card.


Arizona State Museum – FREE

The Arizona State Museum offers FREE admission for people who have a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or EBT card! This museum is the oldest and largest anthropological research museum in the Southwest US, and has an expansive collection that covers the area’s 13,000 year human history.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum – $9.95 per adult, $7.95 per youth

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum offers an EBT discount through their Community Access Program. You must have a valid, non-expired EBT card issued by the state of Arizona in order to qualify. You will also need a valid photo ID.

When you present both the EBT card and photo ID, you can get up to four tickets for the discounted CAP price. That’s one admission for you and tickets for up to three guests.

This museum is a blast! My family had the opportunity to visit this museum during the summer of 2019, and we thoroughly enjoyed it – even though it was about 115 degrees at the time. I highly recommend it!

Nicole Thelin's family enjoying the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, which now offers an EBT discount

Children’s Museum Tucson – $3 per person

With so many interactive, playful exhibits for children, the Tuscon Children’s Museum is worth visiting again and again. The mini Nano exhibit, investigation station, imaginarium, and special under-4 play area help children learn through play. This Children’s Museum is designed for children ages 10 and under.

As a Museums for All partner, the museum must offers discounted admission for families of up to 4 people, with EBT card and ID. The cardholder must be present to redeem the discount.

Flandrau Science Center & Planetarium – $3 per person

The Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium is located on the University of Arizona campus. It features hands-on science exhibits about various topics.

This EBT discount is valid during regular daytime hours. You will need to show your SNAP card and a valid photo ID at the time of purchase. However, the discount will cover your admission and the admission for your immediate family.

Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures – $3 per person

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures grew out of one woman’s love for miniature dollhouse furniture. I love finding unusual EBT discounts in Arizona and I definitely want to visit this one!

In order to get this discount, you will need to show either an EBT or WIC card at the front desk. You will also be required to provide valid photo ID. With these two cards, you can get reduced admission for just $3 each for up to six people.

Reid Park Zoo – $4 off regular price

The Reid Park Zoo offers $4 off regular daytime admission for guests who receive SNAP or WIC benefits from the state of Arizona. Those discounted tickets must be purchased from the front admission gate at the time of your visit.

You will be asked to provide a valid EBT card and photo ID at the time of purchase. You can get up to seven discounts at a time, for a total value of $28 in savings.

Tohono Chul – $3 per person

Tohono Chul was named one of the World’s Ten Best Botanical Gardens by Travel & Leisure Magazine! The gardens span 49 acres of lush desert, with winding pathways, themed botanical gardens, and more.

It’s usually $15 per person, but you can visit for just $3 per person when you show your EBT or WIC card! You’ll need a valid ID.

Tucson City Special Discounts

The city of Tucson offers several discounts for low income residents. If you receive SNAP benefits, you may meet their requirements for discounts on your utilities, recreation and more! Get the details.

Other Discounts

At Low Income Relief, our goal is to help everyone with Arizona EBT save money and get free stuff. If you’re looking for EBT discounts in Arizona, you may also be interested in these deals:

FAQs about Arizona EBT

We’ve received a lot of questions about food benefits in Arizona over the years. Here are some of the most common ones.

Can you use your Arizona EBT at the Farmers’ Market?

Not only can you use your Arizona EBT Quest card at participating Farmers’ Markets, you can join the Double Up Food Bucks program to get twice the goods for your money! If you are a SNAP recipient, for every $1 you spend at participating Farmers’ Market locations, you gain another $1, up to $20 per day. 

In other words, you can buy $40 worth of SNAP-eligible fresh foods and produce for $20. There are a few select sites that offer an unlimited match for purchase. You could spend as much as you want and they will match it dollar for dollar. The best part is, because Arizona winters are usually very mild, many of the Farmers’ Markets stay open year-round! 

Does Wildlife World Zoo have an EBT discount?

I haven’t been able to find any information about a Wildlife World Zoo EBT discount yet, but I’m still looking. I’ve reached out to the zoo directly and I’m waiting for a response.

Does Odysea Aquarium have an EBT discount?

I have not been able to confirm any information about Odysea Aquarium having an EBT discount. I have reached out to the aquarium and I’m waiting for a response.

Get more free stuff in Arizona! 

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