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Get Help With Your Dominion Energy Bill

Get Help With Your Dominion Energy Bill

Are you in a tight spot with your Dominion Energy bill? There is hope! You can save money on your bill and avoid shut off with helpful resources provided by Dominion Energy and your state.


Get Help with Dominion’s Payment Options

Dominion Energy will look at deferred payments on a case by case basis. You will need to contact them directly if you want to apply for a payment extension.

By signing into your account, you can see if you are eligible for a payment extension. The company has rules for payment extensions depending on the state you are located in while receiving your electric service. Not all customers will qualify for payment extensions.

The budget billing option from Dominion Energy is available in every service area. It provides customers the chance to know exactly what their bill is going to be before they have to pay it. The program works by leveling out the total amount of the bills over the course of a year. It is then divided into equal payments to help offset the difficult expense of heating in the winter.

You may be eligible 30-day medical letter assistance if you have a certified letter from your doctor about a medical condition. If you have a condition that has left you unable to pay your bill or you have to have your electric on because of a medical condition, this program can help you. You will only be eligible for an additional 30 days past a shut-off date with this program.


Save Energy – and Money – with these Dominion Programs!

The Thermwise program can help you with various energy saving resources. From helpful tips to DIY energy audits, all Dominion Energy customers can take advantage of Thermwise. The program will allow you to learn about what your energy usage is like, how you can reduce it and where to get the tools to help you reduce your usage. It is a free program.

The LED Lighting Program can help you upgrade the lightbulbs in your home for free. The company uses the program because of the energy efficiency of LED bulbs. They are also made to last and may be able to last for years instead of months like traditional bulbs. The program helps by providing free light bulbs in some cases and instant rebates in other cases. You may be able to have all of your light bulbs replaced for free!

Through the Smart Cooling Rewards program, you can be rewarded for using your air conditioner less during peak times. Once you sign up for the program, you can get up to a $40 credit on your bill if you use your air conditioner during non-peak hours. You will need a smart thermostat if you want to participate in the program. Dominion Energy may be able to help with the smart thermostat in some cases.

Dominion Energy may be able to help with Income-Qualifying Home Improvement options. You will need to apply through the company to find out if you are eligible. The improvements can range from minor improvements like draft blockers, to major improvements like appliances.

Dominion Energy Helps Customers With Other Opportunities

Simple energy saving calculators can give you an idea of what you are already doing to save money on your bill and what you can do in the future. By putting your information into the calculator, you can learn more about how each change will affect your bill.

The Dominion Energy Credit Union Scholarship Program provides merit and need-based scholarships to students who show promise in the energy industry. The scholarships are awarded through Dominion Energy and are generally reserved for their customers. The company also offers a Three Rivers Community Technical College scholarship.

State-specific programs can help Dominion Energy customers save even more!

State programs, such as LIHEAP and weatherization, and certain state laws can help Dominion Energy customers save even more money. Since Dominion Energy does business in so many states, we’ve divided the following sections by state.



Idaho’s LIHEAP benefit is used for low-income families that need help paying their electric bill. They also have a one-time payment assistance available for families that don’t necessarily need help through the entire winter. In addition, the program has payment options available that will help you pay your bill throughout the winter. Generally, the LIHEAP will not pay for your entire bill, but it can pay a large portion of it depending on how much your electric bill normally is.

The weatherization offered through Idaho can help you upgrade your home for free. The program can help your home be more energy efficient and can help you stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It provides options for increased insulation, draft blocking methods and even hot water heater insulation. The program requires you be at or below 150% of the poverty level.

If you have children in your home, a person with a disability or someone who is over the age of 62, Idaho law requires energy companies to not shut your electric off. This is effective from the beginning of December until the end of February. It is not temperature based.

The winter shut off prevention program that Dominion Energy offers may be able to help customers avoid having their electric shut off during the winter. The program can help with a one-time payment applied directly to the bill or with a deferral of payments until warmer months. In addition, they might be able to provide an extended grace period for customers who are struggling to pay their bill.

Idaho’s public utilities commission provides a helpful list of organizations that may be able to help you pay your Dominion Electric bill. These organizations are private ones that may not always have funding available. You can choose your county from the list and you will be given web addresses and phone numbers to organizations that may be able to help you.

North Carolina

If you are low income and in North Carolina, the LIEAP program might be able to help you afford your electric bills. The program gives you a chance to have reduced bills thanks to the amount they apply directly to your bill. You will need to visit your local assistance office if you want to apply. LIEAP is available only during the winter months.


Similar to LIEAP, the CIP is intended for crisis use. If you are in a crisis where you are going to have your electric shut off or if you are at risk because of electric that has already been shut off, the CIP can help you.

As a last resort, you may be able to get help from EnergyShare. Dominion Energy offers this program for people who are in dire need of help with their electric bill. You will need to apply for the help through Dominion Energy. The assistance is then applied to your bill. You may only use this program once per year. You must be at risk of having your electric shut off and you must be at or below income guidelines to qualify for the service.

North Carolina Weatherization Assistance can help you make upgrades to your home. Your high energy bills might be because of aging appliances, appliances that were not created to be energy efficient or because your home is not properly insulated. The weatherization assistance program can help with each of these things. The state may be able to pay to have your home upgraded through added insulation and even cooling system upgrades.

The Salvation Army of the Carolinas may be able to help with crisis assistance for utility payments. You will need to show proof of pending electric shut off and proof of income.

In North Carolina help for seniors is available for those who are unable to pay their electric bill. The assistance can help them offset the costs of their electric. Seniors must be on a fixed income or be at or below the poverty level to qualify. In some cases, the benefit may pay for the entire bill. It is applied directly to the bill so seniors don’t have to worry about going to the energy company to use a voucher.

Seniors and those who are disabled may be protected from having their electric shut off from November through March.


The Ohio LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you pay for a portion of your Dominion Energy bill. The program is used for low-income families who struggle with their electric bills. It is available to help offset the high cost of heating during the winter. The benefit is applied once per billing cycle. If you apply at your local assistance office and are approved for the program, they will automatically apply the payment to help reduce your bill.

If you already receive LIHEAP in Ohio, you may be eligible for rate assistance from Dominion Energy. The program can help you by reducing the rate you pay for your electric. The lower rate combined with the LIHEAP benefit payment can help you have bills that are drastically lower than what you were paying. If you are already taking advantage of LIHEAP, you’ll need to apply for reduced rates from Dominion Energy.

Dominion Energy may be able to help you with payment arrangements and extensions. You will need to sign into your account to find out if you are eligible for any type of extension. Using an extension or a payment arrangement will automatically remove you from any budget billing or rate plans you were previously on.

Ohio has specific laws governing how the electric can be shut off. During the winter, Dominion Energy will not be allowed to shut your service off if the temperature is extremely low. They may also not shut it off during the summer if the temperatures are extremely high.

If you are at risk of having your electric shut off from Dominion Energy, you may be able to benefit from EnergyShare. The program should only be used as a last resort as you can only use it once per year. You will need to talk with Dominion Energy if you want to use the program. You must provide proof of your income. Customers who have not received a shut-off notice may not be able to get help through EnergyShare until they receive a shut-off notice.

A four-person family can make up to $49,200 and still qualify for weatherization assistance in Ohio. The eligibility is based on family size and the income you bring in. Weatherization can help you make sure your home is able to stand up to the elements. It may be able to provide insulation, an upgraded heating or cooling system and other improvements to make your home more energy efficient.

Ohio has options available for customers who want the best rates. Since energy customers in Ohio are allowed to choose their rates, Dominion Energy has provided various plans you can use to help you get the best rate possible. Depending on your eligibility, you may be able to change rates to help yourself save some money on the bills you are paying.

The public utilities commission’s exhaustive list of organizations able to help you includes help from the Salvation Army, from Dominion Energy and from local religious-based organizations. These programs are available to people who are from all the counties in Ohio.


Utah’s LIHEAP benefit helps residents who are low-income and struggling with their utility bills. The program can help pay for a portion of your utility bill. You will need to apply for the program through a community outreach center or an assistance office. LIHEAP benefits are only available during the winter months, but other crisis assistance may be available through the program throughout the year.

With the weatherization program in Utah, you can get valuable upgrades to your home that will help you save money on your electric bill. The program works with people who want to make sure their home is properly insulated and is able to withstand the elements.

In Utah, you cannot have your electric service disconnected during winter months if you are at or below 150% of the poverty level, have a medical condition, or have lost your job. Utah does not protect you based on temperature. You must have a termination notice to qualify

While not required by law, Dominion Energy can provide help in winter to customers who are at risk of having their electric shut off. The program can help get you caught up, can extend your due date and can even reduce your reconnection fee.

Catholic Community Services in Utah may be able to help with utility payments. They generally provide one-time assistance to those are in need. While you don’t need to be a member of the Catholic church, you may need to provide a shut-off notice and proof of income to get help through CCS.


Virginia’s Dominion Energy programs were previously published in a separate post. Click here to see how Dominion Energy customers in Virginia can save money!

West Virginia

West Virginia’s LIHEAP can provide you with the help you need to pay your bill. The low-income bill offset amount will depend on your income, your family size and the county you reside in. LIHEAP is usually not enough to pay for your entire bill. The amount it offsets it by can be substantial. You will need to apply for the program through a benefits office.

Dominion Energy has paired up with the Dollar Energy Fund to help customers who are in need of assistance. If you want to get help with your electric bill, Dollar Energy Fund can provide you with a voucher you can use to pay your Dominion Energy bill. Through the weatherization assistance program, you can get help making your home more energy efficient. If your home is better able to withstand the weather around you, you will use less energy. The weatherization assistance program is available to extremely-low and low-income families in West Virginia.

In West Virginia, utility companies are not allowed to shut off your electric service from December 1st until February 28th (or 29th in a leap year). In addition, they are not allowed to shut off the utility service to anyone who has a certified medical condition.

If you have already received a shut-off notice or if your electric is shut off, the West Virginia community action agencies may be able to help you restore your power or prevent your electric from getting shut off. 

The Catholic Charities of West Virginia occasionally has funding available to help you pay your electric bill.


If you cannot pay your bill in Wyoming, LIEAP might be an option for you. The program is for low-income families and can help them avoid the struggle that often happens during the winter months. The program will pay for a portion of your bill to help offset the high cost of heating. Your eligibility depends on your family size and how much money you make.

Energy Share of Wyoming may be a good option if you are unable to pay an entire bill. The program can help you once per year and will pay the total bill you have due through Dominion Energy. You will need to talk to someone from Dominion Energy about applying for the program. You will have to have a shut-off notice if you want to take advantage of the program.

Dominion Energy has programs in place to help you avoid winter shut off. The programs can help you by requiring you to only pay a portion of your bill. The program can also help you with the reconnection fee. If you are low-income, your reconnection fee may be waived.

Energy companies in Wyoming are only able to shut your electric off if it is above freezing. This applies during the window between November 1 and April 1. Customers who are disabled or have a certified medical letter may also be protected.

The Salvation Army of Wyoming may be able to help you pay your bill once per year. They provide a set amount of money that may be able to reduce your payment. If you are in Cheyenne, you will need to contact the city office.

While not always available, Catholic Charities of Wyoming’s utility assistance may be able to help you pay your electric bill.

To help you save money on your bills and make sure your home is able to provide adequate shelter, the Wyoming weatherization assistance program is available. Most low-income families are able to take advantage of the program. It can help you with insulation and other options that will make your home better able to protect you during the cold winter months.

If you are not eligible for weatherization assistance, Wyoming offers a low-interest loan program. It can help make your home more efficient. Keep in mind, the Wyoming Energy Savers Program is a loan that you will need to pay back.

Save Even More on Your Dominion Energy Bill

No matter what state you get your Dominion Energy in, you can save even more on your bill. By following these tips, you can reduce your energy usage. Lower usage means lower bills, and saving money!

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