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Buckeye Rural Electric: Help is Available!

Buckeye Rural Electric: Help is Available!

If you’re struggling to pay your Buckeye Rural Electric bill, we know how it is. We’ve been there. Use these options to help make paying your bill easier!

We found help for your Buckeye Rural Electric bill.

The Ohio LIHEAP benefit might be able to help you save money on your Buckeye Rural Electric bill. The program is for low-income families and individuals who need help paying a portion of their bill each month. When you apply for and are approved for assistance through LIHEAP, you can get a credit that’s automatically applied to your bill each month.

Did you know you get capital credits as a Buckeye Rural Electric member? You might have unclaimed credits. You can use these credits to pay for your bill or pay a portion of your bill depending on how many you have. Check to see if you have unclaimed credits here!

The Salvation Army might provide help to those who are in need of assistance with their electric bills. If you are unable to pay your bill, if you have a shut-off notice or if you’re struggling with a larger than normal bill, the Salvation Army could help you with up to $200 in a voucher to apply toward your bill!

Buckeye Rural Electric offers helpful payment options.

Payment arrangements might help you avoid a shut-off from Buckeye Rural Electric. You will need to contact the company to make the arrangements and learn more about how to get the arrangements. You may have to meet certain requirements to get approved for these payment arrangements.

If you use your electric during non-peak hours, you can get peak pricing benefits. The price is lower during non-peak hours and can help you save money on your bill overall. Buckeye REC uses lower rates during off-peak hours to try to encourage people to help lower the load on the grid.

If you have high bills during the winter and summer, you might benefit from budget billing. The budget billing program can help you have the same or close to the same bill from month to month. You must apply for budget billing and must meet certain requirements to be approved for the program.

You can upgrade your home for free!

With weatherization assistance, you can make upgrades to your home for free. The program works to provide you with energy efficient solutions to make your home better and easier to heat or cool. You may qualify for things like insulation and even new floors in your home!

Want to learn where you’re using the most energy? The Buckeye Rural Electric company can provide you with a free energy audit. The audit might help you figure out where you’re using a lot of energy at so you have a chance to make the changes necessary to lower your bill!

Buckeye Rural Electric is a Touchstone Energy company…so what?

Since Buckeye Rural Electric is part of Touchstone Energy, it means you get all the benefits of being a Touchstone customer! From discount cards to free things, check out what you get out of being a member of a Touchstone Energy company!

Your electric company gives back to the community!

Buckeye Rural Electric might be able to help your child go to college! They award scholarships up to $4,500 each year for students in their service area who are attending two- or four-year technical programs!

The Youth Tour in DC is a great way for kids from co-op electric families to learn more about energy and its impact on the entire country. Your child can apply to go on the Youth Tour during the year. Buckeye Rural Electric will sponsor students to go on the tour!

Save even more on your electric bill!

You can save even more on your electric bill! We found more tips to help you lower your electric bill!

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