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El Paso Electric Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

El Paso Electric Customers: Get Help with Your Bill!

If you have to decide whether to buy food or pay your El Paso Electric bill, you might be struggling to make ends meet. It can be so stressful to pay all the bills, but we found ways to help you pay your electric bill!

Here’s information on El Paso Electric for New Mexico Customers!

El Paso Electric serves customers in both New Mexico and Texas. Texas customers, keep scrolling to find resources you can use!

Need help with your bill? We found help!

You can get help with your El Paso Electric bill by using New Mexico’s LIHEAP benefit. The program works to help you save money so you can lower your bills. You will need to apply for the program through your local assistance office. The amount you receive and if you’re approved depends on your income and household size.

Project Care might be able to help you if you’re in an electric bill emergency. If you are unable to pay your bill or you’re struggling with a very high bill, you might be able to get help through Project Care. You may only be eligible to use Project Care once per year.

El Paso Electric offers helpful payment options.

You might be able to get a payment arrangement through El Paso Electric! The company offers payment arrangements for customers who are approved. You’ll need to contact the company and provide information on when you plan to be able to pay the bill. Payment arrangements are based on need and past history with the company.

The Time of Use plan can help you save a lot of money on your bills! If you use your electric during off-peak hours, you can save more money than if you were using it during peak hours. The rates are lower and it will be easier for you to cut back on your use during peak hours.

El Paso Electric’s budget billing program could help you avoid bills that are larger than normal during hot times of the year. You must apply for budget billing through El Paso Electric. When you’re approved, you’ll pay the same amount each month. At the end of 12 months, you’ll just have to pay to get caught up on anything you used that was over the average amount.

Upgrade your home for free to make it more energy efficient.

New Mexico has a weatherization program that can help you upgrade your home and make it more energy efficient. You will need to apply for the program through your assistance office. If you’re approved for the program, you can get upgrades like insulation, flooring and other options for free!

Using the El Paso Electric rebate program, you can save money on appliances and light bulbs. If you need to purchase new appliances, always check to see if rebates are available for you to use.

Want to learn more about how you’re using energy? Use the company’s energy calculator. You can do it yourself online to learn where you’re using the most energy. Take that information and use it to help you reduce your energy usage!

El Paso Electric gives back to the community.

If you’re interested in a career change and you meet certain other requirements, you might be able to get a scholarship from El Paso Electric. The company provides a full scholarship for electrical worker certification.

Here’s information on El Paso Electric for Texas Customers!

If you’re an El Paso Electric customer in Texas, we found resources for you!

Get help with your El Paso Electric bill!

Project Bravo might be able to help you pay for your El Paso Electric bill! They provide one-time help to families and individuals who are low-income and struggling with utilities. You will need to apply and provide proof of income and household size to get approved for help.

The Texas LIHEAP program can help you pay for a portion of your bill each month. The credit is automatically applied to each of your bills once you’re been approved for the assistance program. It will usually not cover the entire bill, but it can help you reduce your bills. You can apply online or in person at the assistance office.

Project Care is El Paso Electric’s program to help low-income families get help with their bills. You must apply for the program to get help paying a large bill or an overdue bill.

You could get more help with your bill.

With the El Paso Electric low-income rider, you might be able to get a reduced bill each month. If you’re at or below 125% of the federal poverty level, you can save money on your bill. Once approved for the program, you can save $99 per year on your electric bills.

If you have an old refrigerator, you can recycle it through El Paso Electric and get $50. You are able to recycle up to 2 fridges per year using this program.

Use these payment options.

El Paso Electric might be able to make payment arrangements if you’re behind on your bill or if you’re struggling to pay a large bill. You must let the company know you need a payment arrangement before you know you’re going to need it. The company may also limit the number of arrangements you can make per year.

Do you use your electric a lot during the daytime and peak hours? If so, you can switch to using it in the evening or night time and get the Time of Use rate. This rate is lower than the peak rate and encourages El Paso Electric customers to use their electric during non-peak hours to reduce the load on the grid!

Budget billing can help you know what to expect on your bill. The bill you get on the budget billing program will be the same from month to month. It’s based on your average usage so if you use more than average one month, you’ll have to make up for it at the end of the year.

Make your home more energy efficient…for free!

With Texas’ weatherization program, you might be able to get valuable upgrades to your home for free! These upgrades can include added insulation, flooring and even a new heating and cooling system. You must apply for weatherization assistance through your community action agency.

El Paso Electric’s tune up program can help you save up to $150 on a tune-up of your HVAC system. You must use an authorized contractor to get these savings.

Want to learn more about how you’re using energy and what you can do to make it better? Use the El Paso Electric free calculator to figure out where you’re using the most energy. Then, use that information to lower it and start saving money.

Use these tips to save more.

We found great tips to help you save more money on your electric bill! You can use them to lower your energy usage and make your home more energy efficient so you save money!

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