Cleveland Public Power: Find Help for Your Bill!

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

We found help for your Cleveland Public Power bill! Use these resources to help you pay your bill, avoid having your power shut-off and upgrade your home.

Need help for your Cleveland Public Power bill? We found it!

The Cleveland Public Power financial assistance program could help you pay for a portion of your bill. It’s intended for low-income individuals that are struggling to pay their bill or are unable to pay a past due amount. You must apply through Cleveland Public Power and you must provide proof of income and need.

The Ohio HEAP benefit could help you save money on your bill. The amount of money you qualify for is based on your income and your ability to pay for your bill. You will need to apply for the program in person at your local assistance office or online through the benefits website.

Ohio’s Council for Economic Opportunities program in Cleveland could help you if you’re struggling to pay your Cleveland Public Power bill. You must provide a copy of your bill and proof of your income to get assistance. The council may be more willing to help those who have a large past due amount on their bill.

If you’re a family with children, you could get help through the Family and Children First Council. The program includes many benefits but offers programs families can use to help pay your utility bills. Visit the organization to get help paying for a portion of your bill. You might also want to check the council out for financial counseling and other resources!

Avoid shut-off using these resources.

The Eden House in Cleveland might be able to help you pay a portion of your bill. The program provides help to individuals and families in need of assistance. Since they have limited funding, it might be a good idea to visit as soon as you know that you’re facing a shut-off.

Are you a Spanish-speaking individual in Cleveland? The Spanish American Association might be able to help you with your utility bill. While they have limited funding, they could provide you with up to $200 to help you avoid shut-off of your utility bill.

The Cleveland Catholic Charities might be able to help you with your utility bill. The program could help you save yourself from utility shut-off. You must bring in your shut-off notice. While the program does not require proof of your income, you might need to fill out an application that includes information on your income, expenses and family size.

The Consumer Protection Association might be able to help you if you have received a shut-off notice from Cleveland Public Power. You will need to contact the association and make sure you have the shut-off notice with you so you know exactly what it says. You may find that you’re actually protected against a shut-off under the consumer protection association.

Cleveland Public Power offers some payment options.

You might be able to get help with a payment arrangement from Cleveland Public Power. The payment arrangement approval is based on how well you’ve stayed up to date with your bills and how far behind you are. There is no guaranteed approval, but applying for an arrangement as soon as you know you need assistance might increase your chance of getting approved.

You can lower your bill and save energy.

The weatherization assistance program could help you save money on your Cleveland Public Power bill. The program works by helping low-income individuals upgrade their home with energy-efficient appliances and insulation. The program could help you save money by upgrading things like insulation, flooring and roofing.

Use the Cleveland Public Power EnergyWise checklist to help you figure out where you can save money on your bill. You can then use the information to determine where to make changes and how much energy usage you need to cut back on.

Lower your bill using these tips.

Lowering your Cleveland Public Power bill doesn’t have to be hard. We found many ways to help you lower your bill while saving energy. Check out our favorite free and low-cost tips!

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