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Cleveland Utilities Customers Can Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Cleveland Utilities Customers Can Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Are you a Cleveland Utilities customer struggling to pay your bill? Maybe it’s too high or you’ve received a shut off notice, either way, there might be help! We found helpful resources so you no longer have to struggle to pay your bill.


Can’t pay your Cleveland Utilities bill? We found help!

The LIHEAP benefit helps those who are low-income pay for their utility bill. LIHEAP might be able to help you by directly applying money onto your Cleveland Utilities bill. The amount varies based on your income and family size. You must apply for it every year and there are only certain times of the year that the benefit is open for applications.

You might qualify for help through Neighbors in Need. The organization may help with utility bills up to $200 and will directly apply any amount you’re approved for to your account. The program has certain requirements you’ll need to meet. You must apply for the program through the local office.

We found more options to help you pay your bill.

Catholic Charities helps those who are in need. The organization is religious-based, but they don’t require you to be affiliated with their church. The organization also has certain requirements you must meet to get help paying your utility bills. If you want help, you must show proof of need and a shut-off notice.

The Salvation Army sometimes helps those who are low-income and provides them with a voucher they can put directly toward their electric bill. You might be able to get help paying your bill through the Salvation Army. The organization may only be able to help you when funds are available. They also set limits on how many times they will help per year as well as in a lifetime.


Cleveland Utilities offers easy payment options.

To help you avoid shut-off and problems that come from late payments, you can get prepaid service. Using the prepaid service, you can pay ahead for the utilities you’re going to use! The prepaid service allows you to add money to your account any time you’re getting low. While you still have to pay for electric, you won’t get any bills or late fees and you can adjust your usage to meet the amount you have left that you already prepaid.

The levelized billing program allows you to even out your payments. If you have really high bills in the winter or summer and you want more predictability, the levelized billing program might work for you. Cleveland Utilities looks at past bills in the past years and estimates what your average monthly amount will be. You’ll only have the pay the estimated average over the course of the year. After a year, you may have to pay a little more if you went over your estimated usage.

Upgrade your home and lower your bill.

If you’re eligible for weatherization, you might be able to get free upgrades to your home. Weatherization may cover the costs of upgraded insulation, lighting and appliances. The weatherization assistance program is made for both homeowners and renters. It helps you by paying for upgrades that can make your home more energy efficient.

Cleveland Utilities offers a heat pump loan program. If you need to purchase a new heat pump, they might be able to help you with a loan. While the loan gives you the ability to purchase the heat pump right when you need it, you must keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for payments. Cleveland Utilities allows loan customers to pay back the loan on top of their utility bill, but it will make your monthly total higher.

Here are more tips for lowering your bills.

Lowering your bill doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. We found some great tips to save money by lowering your electric bill!

We found free things in Tennessee!