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8 Columbia County Library Card Secrets

8 Columbia County Library Card Secrets

When it comes to the Greater Clarks Hill Regional Library System, both the Columbia County Library and the Burke County Library are amazing resources. With your Columbia County Library card, you can borrow a guitar, stream movies for free, and even get free admission to zoos and museums. Did you know your Columbia County Library card could do this?

Make beautiful music when you borrow a guitar from the Columbia County Library

Do you love music? Have you always wanted to play the guitar? If the cost of a guitar is the only thing holding you back from learning, we’ve got good news! The Columbia County Library has 10 acoustic guitars available to borrow. The guitar includes a case as well as picks. They also include both a tuner and a quick-start guide. The library offers guitar classes each month. You can check the online calendar to learn when the next class is. For more info, call 706-863-1946.

Get FREE admission to great local attractions!

The Columbia County Library and Burke County Library have relationships with Georgia’s best attractions. With your library card, you can get passes for free or reduced admission!

The Center for Puppetry Arts

The Center for Puppetry Arts celebrates America’s rich history with puppets. Exhibits include famous puppets like Big Bird, The Fraggles, and more. It also hosts exhibits that explain puppets’ role throughout history. With your library card, you can get a pass good for free admission for four people. This works out to about $33 of savings! You also get 25% off to the create-a-puppet workshop or performance. Each pass may be kept for seven days with one renewal. After that, the late fee is $3 per day. The price of a lost pass is $50.

Georgia State Park Pass

The Georgia State Park Pass offers library members great savings on visits to state parks and attractions. The pass gets you free parking at all state parks as well as free admission for state attractions. In addition, you can borrow a State Park Discovery Backpack for your next adventure! The backpack includes binoculars and guides to the plants and wildlife of Georgia. You can check out both the pass and the backpack for up to seven days. A seven-day renewal is also available. After that, the library will charge $3 for each day the items are not returned. The library will charge you $100 if you lose the pass and $75 if you lose the backpack.

Michael C. Carlos Museum

Located on the Emory University campus, the Michael C. Carlos Museum is one of Georgia’s artistic treasures. The museum hosts a collection of arts and artifacts from all over the world. With a pass from the Columbia County Library, you can get free admission. You can keep the pass for up to seven days with the possibility of an additional seven-day renewal. After that, the library will charge you a late fee of $3 per day. If you lose the pass, the library will charge you $50 as a replacement fee.

Zoo Atlanta

You can get free admission to Zoo Atlanta for a family of four with a Columbia County Library membership. The library has an incredible selection of rare animals from around the world. You can see a full list of the animals that call Zoo Atlanta home here. To get free admission you will need to check out the Zoo Atlanta Library Pass DVD. When you return the DVD you will be given a receipt that acts as your pass for the Zoo. You will be charged a $30 replacement fee if you lose or damage the DVD.

Create something amazing in the MakerSpace!

Teens looking for a chance to create something of their own will love the MakerSpace. The MakerSpace offers teens the chance to use unique technology. They can work on projects of their own or at the direction of the librarian. The MakerSpace offers 3D printing, sewing, robotics kits and more!

Unfortunately, there are not open hours to use the MakerSpace. It can only be used on the third Monday and fourth Thursday of each month. The space is open from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Everyone between the ages of 13 and 18 is welcome. For more info call 706-447-7665.

Publish your own eBook!

If you have ever thought about writing your own eBook, the Columbia County Library can help you market it far and wide. The Columbia County Library is a member of SELF-e, an eBook sharing platform across libraries. Every book published through SELF-e is shared across Georgia’s libraries. However, If SELF-e’s Library Journal likes your work they may share it with hundreds of other participating libraries across the United States and Canada.

Find out how much power your appliances use with a Kill-A-Watt Meter!

Have you ever performed an energy audit on your home? The amount of power some of your appliances use might surprise you! You can check out a Kill-A-Watt meter from the library to find out how much power each appliance uses. You might be able to identify ways to save money by unplugging or even getting rid of some appliances. You can check out each meter for up to 14 days. You can renew each meter twice, but after that, you will accrue a daily late fee of $.20. If you lose or damage the meter there is a $50 fine.

Stream or download FREE music, movies, eBooks, magazines, and more!

Your Columbia County Library card gets you access to a wide selection of free digital media. You can read eBooks, enjoy magazines, or watch videos for no cost thanks to your library card.

RBDigital is a digital media company formerly known as Zinio. RBDigital offers a nice selection of eBooks and magazines. Each title is full-color and high quality.

TumbleBooks Premium is a digital service that offers educational stories for children. Each story is interactive, with many including voiced parts and music.

Many refer to Qello as “The Netflix for Convert Films.” This video platform is dedicated to all things music. That includes live concert videos as well as documentaries. The music featured ranges from classical works to modern chart toppers. Qello also hosts archives of music-related shows like MTV Unplugged and VH1’s Classic Albums.

Acorn TV is a popular streaming service that hosts many British movies and tv shows. With more than 80 shows, Acorn TV boasts both original programming and British classics. This service is normally $5 per month, but it is free for library members!

Check out fun, FREE events at the Columbia County Library!

Looking for something fun that won’t bust your budget? The Columbia County Library has you covered! The library hosts events nearly every day. Adults can try out guitar lessons or join a book club. Kids can make their own candy or enjoy story time. For teens, there are anime groups as well as mixed martial arts training. You can discover everything going on at the library with their online events calendar.

Get more FREE stuff in Georgia!