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Double Your Food Benefits with CT Fresh Match

Double Your Food Benefits with CT Fresh Match

Although Connecticut doesn’t yet have a formal statewide Double Up Food Bucks program, they do have a local program that allows SNAP shoppers to double their food benefits. These programs are just as helpful as DUFB and I wanted to make sure that you were aware of them.


CT Fresh Match

When you shop at a participating farmer’s market, you can get twice as much produce as you pay for! This is an incredible opportunity to stretch your food stamps dollars and get more healthy food for half the price.

Connecticut Fresh Match is a program run by End Hunger CT! This nonprofit is dedicated to helping every Connecticut resident be well-fed.

How do I use CT Fresh Match?

Bring your EBT food benefits to a participating CT Fresh Match seller to get started. These sellers include Farmer’s Markets, Mobile Markets, Farmstands, CSAs, and more!

Usually, you will need to take your SNAP card to the Information Desk or Market Manager to get started. You’ll swipe your card for tokens or vouchers that can be spent at the market. You’ll receive tokens or vouchers equal to your purchase price that can be used to buy any SNAP-eligible items at the market. You’ll also receive a second set of free vouchers that can be used to purchase locally grown fruits and vegetables.


This means if you spend $10, you’ll receive $10 in vouchers that you can buy any SNAP-eligible food and another $10 that you can use to buy locally grown fruits and vegetables.

You can choose to use your vouchers or tokens the day you purchase them or you can save them for later use.

What markets participate in CT Fresh Match?

There are over 20 partner organizations that have agreed to double SNAP benefits through CT Fresh Match.


The Bridgeport Farmer’s Market Collaborative participates in this program. They also offer a matching program for FMNP users and an innovative Bridgeport Bucks program that gives $5 to anyone who needs help offsetting the cost of their groceries.

These programs are available at all nine of their markets, including:

  • Bridgeport Hospital
  • nOURish Saturday Market
  • Downtown Bridgeport (Central Park) Market
  • East End NRZ & Cafe
  • East Side Market
  • Stratfield Saturday Market
  • Reservoir Community Farmstand
  • St. Vincent’s Farmstand


The Danbury Farmer’s Market offers some incredible programs that support low income shoppers!

The market has a matching program for customers who shop with SNAP, FMNP, WIC and SFMNP benefits without any limits. They also have a $10 free veterans market gift certificate for veterans who show a valid Veteran’s ID at the market (until funding runs out).


They have also partnered with HARTransit to coordinate free trolley services around the market. This can help you get to and from the market if you need assistance with transportation.


The Ellington Farmers Market can double up to $25 in SNAP benefits for eligible shoppers. WIC families and seniors using SFMNP benefits can also double their benefits.

This market also offers an incredible POP Program for Kids, which provides children with $2 per day in free produce from the market.


Hartford has several participating markets, including:

  • Promise Zone Community Farmers’ Market
  • West End Farmers’ Market
  • North End Farmers’ Market – Hartford
  • Hartford Mobile Market

There are additional markets in Hartford that participate in Oh Snap! which is different than CT Fresh Match.


The Spruce Street Market runs on Wednesdays between June 1 and August 31. It doubles up to $10 in SNAP benefits per market day.



The Double Dollars program at the Middletown Farmers Market requires you to register in advance. You will need to provide your name, contact information, household size, and income. If your application si approved, you can double up to $40 per month using your SNAP, WIC, or SFMNP benefits.

New Britain

The New Britain Farmers Market calls their dollar matching program Bee Bucks. This program allows you to get 50% off your purchase of fruits and vegetables. There does not appear to be a daily limit.

New Haven

The CitySeed Markets will double the value of your SNAP dollars. You have visit the CitySeed Information Tent before you make your purchases.

CitySeed Markets include:

  • Winter Market
  • Wooster Square
  • Q-House Market
  • Edgewood Park


The Wethersfield Farmers Market participates.


The Willimantic Farmers Market participates. They will double up to $10 each week.

Oh Snap! Hartford

Similar to CT Fresh Match, Oh Snap! Hartford will allow you to double your food benefits as well. Most of their markets have a $20 per day doubling limit, but the Homesteaders Farmers Market does not have any limits. The website specifically says that Homesteaders offers unlimited doubling.

Participating Oh Snap! markets include:

  • Farmer’s Market at Broad Street
  • West End Farmers Market
  • North End Farmers Market (including Mobile Market)
  • Homestead Farmers Market
  • Knox Farmers Market
  • Promise Zone Community Farmers Market

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