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Low Income Customers Receive Solar Savings in CT!

Low Income Customers Receive Solar Savings in CT!

Low income Connecticut residents will be eligible for solar savings credits on their utility bills through a new program! The savings are expected to begin in 2021.


What is the Connecticut Shared Clean Energy Facility Program?

This program is designed to help people who cannot participate in a traditional solar program. Usually, residents or business owners can purchase or lease a solar installation for their rooftop. People who can’t do that may be eligible for this program instead.

The state of Connecticut recognizes that there are many barriers to solar energy. These include the high installation costs and unsuitable roofs that are pointed the wrong way or shaded. Some people can’t participate because they are renting or sharing their property.


The Shared Clean Energy Facility Pilot Program is designed to offer renewable energy to those people who can’t participate otherwise.

Who is eligible to participate in this solar savings program?

Eversource and UI customers can participate in this income. Under the current rules, 20% of people enrolled must be low income, 20% must be small businesses and 40% must be a combination of low- and moderate-income households, affordable housing and nonprofits.


How does this program benefit low income customers?

The Shared Clean Energy Facility Pilot Program will provide bill credits for participating customers. Customers will see an on-bill credit rate for participating. However, they will also be charged a subscription rate in order to participate. The difference between the credit and the subscription payment will remain on the customer’s bill. This means you’ll save money on your utilities!

However, the savings may not be substantial. The documents I reviewed on the Connecticut website provided an example where the on-bill credit was $0.17 kWh and the subscription charge was $0.15 kWh, which means you’d only be saving $0.02 per kWh.

Want to enroll in this program?

The utility companies are responsible for identifying any low or moderate income customers who are eligible to participate. Reach out to your utility provider if you have questions!

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