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Fair Fares = MetroCard Discounts for Low Income New Yorkers!

Fair Fares = MetroCard Discounts for Low Income New Yorkers!

The Fair Fares program is available to low income New Yorkers across all five boroughs! This program, which was previously a limited pilot, denied 70% of New Yorkers living at or below the poverty line… but now it’s open for everyone!


Fair Fares provides 50% discounts on subway and bus fares.

If you receive a Fair Fares NYC Metrocard, you’ll pay half-price for subway and eligible bus fares. You can choose to pay per ride, or you can choose a 7-Day or 30-Day Unlimited Ride option.

There are strict rules about the Fair Fares passes.

Your Fair Fares Metrocard can only be used by you. You can get into trouble with the program if you lend or sell the card to anyone else. Your card can be deactivated for misuse or fraud. If your card is deactivated, you may be permanently disqualified from the Fair Fares program.


It’s important to report your lost or stolen card right away! You can call 311 to report a lost or stolen Fair Fares Metrocard. Refunds are only available for unused days on the 30-Day Unlimited passes.

You can only replace your lost or stolen Fair Fares Metrocard once per calendar year, so be very careful with it!


You can only use the Fair Fares cards on NYC subways and buses. You can’t use it on the MTA Express Buses, Long Island Railroad or Metro-North.

You have to meet eligibility criteria.

Only certain low income New Yorkers are eligible for this program. You must:

  • Be between the ages of 18 and 64
  • Live in New York City
  • Not be eligible for other MetroCard discounts
  • Meet income limits

The income limits are currently $12,760 for an adult or $17,240 for a couple. Larger families have higher limits, as shown in the chart below.

Fair Fares for

You can apply here!

You can use any internet-capable device to check your eligibility and apply for this program.

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