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Get Help with Your Dixie Electric Bill

Get Help with Your Dixie Electric Bill

Can’t pay your Dixie Electric Cooperative bill? Don’t worry, there are options available!  

We Found Help to Pay Your Dixie Electric Cooperative Bill! 

If you are low income or very low income, you may be eligible for LIHEAP. The program is available to help those who struggle with utility payments get the assurance they need for their bills. The payment that LIHEAP makes to Dixie Electric Cooperative is applied directly to your account. If you want to apply for it, you will need to do so through your local assistance office.

Dixie Electric Cooperative uses Project Share to help you get the assistance you need. Other customers donate to the program. The funds can then be used by low-income individuals who are in extreme circumstances. You will need to apply for help from Project Share through the American Red Cross.

The Community Service Programs of West Alabama may be able to help you with one-time payment assistance. There are different types of funding available through different organizations. The program will connect you with an organization that will suit your needs in the best way possible.

Upgrade Your Home and Save on Your Dixie Electric Cooperative Bill

A home energy audit can help you discover why you have high bills or where you can reduce electricity. Doing the audit can also help you realize whether you will benefit from weatherization or home efficiency services. The audit is quick and easy to understand.

Using FREE weatherization services can help you get the most energy efficient home possible. If you are a low-income family, you could be eligible to have your home upgraded for free. Weatherization can provide heat pump changes, insulation and doors that are better able to withstand the elements.

The energy efficiency program through Dixie Electric Cooperative can help you find ways to make your home more energy efficient. The program works in combination with any weatherization programs you are already eligible for. It can help with valuable rebates, credits for energy-efficient appliances and even kits that will help you save money on your utility costs.

Dixie Electric Cooperative Payment Options Are Easy

If you have capital credits available from Dixie Electric Cooperative, you may be able to use them to pay your bill. While the company cannot automatically apply them to your bill, checking to find out if you have any available will make it easier for you to make a payment.

Each customer that comes to Dixie Electric Cooperative with an extension request will be handled according to the case they have. Dixie Electric Cooperative will look at your situation and determine whether you are eligible for an extension. They do not guarantee extensions to any customers but are often more willing to work with you if you come to them as soon as you know you will need an extension.

Signing up for the levelized billing program can help you know what to expect from your electric bill. Consider the program if your bill varies a lot from season to season. You may also consider signing up for the program if you are better able to pay bills that are always the same.

How Dixie Electric Cooperative Helps in Other Ways

Dixie Electric Cooperative has both merit and need-based scholarships available to their customers. They choose several high school students each year who are hoping to pursue a career in the electric-related industries.

Students who show a strong desire to help their community and grow it might be selected for the youth tour in Washington, D.C. The tour allows them to look at the changing electric industry and things that are happening as a result of people like them making a difference. Dixie Electric Cooperative chooses several 11th graders each year to send to the tour for free.

Save Even More on Your Dixie Electric Cooperative Bill

If you want to save more money on your electric bill, these tips can help you reduce your energy usage. They can give you the chance at a lower bill that will be easier for you to pay.

Save even more money in Alabama!