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How to Get Help Paying Your AEP Texas Bill

How to Get Help Paying Your AEP Texas Bill

When you have to decide between your AEP Texas bill and groceries, it can be easy to put the bill aside. We found a way you can do both, though!

Need Help Paying Your AEP Texas Bill? We Found Help

You may only apply for LITE-UP during the hot months in Texas, but it can help you pay for your utility bill and cooling costs. The organization works to provide customers with a payment toward their bill. That payment is often no more than $200. It can also reduce your rates. While you can only apply during the hottest months, you will be able to use the benefit for the entire summer.

Other AEP Texas customers contribute to the Neighbor to Neighbor fund. Once per year, you can use that fund to help you pay your electric bill. By using Dollar Energy to access the money other people have donated, you can find money to help you pay the bill.

In Texas, you can apply for LIHEAP or the comprehensive benefit. You can do both applications at the same time. They are similar, but the comprehensive is used during the hot months of the year and LIHEAP is for chillier months. They can help offset the costs of your electric bill by automatically applying a credit to your bill each month you are eligible for.

Avoid Shut Off With These Resources

The Salvation Army can help you with up to $200 applied to your account through a voucher. You will need to apply at your local Salvation Army. The organization will require identification and proof of income if you want to apply. You can find more information on local offices here.

You have rights in Texas! An electric company may not shut your power off under certain circumstances by law. If the temperature is above a cutoff point or below a cutoff point, AEP Texas cannot legally shut it off. You can also provide the company with medical documents if you need equipment to sustain your life. If you have provided the company with this information, they cannot shut off your power.

AEP Texas Payment Options Are Easy!

Since electric in Texas is deregulated, you have a choice of who provides it. While AEP Texas is the supplier, you can choose different companies to get your bills through. Doing this will allow you to choose a company with the best rate and with the best options. While you may not want to switch all the time, switching providers might be able to help save you some money.

If you are using AEP Texas as your provider, you will need to contact your REP for payment arrangements. Not all REPs will be able to help you with arrangements. AEP Texas does not provide payment arrangements.

Free Home Upgrades That Will Help You Save

Texas weatherization provides services to people all around Texas. AEP Texas customers can benefit from having their home insulated the right way and getting appliances that are energy efficient. Not only will the upgrades reduce your energy payments, they can add value to your home.

AEP Texas provides energy efficiency assistance to low income and working class families who need help. The standard offer program can help you get the light bulbs and appliances you need to make your home energy efficient. While the program also deals with rebates, there are many things that you can get up front for free.

The Hard-to-Reach Standard Offer Program is for people who are low-income and who live in areas that may be considered remote. The program can help them get the weatherization services they need. Those who are in rural areas can apply to have their cooling system updated, their home properly insulated and any problems with doors or windows taken care of.

Struggling to Pay Because of a Natural Disaster?

Due to the occurrence of natural disasters in Texas, many families may be struggling as a direct or indirect result of these disasters. FEMA has disaster recovery centers throughout Texas you can use to help you get back on your feet after a disaster. The programs not only help with immediate assistance but may also be able to provide longer-term solutions like utility payments.

Texas Rebuilds works with residents of Texas who need to get help after a natural disaster. The organization has limited funding available. They may be able to help you with utility payments or with shut-off notices you may have received after a disaster put you in a bad spot.

Through their focus on public safety and security, Texas works to give disaster relief resources to people throughout the state. They can help with utility payments, shut-off notice and other emergency assistance after you have been through a disaster.

AEP Activities for Children

A parent’s favorite words are often “free, fun and educational.” AEP Texas knows that. Because of this, they have many programs available for both teachers and parents who want to help their children learn more about energy. The programs are geared toward a variety of ages and can help your child learn more about energy and electric safety. Did we mention, they’re completely free?

Save Even More on Your AEP Texas Bill

If you want to save even more money on Your American Electric Power Texas bill, take steps to reduce your energy. Many things you can do to reduce energy consumption free!

Save even more money in Texas!