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Dollar Tree Storage Bins: 9 Ways to Decorate Them

Dollar Tree Storage Bins: 9 Ways to Decorate Them

Dollar Tree storage bins are so versatile throughout your home. Having the same bin in every room can get boring, though. We found ways you can decorate them on the cheap!

dollar tree storage bins

1. Use rope to decorate Dollar Tree storage bins.

If you want to make your Dollar Tree storage bins look so much better, pick up some rope while you’re getting the bins. You can cover one of the small plastic bins with two of the ropes. To get really fancy, get one of the dollar store pillowcases and put it in the basket. When you’re done, you won’t be able to tell a difference in your rope-covered bin and one from Pier 1.

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2. Cover your laundry baskets in fabric.

Use canvas fabric or cotton fabric that looks like canvas to cover your laundry baskets from the dollar store. You’ll get a Pottery Barn feel without the hefty price tag. While you won’t be able to find your fabric at the dollar store, many craft stores have sales on fabric and coupons that can lower the price to a dollar (or less) per yard!

dollar tree storage bins

3. A can of spray paint can go a long way.

Some dollar stores sell spray paint! If you want to make your Dollar Tree storage bins look even better, consider getting some spray paint for them. Even if your Dollar Tree does not sell spray paint, you can get basic black and white at the Dollar General or Wal-Mart for around one dollar per can. These colors work great if you’re looking for more neutral-colored options instead of the brightly colored bins you usually find at the Dollar Tree.

Bonus: spring an extra couple of dollars for metallic spray paint to give your dollar store bins a rustic look.


4. Invest in some contact paper.

The contact paper from the dollar store is so versatile! You can use it for many different things around the house, but it’s perfect for decorating locker bins or other storage solutions from the dollar store. You can find contact paper that comes in marble, granite and wood colors. Some dollar stores might also have boutique prints with flowers and other designs.

5. Use Dollar Tree washi tape (or, go to Michael’s).

You can get washi tape at the Dollar Tree! Use the washi tape to decorate your storage solutions and give them a bit of whimsy that will look great with most decor styles. Be sure to check the price of the washi tape. If you can get a pack of 3 or more rolls, it’s a good price. Don’t spend $1 on just one roll, though. If you’re looking for other prints or a lower price, be sure to check out craft stores. You can always get three rolls for a dollar at a Michael’s craft store.

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6. Get a pack of dollar store labels.

Use labels to make your Dollar Tree storage bins look so much better. The labels will give the bins a better look and will help you find the right things you’re looking for when you’re looking for them. If you label everything, you’ll know just what’s in the bin!

7. Use permanent markers or paint markers on the Dollar Tree storage bins.

When you can’t think of anything else to decorate your bins, doodle! You can doodle on your bins in permanent markers or paint markers from the dollar store. Some people might be hesitant to do this because it doesn’t look professional or finished, but it will definitely look unique!

8. Papier mache can give your bins a chic look.

Since the dollar store sells small containers of Mod Podge, you can do papier mache on your Dollar Tree storage bins! Gather up some magazines, newspapers or cheap scrapbook paper and your dollar store bin.

  • Rip your pieces of paper into pieces no smaller than a half-dollar but no bigger than an orange.
  • Fill a flat container with glue from the dollar store.
  • Soak the papers in the glue
  • Plaster them to the dollar store bin.
  • Coat the entire project with Mod Podge once it’s done to seal it.

9. Buy some dollar tree stones to go in the bottom of your storage bins.

Putting stones in the bottom of the bins can create a natural look. It can also help make your bins sturdier since they’ll have some weight at the bottom!

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