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Get More Food with Double SNAP Dollars in Montana!

Get More Food with Double SNAP Dollars in Montana!

Double SNAP Dollars helps low income Montana shoppers get more food with their food benefits. They know that most people who use food benefits can’t afford nutritious, healthy food so they have created an incentive program to help!


If you rely on food benefits in Montana, you absolutely need to know about this incredible program!

And while you’re here, don’t forget that you can also get some incredible EBT discounts in Montana as well!

What is Double SNAP Dollars?

Double SNAP Dollars is a dollar-matching program in Montana that helps low income shoppers. If you use your EBT benefits at a participating market, you can receive free tokens to purchase twice as much produce as you’ve paid for. It’s an incredible opportunity to make the most of your food benefits!

The program is run by the Community Food & Agriculture Coalition. It started in 2015 and has served over 9,000 Montanans since it began.


Who is eligible for Double SNAP Dollars?

Anyone who receives SNAP benefits can participate in Double SNAP Dollars.

My research seems to indicate that you don’t even have to be a Montana resident to participate! It looks like out-of-state shoppers can use these benefits, too.

How does Double SNAP Dollars work?

The program works differently depending on where you shop.

At participating convenience stores and grocery stores, you will need to ask the cashier to calculate your Double SNAP Dollars when you check out. You will earn $1 in DSD for every dollar you spend on SNAP, up to a maximum of $30 in free DSD per day. But if you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it – so make sure you ask for it!

If you shop at a farmers market, you’ll need to visit the information booth to get started. Not every farmer at the market is set up to process EBT payments, so the information booth will swipe your card and give you tokens you can use instead. You’ll decide how much you want to spend from your card. They’ll give you that much in tokens, and then an extra set of free tokens for the Double SNAP Dollars program. You can get up to $30 in free DSD tokens each day!

This program is available year-round at participating grocery stores, but most farmers markets only operate seasonally.

What can you buy with Double SNAP Dollars?

You can purchase a variety of healthy foods and gardening supplies with this program!


According o the official website, you can purchase:

  • Fruits
  • Herbs
  • Mushrooms
  • Seeds
  • Starter Plants
  • Vegetables

Where can you use Double SNAP Dollars?

You can use your Double SNAP Dollars at many different locations. If you earn your credits at a grocery store, those usually have to be redeemed at the same location where you earned them. Farmer’s Market tokens are often usable at other markets and do not expire.

Participating locations include:

  • Anaconda Community Market (Anaconda)
  • Bigfork Village Market (Bigfork)
  • Bozeman Winter Farmers Market (Bozeman)
  • Butte Farmers Market (Butte)
  • Butte Winter Farmers Market (Butte)
  • Camas Organic Market (Hot Springs)
  • Clark Fork Market (Missoula)
  • Clark Fork Organics (Missoula)
  • Columbia Falls Community Market (Columbia Falls)
  • Cultivating Connections Homestead Organics Farm (Hamilton)
  • Eureka Chamber Farmers Market (Eureka)
  • Farmers Market (Libby)
  • Glacier Tilth Farm (Dixon)
  • Good Mama Farm (Harrison)
  • Hamilton Farmers Market Co-Op (Hamilton)
  • Harlequin Organic Produce (Arlee)
  • Harlo Farmers Market (Harlowtown)
  • Healthy by Design Gardeners Market (Billings)
  • Helena Farmers Market (Helena & East Helena)
  • Kalipsell Farmers Market (Kalispell)
  • Livingston Farmers Market (Livingston)
  • Long Step Farm (Frenchtown)
  • Missoula Farmers Market (Missoula)
  • Missoula Food Bank & Community Center (Missoula)
  • Missoula Valley Winter Market (Missoula)
  • Moon River Ranch (Clinton)
  • Polson Farmers Market (Polson)
  • Red Lodge Farmers Market (Red Lodge)
  • River Valley Farmers Market (Hardin)
  • Ronan Farmers Market (Ronan)
  • The O’Hara Commons Local Foods Market (Hamilton)
  • Troy Farmers Market (Troy)
  • Wednesday Afternoon Farmers Market (Hamilton)
  • Western Montana Growers Cooperative (Missoula)
  • Whitefish Farmers Market (Whitefish)
  • Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market (Billings)


Montana shoppers can use Double SNAP Dollars to get even more food with their food benefits! This dollar matching can give you up to $30 in free produce per day when you shop at a participating location. It’s important to make sure that you’re visiting the right location and using your food benefits to complete your purchase in order to earn the free rewards.

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