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Get More Food with Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico

Get More Food with Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico

Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico is a great program that can help you get even more food for your money! When you shop with SNAP EBT benefits at participating locations, you can get free food from this program!


In this article, we’ll talk about what this program is, who is eligible for it, and how you can get more food when you use it.

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our list of EBT discounts in New Mexico as well!

What is Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico?

Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico is the state’s branch of the nationwide DUFB program. This program helps low income people purchase more food by giving them extra money when they shop at participating retailers.

In New Mexico, the program works at various farmers markets, grocery stores and farm stands to help you maximize your benefits.


Who is eligible?

Anyone who receives Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits can participate in Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico. You don’t even have to be a NM resident as long as you’re using your benefits at participating location in the state.

There’s no extra eligibility requirements or applications. Just show up, shop and enjoy!

How does this program work?

First, you need to find a participating location. There are currently around 80 participating Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico locations and we’ve made a list of them below for your convenience.

Your second step depends on where you are shopping.

If you’re at a grocery store, just shop as normal and then tell the cashier that you want to participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program when you check out. They’ll either give you an instant 50% discount on your eligible locally-grown fruits and vegetables or an equal amount of tokens you can redeem on your next visit to the store. Smaller retailers may use the tokens instead of the instant discount because it’s easier for the store to set up that system.

If you’re shopping at a farm stand or CSA, the process is similar. Just shop, ask about the Double Up program, and get a 50% discount on your purchase!

However, farmers markets manage the program differently because they bring together so many different vendors into one place. Rather than have to swipe your EBT card over and over at different retailers, you’ll take your card to the information booth.


You’ll swipe your card one time for whatever amount you specify. You’ll be given one set of tokens equal to the amount that you spent. This first set of tokens can be spent on any EBT-eligible products at the market. You’ll also receive a second set of tokens for free that can only be used to purchase fruits and vegetables that were locally grown in New Mexico.

Where can you Double Up in New Mexico?

There are over 80 locations that participate in Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico. These locations include Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), farm stands, farmers markets, grocery stores and mobile markets!

Community Supported Agricuture

You can get a 50% discount when you shop with EBT at these CSA programs in New Mexico:

  • Bomvida Farms (Belen)
  • La Cosecha CSA (Albuquerque)
  • New MExico Harvest (Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Turquoise Trail, Eldorado)

Farm Stands

You can get a 50% discount when you shop with SNAP benefits at these farm stands:

  • Big Jim Farms (Los Ranchos)
  • Bomvida Farms (Belen)
  • Chispas Farm (Albuquerque)
  • Community Food Pantry Hope Garden (Farm Stand)
  • Genesis Gardens (Tucumcari)
  • Graves Farm & Garden (Roswell)
  • Los de Mora Co-Op Farm Stand (Mora)
  • Polk’s Folly Farm Butcher Shop & Stand (Cedar Crest)
  • Reunity Farm (Santa Fe)
  • Rosales Farms (Socorro)
  • Rosales Produce (Albuquerque, Isleta)

Farmers Markets

You can double your SNAP benefits when you shop at these farmers markets:

  • Abiquiu Farmers Market (Abiquiu)
  • Alamogordo Farmers Market (Alamogordo)
  • Aztec Farmers Market (Aztec)
  • Belen Growers Market (Belen)
  • Bernalillo Farmers Market (Bernalillo)
  • Bloomfield Farmers Market (Bloomfield)
  • Bosque Farms Growers Market (Bosque Farms)
  • Cedar Crest Farmers Market (Cedar Crest)
  • Cliff/Gila Farmers Market (Gila)
  • Clovis Farmer Market (Clovis)
  • Downtown Growers Market (Albuquerque)
  • Eldorado Farmers Market (Sante Fe)
  • Espanola Farmers Market (Espanola)
  • Farmers & Crafts Market of Las Cruces (Las Cruces)
  • Farmington Growers Market (Farmington)
  • Fort Sumner Farmers & Makers Market (Fort Sumner)
  • Gallup Farmers Market (Gallup)
  • Grants Farmers Market (Grants)
  • Kirtland Growers Market (Kirtland)
  • La Familia Growers Market (Albuquerque)
  • Los Alamos Farmers Market (Los Alamos)
  • Los Lunas Farmers Market (Los Lunas)
  • Mesa Verde Community Farmers Market (Albuquerque)
  • Mile-Hi Farmers Market (Albuquerque)
  • Pecos Farmers Market (Pecos)
  • Pojoaque Farmers & Crafts Market (Santa Fe)
  • Portales Farmers Market (Portales)
  • Questa Farmers Market (Questa)
  • Rail Yards Market (Albuquerque)
  • Ramah Farmers market (Ramah)
  • Red Willow Farmers Market (Taos)
  • Santa Fe Farmers Market at Railyard (Santa Fe)
  • Santa Fe Farmers Market Tuesday Del Sur Market (Santa Fe)
  • Santa Rosa Farmers Market (Santa Rosa)
  • Shiprock Farmers Market (Shiprock)
  • Sierra County Farmers Market (Truth or Consequences)
  • Silver City Farmers Market (Silver City)
  • Socorro Farmers Market (Socorro)
  • South Valley Growers Market (Albuquerque)
  • Taos Farmers Market (Taos)
  • Tiera Encantada (Las Vegas)
  • Tri-County Farmers Market (Las Vegas)

Grocery Stores

You can get a 50% discount on your fresh locally grown produce when you shop with SNAP benefits at these grocery stores:

  • Cid’s Food Market (Taos)
  • Dixon Farmer’s Market (Dixon)
  • El Morro Feed and Seed (Ramah)
  • La Montanita Co-Op (Albuquerque, Gallup, Santa Fe)
  • Semilla Natural Foods (Las Vegas)
  • Silver City Food Co-Op (Silver City)
  • Village Greengrocer (Madrid)

Mobile Markets

These mobile markets will give you a 50% discount when you shop with your SNAP benefits:

  • Farm Fresh Market – La Semilla Food Center (Anthony)
  • MoGro Mobile Grocery (Albuquerque, Pecos, Santa Fe)

Food Hubs

I am not entirely sure what a Food Hub is or how the Double Up Food Bucks New Mexico program works at these locations. However, when I was reviewing the location list, I found two entries marked as “food hubs,” so I will list them separately here.

  • The Frontier Food Hub (Silver City)
  • The Harvest Food Hub (Farmington)