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Are You an EPB Chattanooga Customer? Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Are You an EPB Chattanooga Customer? Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Stop letting your EPB bill be a budget buster! If you’re a low-income resident of Chattanooga, you could get help with your Electric Plant Board bill!


Looking for help paying your EPB bill? We found it!

Low-income EPB customers might be wondering what they can do to get caught up on their bill and make paying their electric bill less of a burden. The Tennessee LIHEAP benefit might be the way to do this. With this benefit, you can get a set amount paid toward your bill each month. It could help lower your bill. This program is reserved for low-income and very low-income customers. You will also need to meet other qualifications to get approved for help through LIHEAP.

You might be able to get help from the Salvation Army. The organization sometimes provides help to people who are low-income and struggling with their electric payment. You might need to have a shut-off notice, meet income requirements and other requirements to get help. The Salvation Army might only be able to provide up to $200 and might only provide help once per year.

Metropolitan Ministries might be able to provide help if you’re not able to pay your electric bill. This could help you with a one-time payment or to get caught up if you have a shut-off notice. The organization might not always have funding available and there might be limits on how often they can help you with your electric bill.

Good Neighbors of Chattanooga is an organization that might be able to help you pay your bill and avoid shut-off. If you meet their requirements (including income), you might be able to get a small portion of your bill paid. If your electric has been shut off, the organization might be able to provide you with the money to get it turned back on.


EPB offers other options for customers.

In addition to electric service EPB also offers a variety of fiber optic services. They include Internet, television and phone services. You might be able to bundle the three together to save money. Customers who already have electric with the company may also be able to save a small amount on their other services.

Get payment options for your bill!

You might be able to save yourself some money on your EPB bill if you choose to use your electric at times you might not typically use it. The company offers different rates for using electric when it’s not in such high demand. This means using the electric during off-peak hours. When you’re able to use your electric during these times, it can significantly reduce the amount you pay from month to month.

The levelized billing program through the Electric Plant Board might be able to help you avoid huge fluctuations in your bill. When the Chattanooga weather is very hot or very cold, your bill might typically go up due to using your air conditioner or your heating system more. With levelized billing, you will only pay an average amount. As long as you meet program requirements, you won’t have to “settle up” your bill at the end of the period.

While budget billing is similar to levelized billing, you will need to settle up the amount you went over the average at the end of the billing period. You will still only have to pay an average amount throughout the time you’re enrolled.

Check out even more payment options.

A payment arrangement through EPB might be a possibility! If you know you are going to have trouble paying for your bill, you might be able to let the electric company know that you’re facing a hardship. In that case, they might be able to create an arrangement where you pay your bill when you’re able to. This can be helpful if you know you’re going to have the money after the due date.

The Electric Plant Board Power Share program might be able to help you if you are trying to make a payment or get caught up on a payment that is late. This is a program that’s intended for people who are low-income and who are behind in their electric payments. With Power Share, you might be able to get an extension on your payment or get help with it.

Did you know you have the ability to select your own due date with the Electric Plant Board? You can choose a due date that works for you to make paying your bills easier! This is an especially helpful option for people who only get paid once a month, Social Security recipients or others who might need to make sure they have money when the power bill is due!


Get free upgrades that can help you lower your bills!

Low-income residents might be missing out on electric bill savings because their home is not energy efficient! The weatherization program could fix that. With weatherization, you might be able to have insulation installed and other energy efficient upgrades to your home done for free. The weatherization program in Tennessee can make a huge difference in the amount of money you spend on electric.

EPB might be able to help you with rebates if you purchase energy efficient appliances. These rebates can vary from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars depending on what you purchase. While having to buy a new appliance is never any fun, make sure you check out the rebate section of the company’s website to see what you could be saving money on!

A free energy assessment can help you determine where you’re using the most energy and what you can do about it! An energy professional will be able to walk you through your energy consumption in your home and help you determine the best steps to take to lower your usage. There are a variety of issues you could be having with the energy in your home without even knowing about it. Using the free energy assessment, you might be able to start taking steps to lower your bill!

EPB gives back in the community.

EPB plays a big role in your community! They might be able to help with things like education, sponsorships and, in some cases, scholarships. The electric company takes steps to ensure they are a part of the community. They can also help customers like you with things related to energy usage! To learn more about community events, education and even scholarship opportunities, check this out.

You can take small steps to save on your bill!

Saving money on your power bill doesn’t have to be expensive or hard! We found the best ways to lower your bill and start saving money on your energy right away! Check out these tips.

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