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How to Get Colorado Springs Utilities Discounts

How to Get Colorado Springs Utilities Discounts

Is your Colorado Springs Utilities bill out of control? Are you struggling to make ends meet while still keeping your electric on? We found ways you could get help!

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You could get help paying your Colorado Springs Utilities bill.

Stop letting your electric bill eat up your entire budget! You could lower your bill using the LIHEAP benefit. This might make it easier for you to pay your bill and can help you save a lot of money for other bills. With LIHEAP, you could get a credit automatically applied to your Colorado Springs Utilities bill that will help reduce the amount you have to pay each month.

Are you looking for one-time help for your electric bill? It might be available through the Salvation Army! The organization works with people who are low-income and meet their qualifications. If you are struggling to pay your bills, you have a shut-off notice and you meet requirements the company has in place, you could get assistance through the Salvation Army. They have a cap on how much you can get if you’re struggling. They might also limit the number of times you can apply for and receive help.

If you have a medical device or a medical condition that requires you to use electricity, you might be able to use a medical certificate to help protect you from having your electric shut-off. These certificates have limitations, but they can be helpful if you are regularly unable to pay your bill. Having the certificate might also make it easier for you to find assistance for paying your electric bill. Medical certificate customers with CSU might also receive priority in getting their electric turned back on after an outage.

Project COPE might be able to help you pay your bill. If you meet the requirements for the program and funding is available, they could help you save money on your bills. This is a program intended for low-income people who are in an emergency situation with their electric bill.

Helpful payment options could be available.

Colorado Springs Utilities has different rates that can help you save money depending on when you use your electric and the amount of electric you use. You could save a lot of money just for using the energy in your home during non-peak hours. This could make it easier for you to pay your bill and can permanently lower the bill if you choose to make non-peak usage a habit. Rates can fluctuate, but generally using your electric during off-peak hours is the best way to save money.

Budget billing is a program that doesn’t necessarily save you money, but it can help you avoid huge bills during extreme temperatures. With budget billing, you’re able to pay just the average amount that you spend on your electric bill. Usually, this evens out during the times when you use less or more electric. Some customers are left with more electric usage above the average amount and must pay it at the end of the term.

With CSU, you can choose your payment date! This can be helpful if you only get paid once per month or if you know you have more money at certain times of the month. Once you choose your payment date, you might be able to change it at certain times with notice.

Are you struggling to pay your bill right now, but will have more money in the future to pay it with? You could get a payment arrangement to help give you more time to pay for your bill. You will need to meet requirements and have a good history with the company. Generally, letting them know far in advance that you’re going to need an arrangement can help make you more eligible for one.

Upgrade your home for free and save money on your bills.

Weatherization can be helpful if you know your home is not energy efficient. Using the weatherization program, you might be able to save money on your electric bills by making your home as energy efficient as possible. With weatherization, you can get free upgrades for your insulation, flooring and, in some cases, appliances.

The HEAP benefit might be able to help you with updates to your home. This is an energy efficiency project similar to weatherization. You will need to be low-income and meet the program requirements to get help with this benefit.

Colorado Springs Utilities might be able to help you with rebates for new energy efficient appliances. These rebates can take a large portion off of the total amount you’re required to pay. Before you shop for new appliances, be sure to check what CSU has available for rebates.

Colorado Springs Utilities plays a part in your community!

You could get help with community and educational opportunities from Colorado Springs Utilities. They offer educational programs to the community, play big roles in the community and might even be able to help in some instances with scholarships!

Use these tips to save money.

You could be taking small steps to save big money on your electric bill! We found options that will help you save money and are free or low-cost. Check out our helpful energy saving tips!

We found free things for Colorado residents!