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7 Extra Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

7 Extra Benefits for 100% Disabled Veterans

There are some incredible extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans! When my husband received his 100% rating, I was thrilled to discover all of the amazing things we qualified for.


Free Lifetime Vehicle Registration

When my husband first received his rating, we lived in Washington state. I was so excited to learn that we were now eligible for free lifetime vehicle registration!

We were given permanent registration tags for one vehicle, and we never had to renew it. Of course, we moved out of state and ruined that… but it was great while it lasted! 

Many states offer discounts on vehicle registration for veterans, usually those with a 100% rating and sometimes those with a 25-50% rating as well. This is one of my favorite extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans, so we have a full list here.

National and State Parks Pass Discounts 

Our family loves to take road trips, so we have really enjoyed the ability to get free and discounted park passes. We have a free lifetime Access Pass to the national parks, as well as free state parks passes in at least five states. These passes have unlocked a lot of adventure for our family!


Base Access (and Discounted Disney Tickets!)

Base access is one of my favorite additional benefits for 100% disabled veterans. This includes access to the exchange, commissary and MWR facilities.

We’ve been able to pick up ridiculously low-priced tickets to Disneyland and Disney World through these programs. Those created some absolutely unforgettable memories for our children! 

Automatic Student Loan Forgiveness 

I was shocked when I realized that my husband’s rating also meant that his student loans would be completely forgiven. Over $50,000 in debt was wiped away in an instant! Of all of the extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans that I’ve found, this one had the biggest impact on our financial future.

When my husband’s rating came in, we had to fill out paperwork for this… but it’s now a completely automatic process for veterans who have received 100% ratings. 

Property Tax Exemptions 

It may not sound exciting, but this can make a huge difference in the amount of your mortgage!

When we received our property tax exemption, our monthly mortgage payment was reduced by about $200! That’s actually very significant, and it adds up quickly. 

Many states have property tax exemptions for disabled veterans and even non-veteran seniors and disabled people! To learn more, check our list at

family celebrates extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans

Healthcare for your Dependents

Along with your newly improved compensation, veterans who receive a 100% rating from the VA can also receive free health care for their dependents.

This program is tremendously helpful to our family, especially since I am self-employed and don’t have health care through any employer. 

Education Benefits for your Dependents

Your new VA rating also means that your dependents may be eligible for Dependents Educational Assistance, or DEA.

This program provides up to 36 months of assistance toward a degree, certificate program, apprenticeship, or on-the-job training. The dependent will receive a monthly check for each month that they are eligible and, as of October 2021, the maximum monthly rate is $1,298. 

Don’t miss out on these other perks!

If you’re looking for extra benefits for 100% disabled veterans, then you don’t want to miss out on these freebies and deals!