Your Rhode Island EBT can do this?!

If you’re a Rhode Island resident with food stamps, you need to know about these discounts and freebies! Apparently a lot of people are searching the term ‘food stamps RI,’ so if you’re looking for that information you’ve come to the right place!

Remember, your Rhode Island EBT card can be used at any Museums for All partner in any other state! Check out our lists for nearby Connecticut, Massachusetts and the rest of the United States.

Please note that the museums with green titles are Museums for All participants. These venues accept EBT cards from all 50 states, so you don’t have to be a Rhode Island resident to get these great deals!

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Get discounted admission!

For your convenience, we’ve organized our free and discounted museum admission list alphabetically by city.


 Newport Art Museum – $3 or less per person
Since 1912, Newport Art Museum has positioned itself as a cultural gathering place for anyone with an interest in art. In addition to a permanent collection and rotating exhibits, the Newport Art Museum also offers concerts, live theater, art and book talks, family workshops and more throughout the year.


Providence Children’s Museum – FREE

EBT cardholders can play at Providence Children’s Museum for FREE! You can browse the list of exhibits, which include water play, a children’s garden and a two story climbing maze, by clicking here. 

Cheap Family Fun in Rhode Island

While researching Rhode Island, I did find some other interesting programs that benefit low-income Rhode Island residents. These aren’t specifically limited to food stamps recipients, but I thought I’d include them here anyway.
The Roger Williams Park Zoo offers free admission to residents of the city of Providence on the first Saturday of each month.
Playing All the Way has some great information about cheap and free fun in Rhode Island. They also have some helpful information about the Feinstein Jr. Scholar’s Program, which gives children the opportunity to earn free fun by doing good deeds. I highly recommend checking out their list!
Bank of America also offers a Museums on Us program. If you have a Bank of America account, you can get free admission to some museums in Rhode Island!
The Rhody Ramble offers a list of free stuff in Rhode Island.

Your Rhode Island food stamps card can also be used to shop at these locations!

Several of our visitors have pointed out that EBT cards have even more uses, too! Check out these interesting statewide benefits.

  • Starbucks locations inside grocery stores!
  • Subway locations inside grocery stores and gas stations can accept EBT for sandwiches.
  • Farmer’s Markets can accept EBT. Many markets offer a tremendous bonus bucks program that awards you an extra $2 for every $5 you spend!
  • Organic delivery services, also known as community-supported agriculture programs, may also accept EBT.
  • Schwan’s Trucks, but you’ll have to use a different payment method to pay the delivery fee.
  • Costco is a great place to shop – especially if you’re working on stocking up your food storage!
  • Papa Murphy’s can be bought with EBT.

You can use your Rhode Island food stamps card to buy these items!

  • You can buy seeds, plants and fruit trees with EBT funds.
  • Look for hot deli food that has been packaged and placed in the refrigerated section for easy reheating. You can buy it on food stamps that way!
  • Check the labels on Energy Drinks! Anything with a “nutrition facts” label is considered food. A “supplement facts” label means it is not covered.
  • You can also splurge and buy some live lobsters and other shellfish.
  • EBT benefits can buy edible (not just decorative) pumpkins, as well.
  • You can buy a decorated birthday (or other celebratory) cake from the bakery as long as the non-edible decorations do not exceed 50% of the total purchase price.
  • Did you know you can even buy gift baskets? Your EBT benefits can even help you purchase gifts for holidays, including pre-filled holiday stockings and tins, as long as the food value exceeds the non-food value. Check out the description on the federal SNAP website for more information.

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