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Get Free Legal Help in Utah: Pro Bono Lawyers, DIY Tools & More

Get Free Legal Help in Utah: Pro Bono Lawyers, DIY Tools & More

Struggling with a legal issue and need some free legal help in Utah? Don’t despair. There are free legal aid services designed to help people just like you. This article will explain what they are, how they work, and how you can get help quickly.


DIY Legal Support

A lot of the free legal aid clinics that we’re going to talk about later in this article are very busy. Sometimes, it can take a long time to connect with a lawyer and get the free legal help you need.

That’s why we decided to lead with the DIY legal section. If you can’t afford to wait connect with an attorney, you can always count on these solutions to help.


SoloSuit is an incredible, easy-to-use program that can help you file an official legal answer to a lawsuit. If you’ve been sued for a debt, it’s important to file an answer on time and SoloSuit’s simple prompts can guide you through the process very easily.

The basic service is free. If you choose to pay a little extra, they can file the paperwork with the Court and Plaintiff for you, which can be a tremendous relief. I’ve used this service and I highly recommend it. Try SoloSuit today!


Just Answer

If you need to speak to a lawyer, you can get 24/7 access to an expert attorney through JustAnswer. This service works with lawyers in all states, including Utah, who can provide qualified answers to your questions. It’s not free but it is a lot cheaper than hiring an attorney!

It’s easy to get started. You just need to ask your question online. You’ll be connected with an attorney as soon as possible who can answer your question.

Support Hotlines

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be able to get immediate support from certain hotlines. Usually, these hotlines cannot dispense legal advice but they may be able to help you connect with additional legal services that can help you.

Some hotlines that may be able to assist you include:

Utah State Law Library

The Utah State Law Library has many resources that might make it easier for you to get free legal help. At the library, you can access the legal collections and even the XChange system.

If you have a custody case or family law case that both parties are in agreement on, you can use the Utah State Law Library to help you find the forms you need to fill out.

Free Legal Help in Utah

If you’re struggling with a civil case or you know you need an attorney, you might be able to use Utah legal services to help you!


Utah Legal Services (ULS)

Utah Legal Services (ULS) is a nonprofit organization providing free legal aid to low-income individuals and families throughout the state. ULS can assist with a variety of issues including family law, housing, public benefits, and consumer cases.

To apply for help, you can visit the Utah Legal Services website and fill out an application or call their statewide intake line.

Utah Dispute Resolution (UDR)

The Utah Dispute Resolution office provides free and low-cost mediation for low income Utahns. The cost of your services will depend on your household income.

  • If your household income is 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or less, they may provide mediation services free of charge.
  • If your household income is higher than that, they will apply a sliding scale that varies depending on your household income, family size, and the size of your dispute.

All of their cases are managed by the Law and Justice Center in Salt Lake City. Contact them to get started.

Utah State Bar

The Utah State Bar maintains a list of free legal help resources that may offer pro bono help if you qualify. Please remember that these clinics tend to have more requests than they can handle, so you may need to contact a few of them in order to get the help that you need.

As of April 2024, the following legal clinics are featured on the Utah State Bar website:

  • ACLU of Utah
  • Catholic Community Services
  • Centro Hispano
  • Crime Victim’s Legal Clinic
  • Disability Law Center
  • DNA
  • Holy Cross Ministries
  • Innocence Project
  • International Rescue Committee
  • Rocky Mountain Innocence Center
  • The Never Again Foundation
  • Timponogos Legal Center
  • Utah Legal Services

To learn more about who qualifies for these services, you can visit the Utah State Bar website.

Local Legal Aid Clinics

Utah has different options for legal aid in different areas. While there are some Utah legal services available all around the state, check out what local options are available near you.

Salt Lake County

The Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake provides free legal help to low income families who are facing family law issues. They also provide free representation to all victims of domestic violence regardless of income.

In order to qualify for assistance, you must have an eligible case that can be filed in Salt Lake County. The cases they assist with include divorce, custody, guardianship, restraining orders, domestic violence and more.

Utah County

BYU Community Legal Aid clinics may be able to provide free legal services as well. This clinic is staffed by second and third year law students who are monitored by a professor.

This clinic may be able to help with cases involving immigration, contracts, housing and other issues. Sometimes, they may also host classes that can help you.

Relief Recap

If you’re looking for a free legal help in Utah, the providers in this list should be able to help you. Remember, even if one attorney is too busy to take your case for free, there may be other providers on this list that can help you. If all else fails, check out the DIY Legal Resources section for some helpful tools that can guide you through the process.