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36 Easy Ways to Get Free Prom Dresses

36 Easy Ways to Get Free Prom Dresses

American families spend an average of more than $900 on prom each year, so it’s completely understandable why so many low income families are searching for free prom dresses! As one of the most important features of this spectacular night, the dress is an important fixture that many families simply can’t afford.

In this article, we will review a variety of nationwide organizations and local charities that provide free prom dresses to low income families. We’ll also briefly describe how these programs work and why they’re important.

Free Prom Dresses Across the USA

There are a few organizations that provide free prom dresses to low income families across the United States. However, because these organizations serve so many people, they often run out of supplies each year. For additional support, be sure to look for free prom dresses near you by checking the local section below.

Becca’s Closet

Becca’s Closet provides free prom dresses in 23 states! They provide dresses, shows, jewelry and handbags. They also accept donations of hair, nail and makeup services, so those things may be available in some areas as well.

In order to qualify, you must be a high school girl who cannot afford a dress for a school-sponsored dance or event.

This nationwide organization provides support through a network of local chapters. They have chapters in 23 states! You will need to find the one nearest you on the Becca’s Closet website and then contact them directly for assistance.

Cinderella’s Closet

Cinderella’s Closet is another nationwide organization that offers support through local chapters. Their offerings may vary slightly by location.

In order to get help from this program, you need to live close enough to attend one of their events. They have locations in 11 states, including Arkansas, California, Florida, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee.

For information about the 2024 events in your area, you will need to select your closest chapter from this list and contact them directly.

Operation Prom National Network

Operation Prom provides free prom dresses and tuxedos to students who need them. They can also provide shoes, undergarments, jewelry, bowties and other accessories to complete the ensemble.

This organization is a 501(c)3 charity that is based in New York. They have locations in 10 states and coordinate events in even more states.

In order to get free formal wear from Operation Prom National Network, you will need to attend one of their events. You can browse the full list of upcoming events on their website. Many of these events require prior registration on websites like Eventbrite, but you’ll be able to find all those requirements in the description of each event on their website.

Local Charities with Free Prom Dresses

The easiest way to get free prom dresses is to check with local charities and organizations in your area. Because these organizations serve a smaller area, they are often better equipped to help.

We are constantly looking for more ways that low income families can get free prom dresses. Below is the list we’ve found so far. Be sure to drop a note in the comments if you’re aware of any that we have missed!


YWCA of Central Alabama hosts an annual Prom Palooza event, where they distribute free prom dresses and other essentials. The event also features a free breakfast and presentation as well. In order to be eligible, you must be a high school junior or senior in the Birmingham area. The 2024 event was held on March 11, but we will update this with information for 2025 as it becomes available.


The Cinderella Affair in Chandler provides free prom dresses at several boutique events each year. In 2024, their events will be held between 8am and 3pm on April 6 and between 8am and 1pm on April 7.

The Prom Closet in Glendale provides free formal wear for students who need it. Their annual giveaway events are held at the Glendale System of Care Campus each year. In 2024, the events will take place between 9am and 2pm on April 6, 7, 13 and 14. Each student can bring one person with them.


The Princess Project in Santa Clara provides free prom dresses through an annual giveaway event. The event spans multiple days but you must book an appointment in order to participate.

Nevada County Cinderella Project in Grass Valley provides free formal clothes, including dresses, tuxedos and more. The organization is open between 10am and 6pm, Monday through Saturday. You can find more information on their website.

Olive Crest in Bellflower provides a free Shimmer & Share Prom Dress Selection Event each year. This event provides dresses for seniors and juniors in Los Angeles County who can’t afford one on their own. Seniors may also be able to select a dress for graduation as well.

The Princess Project in San Diego provides thousands of free prom dresses for students throughout San Diego County. To get one, students must register for an appointment at an upcoming event and complete an online waiver.


Gowns for Girls in Brandon provides free prom and homecoming dresses for students in the Tampa Bay area. The dresses are available to students with a valid high school ID who state that they are struggling financially. You just need to attend one of their events at the Saint Andrew United Methodist Church to get your dress. Their events will be held between 10am and 2pm on March 23 and 30, 2024.

Caitlin’s Closet in Ponte Vedra Beach appears to be inactive. Many resource lists recommend this organization, but their website hasn’t been updated in many years and their social media links don’t work so I don’t believe they are still operational.


The Union Baptist Church in Macon is collecting new and gently used prom dresses for low income students. There will be a special giveaway event that will also offer free limo rides, shopping sprees and more.

Their 2024 event will take place at the Union Baptist Church on March 16, 2024 between 12pm and 3pm.


The Glass Slipper Project in Chicago has historically offered free prom dresses but it appears their program is still temporarily closed. Their website says they hope to reopen in 2024, but when I reached out via email I received an automatic response that said they were not accepting dress donations at this time.


Project Prom in Franklin provides free prom dresses, tuxedos, shoes, accessories and more! Their events are held in the barn behind the Franklin library, but you do not need to have a library card or even live in Johnson County in order to get help.

The list of 2024 events is available on the Johnson County Public Library website. It appears that the final giveaway for this year will take place on March 24.


Cinderella Project of Maine provides new and gently used formal dresses for Maine students who need them. This organization hosts events all over the state at different times. You will need to follow their Facebook page for more information about their upcoming events.


Once Upon a Prom hosts an annual formal wear giveaway in Bethesda. Their 2024 giveaway event will take place at Bethesda Chevy Chase High School on April 13, 2024. The event will run from 10am to 4pm.

The Priceless Gown Project in Baltimore has historically helped students in Baltimore and DC get free prom dresses but it is not clear if this organization is still operational.


Belle of the Ball is an annual giveaway hosted by Antons Cleaners. This event provides free prom dresses for eligible students. You must get a referral from your school guidance counselor, school teacher, religious organization or a social service agency in order to get an invitation to their event. The referral form must be submitted by mid-March.


The Cinderella Project of Kalamazoo hosts an annual dress giveaway event in late March. They can provide free prom dresses and accessories. They also make it a priority to stock plus-size dresses for girls who need them.

This event is only open to students who are currently enrolled in high school. You have to book an appointment on their website in order to attend.

Their 2024 event will take place on March 22 between 11am and 6pm. It will take place at The Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Program and Training Center in Kalamazoo.


WCC Prom Boutique provides free formal wear for any high school student who needs them. However, they note that they have more dresses than suits available. Their annual event is held every year at the Woods Chapel United Methodist Church in Lee’s Summit. The 2024 events were held on March 7, 8 and 9, so stay tuned for 2025 dates.

New Jersey

Project Self-Sufficiency in Newton offers free prom dresses for teens who need them. To get a dress, you must attend one of their events. Their 2024 events will be held between April 4-13.

New York

Project GLAM in New York City provides thousands of free prom dresses every year. They claim to have the largest prom dress giveaway in the country! They say they have over 5,000 dresses in stock but their website does not list any information about how to get them, so you will need to contact them directly for details.

Gowns for Prom in West New York is organized by Colvin Cleaners. This organization collects, cleans and distributes free prom dresses for students who need them. To get a gown, you’ll need to register in advance to attend their annual events at the Buffalo Convention Center. The 2024 event will be held between 3pm and 6pm on April 9, 10 and 11.

North Carolina

Camille’s Closet & Theo’s Threads in Greensboro provides free prom dresses at their annual event. The 2024 giveaway will take place next to the coffee shop in the Four Seasons Mall between April 9 and 12.

Lydia’s Loft Prom Closet in Huntersville provides free prom dresses, tuxedos and formal wear to high school students who can’t afford them. They can also assist with clothing, jewelry and accessories.

The Prom Closet is open each Saturday morning between February and May, except for Easter weekend. Guests are encouraged to contact the organization via email for more information.


Cinderella’s Closet in Columbus provides free prom dresses to students who attend Central Ohio High Schools. In order to get help, you need to make an appointment on their website. Their 2024 events were hosted in mid-February and early March. It appears that there are no dates left for 2024. Check back in early February for 2025 dates.

Kenzie’s Closet in Cincinnati provides free prom dresses, two pieces of jewelry, a purse and a new pair of shoes to high school girls who need them. They can even help you get a bus pass if you need help with transportation! You just need to click the Individual Registration button on their website to start the application process.

Princess Night Project in Akron provides thousands of free prom dresses for students across Northeast Ohio. You do not have to register in advance or qualify in any way. You just need to show up for their annual event! The 2024 event was held on March 9 at the Kohl Family YMCA. We’ll update this with 2025 dates as they become available.


Abby’s Closet in West Linn provides a two-day prom dress giveaway each year. They have thousands of dresses available between sizes 0 to 20+. You need to register online in order to reserve your spot at the event. The 2024 giveaway will be held on March 16 and 17 at the Oregon Convention Center.


The Sandra Lee Foundation in Sharpsville provides free prom dresses and suits to students who need them. They also provide shoes and accessories. In order to get one, the student must attend one of their giveaway events.

In 2024, those events will be held on March 16 and March 17 at St. Bartholomew’s Church Social Hall in Sharpsville. On the 16th, the event will run from 10am to 5pm. On the 17th, it is only available from 1pm to 5pm.


The Giving Gown Foundation hosts an annual Prom Boutique for teen girls in the Houston area. This event provides free prom dresses, accessories, meals, swag bags and more for more than 1,000 girls each year. You have to register on their website in order to participate.

This organization opens registration in the fall prior to prom. For example, registration for Prom 2025 will open in Fall 2024. Unfortunately, the registration period has already closed for the 2024 Prom event.

Project Prom Dress in San Antonio provides free prom dresses and formal wear for local students. It appears their organization operates by appointment only, so you’ll need to contact them for details.


Ali’s Prom Project in Tacoma provides free prom dresses for low income, foster, and homeless youth who can’t afford them. If donations allow, you can also get shoes and related accessible.

In order to qualify, you must be a teenager who is currently enrolled in high school. You will need to show a valid school ID card or proof of enrollment. You must qualify for free or reduced price school meals or be referred by someone who works at your school.

To get help from this organization, you need to click the Make an Appointment button on their website.

The Ruby Room in Renton provides free formal wear to teenagers who can’t afford it. This includes free tuxedos, prom dresses and homecoming dresses as well. They carry dresses between sizes 0 and 30. They also provide shoes, ties, and accessories.

You must be enrolled in high school. You also need to qualify for the free or reduced price student meal program OR get a referral from your school or another community organization.

In order to get help, you need to schedule a styling appointment on the Formal Wear Program page.

West Virginia

Ladies League of Marshall County hosts an annual event called the Cinderella Project. This event provides dresses, jewelry, shoes and more for free. You need to have a valid student ID or driver’s license in order to get one. The 2024 event was held on March 9, so stay tuned for 2025 dates.

Relief Recap

There are many organizations offering free prom dresses across the country! Whether you’re in New York City or rural Alaska, this list has included organizations that may be able to help you find the perfect fit for your upcoming celebration. Contact the providers on this list for more information – and don’t forget to check out our other posts for more ways you can save money and get free stuff!

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Jen Gaston

Thursday 14th of March 2024

Thank you for mentioning The Princess Project. I'm one of the volunteers of The Princess Project San Diego, and we have 6,000 dresses to give away this April. We promote inner beauty and self-esteem in every dress that goes out our doors. We also value the Earth and sustainability, reusing and recycling these beautiful gowns.