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Free School Supplies in Chicago: Where to Find Them in Cook County

Free School Supplies in Chicago: Where to Find Them in Cook County

When the school year’s approaching and you realize you have to get your kids’ school supplies, you might be wondering how you’re going to do it. You can find free school supplies in Chicago to make sure your child is ready to start school!

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We found free school supplies in Chicago.

The Boys and Girls Club of Chicago offers free school supplies in Chicago to families in need. Each year, they offer donated supplies to low-income families who need them to start school. The date changes year to year, but the Boys and Girls Club always publishes it a few weeks before.

The Academy for Urban School Leadership offers school supplies to teachers and educators throughout the city. The free school supplies go to teachers first, but the organization may have some supplies left over that they distribute to families. It’s a great resource for teachers, so if you know a teacher or even know the teacher for your child’s upcoming year, let them know; your classroom might end up with free school supplies in Chicago!

For most people, the Chicago Department of Family Services is the last place they want to go. While many of us might have strong feelings about the department, they can actually help! They’re all about helping families and children in need, and handing out free school supplies is just one way they do it!

The Harbor, INC holds a big event each year to hand out school supplies and other necessities to families in need. The organization uses this opportunity to help children get ready for school even when their parents can’t afford it. In past years, they’ve given out free haircuts, free school supplies and even free shoes!

The JCC Chicago is a community center for the Jewish population, but anyone can get free school supplies in Chicago right here! All you need to do is visit the center during the time they’re handing out supplies. No religious affiliation necessary!

Here are free school supplies in Cook County, IL.

The Cook County Salvation Army does an event for low-income families and children each year. They round up school supplies and hand them out to kids who are in need. These free school supplies in Chicago can get your child ready for school. They also offer free haircuts, health screenings, some clothing and shoes for your kids!

The YWCA offers free school supplies in the weeks leading up to public schools starting in Chicago. You can visit the organization at any time during this period to get free school supplies.

Similar to the YWCA, the YMCA hands out free school supplies to students in Chicago. The free school supplies are easy for parents to access. You can pick them up at any time during the weeks the YMCA offers them.

The United Way uses the B2Si program like many other organizations do to get free school supplies in Chicago. The organization provides the United Way with these supplies and parents can get them from the United Way at any time while they’re offering them.

The Heartland Alliance offers limited school supplies for those who are in low-income situations. They are not always available so it’s important to check and find out if they have any available at the time you need them.

The 7th District Police Department offers a back to school event each August. Kids can get bookbags, supplies and haircuts for free. The event usually lasts for three hours.

If you’re in the 49th Ward, you can attend the back to school picnic. It’s held during August. Children can get free school supplies, backpacks and haircuts. Families can get a free meal and drinks. The event also has fun games and prizes for kids!

Teens and elementary-aged kids can get free school supplies from the Camp of Dreams. Anyone is able to get the free school supplies, but you must register for them ahead of time.

The Armory offers free school supplies in Chicago. You can visit while they’re handing them out during the event. The Armory may also have some leftovers for students after the event.

Getting ready for school is more than just school supplies.

The following resources may help you get your child ready for school in other ways. If you need more than just free school supplies in Chicago, you can get help with free clothes and even health screenings!

God’s Closet is open Tuesdays and Fridays in the evening. They may have a small selection of school supplies available for families in need, but they always have clothes to help prepare your child for back to school. The clothes are free for families who need them. They also offer a free meal if you stop by!

The Port Ministries Health Clinic stops in various wards throughout the city. The health truck makes more stops during the weeks leading up to school starting. It offers free health screenings and immunizations to prepare your child for school. You can also visit their permanent location on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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