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Free Fun in Austin: Visit These Museums!

Free Fun in Austin: Visit These Museums!

Even though it’s a super popular city, there are still ways to have free fun in Austin. If you’re looking for experiences and culture in the city, museums are the perfect way to do it! You can get into these museums for free.


Enjoy free fun in Austin with these always-free museums!

The Austin History Center provides visitors with a chance to explore different cultural opportunities and information related to Austin and Texas in general. The museum is centrally located to other museums and popular attractions in Texas.

The Texas Military Force Museum is a free military-based exhibit. Along with their stationary exhibit, the museum also offers visitors an opportunity to see live-action programs they can enjoy. All the things that go on at the museum are related to the military.

The Austin Nature and Science Center is a free outdoor experience for those visiting Austin. You can learn more about nature and how it relates to science in Austin. You can also learn more about your impact on the different areas of Austin.

The Austin Fire Museum shows visitors different ways the fire department has changed in Austin over the years. You can see original AFD uniforms, an old truck that was used by the department and other interesting pieces. You can also learn more about how the Austin Fire Department has helped shape and improve the city.


The Texas Governor’s Mansion is a big part of the free fun in Austin. The mansion not only has different information on the governor and the politics in the city but also to Texas in general. Free tours are available.

Get even more free fun in Austin.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Museum allows you to see different things related to the public safety service sector of Austin. You can learn about how the public safety sector works to help people in Austin and also how it continues improving to adapt in the city.

The Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center was created to show people how Mexican-Americans have had a huge impact on those in Austin. The cultural center allows visitors to learn more about Mexican Americans and other things that are in Austin. You can also learn more about how the city was shaped by the culture.

The Texas Capitol building is a landmark for free fun in Austin. While it is not a museum, free tours are available. You can visit at certain times and even meet some of the most popular (and least popular) politicians in Texas!

The Harry Ransom Center allows visitors the chance to see the impact of certain cultures on Austin. The center is free every day, but times that it’s open may change at different points throughout the year.

As a former home to the popular author, the O. Henry Museum helps visitors learn more about the time period and the authors who were so popular during that time period.

The city of Austin offers so many free museums!

Displays and landmarks at the University of Texas are not official museums, but they do give you an idea of different cultural influences on the university. They’re free fun in Austin. The landmarks vary depending on what you’re looking for, but they do offer a lot of information relating to cultures in Austin.


The Susanna Dickinson Museum is a museum dedicated to the Alamo survivor. Since it is her former home, it gives a glimpse into her personal life. The museum has different features and displays that are related directly to the time period and the Alamo.

The George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center shows what a big influence George Washington Carver had on Texas and the United States as a whole. There, visitors can learn he’s so much more than the man who made peanut butter possible.

The Elisabet Ney Museum transports visitors back to a time that was simpler. You can learn about Austin in the early days and the people who made the whole city possible.

The Splash! Exhibit shows visitors how they influence the creeks and rivers in Texas. It’s an activity your family can do for free fun in Austin. At the Splash! Center, visitors can enjoy learning about the ecosystem in a man-made cave!

The Williamson Museum allows visitors the chance to learn about different art and opportunities in Texas. The museum has some exhibits that change regularly.

You can visit the Capitol Visitors Center for free fun in Austin any time you visit! The center operates with a small museum in it. There, you can learn about Texas and the capitol.


Visit the museums for free on Tuesday.

The Contemporary Austin is a museum that features contemporary art and free fun in Austin. You can view different things at the museum. As a traditional museum, it has galleries and exhibits that change on a regular basis.

Wednesday free fun in Austin: museums!

The Thinkery is the best for free fun in Austin. It is a hands-on children’s museum that is focused on STEM activities. The museum does not offer free days, but visitors can pay by donation on Wednesday evenings. The suggested donation is $1, but visitors are welcome to pay what they think is fair.

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Check out these free museums on Thursday.

The Blanton Museum of Art allows visitors to come for free fun in Austin on Thursday evenings. Visit often as the museum exhibits are always changing!

Have a great weekend with the museums offering free admission.

The Bullock Texas State History Museum is free on the first Sunday of each month. The museum shows visitors information about the history of Texas. It also has some information about Austin, but it mostly focuses on Texas as a whole.

The Mexic-Arte Museum gives visitors a glimpse into the world of Mexican-American art. The museum features pieces by Mexican-American artists. It also features artwork that relates directly to the culture.

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