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FREE School Supplies in San Francisco County, CA

FREE School Supplies in San Francisco County, CA

Living in San Francisco, San Jose, or Palo Alto? The resources gathered here are sure to be of great use to you and your hunt for free school supplies for your amazing little ones.

Looking for school supplies in a different state? This article has it all.

Free school supplies in San Francisco County, CA

Ecumenical Hunger Program works alongside the RISE program to bring great services to families, their children, and educators in East Palo Alto. They offer school supplies for children to start the year off the right way, with fully stocked backpacks filled with all the essentials ensure that your child will never miss a beat. They also organize shopping trips for children to go and pick out new clothes for the school year. They even offer new school shoes! Call to ensure your eligibility for this amazing program.

Valley Churches United Missions provides a free service geared toward low income families. They serve children from ages 5-18. ‘Valley Churches’ services include an emergency food pantry, bus passes, and various other services. For children, they offer backpacks and school supplies, shoes, and even assistance with science camp needs. ‘Valley Churches’ is readily available for your call should you need more information on what they offer for your child.

Write Start Project hosts an annual program to offer back to school supplies to children who come from low income families. Their information states that the supplies may vary but typically include a backpack filled with pens, pencils, a notebook, and a ruler for each child. Though this program is annual, it is open year-round in case the need for supplies should arise. This program is open for children who will be entering preschool and ends with those entering the 12th grade. You will need to call them over the phone to set up an appointment.

One Child is a non-profit organization made to provide disadvantaged children with fresh clothes and new school supplies. ‘One Child’ stocks and facilitates their own store in which parents can take their children there to pick out a backpack and fill it with all sorts of school supplies. You can fill it with pens, pencils, highlighters, notebooks, and much more. But that’s not all. Each child that visits their store can be awarded fresh new clothes. Your child can receive two pairs of jeans, three shirts, socks, underwear, and much more. The ‘One Child’ website is filled with all sorts of information on how to get your hands on this amazing program.

Children’s Fund is a group put together by the people in San Mateo County. This group offers children from grades K-12 a backpack full of school supplies to get them ready for the new school year. The backpacks are tailored to your child’s specific grade level so there will be no worries as to if they’re getting the right supply. This program was conducted during July of 2017. It’s not made clear if they are doing the same drive for this summer but there is a phone number to call for more information.

Free clothes for kids in San Francisco County, CA

Free-the-Need is a nonprofit organization that started in Siskiyou county. They’ve since expanded their reach into the San Francisco county as well to assist families who need to provide clothing and school supplies to their children. Their program offers a free store that is open for a day to provide students (ages 1-21) the chance to go and grab anything that they need for school. This ranges from clothes to notebooks, pens, and pencils. They’re even offering supplies to keep their teeth clean too! Information is limited on whether or not this is conducted annually but their website does list a phone number and email to call for more information.

St. Anthony’s is a group dedicated to helping those in need. They’ve been doing so since 1950. This group runs one of the largest free clothing programs in San Francisco. They serve 8,500 people every year. Some of the top name brand clothing stores such as TJMaxx and Old Navy have donated clothes in support of their cause. The link to their page dedicated to their free clothing drive appears to be broken but there are links to contact the group for more questions.

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