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Get Help Paying Your South Central Indiana REMC Bill!

Get Help Paying Your South Central Indiana REMC Bill!

If your South Central Indiana REMC bill is out of control or you’ve gotten a shut-off notice, there is hope! You can save money on your bill and avoid a shut-off. Use these resources to help!

Need help paying your South Central Indiana REMC bill? We found help!

The Indiana LIHEAP benefit is there for people who are low-income and struggle to pay their bills. The program is for people who need help with the payments and for people who might want other options when they’re trying to pay their bill. It may help pay a portion of your bill during certain times of the year.

While South Central Indiana REMC doesn’t offer direct assistance for their customers, they have resources on their site you can use to directly contact your community action program. These resources might help you find the assistance you’re looking for so you can get help if you have a shut-off notice.

Avoid shut off with these helpful resources.

As a member of a co-op, you’re entitled to capital credits. The credits are given out on a regular basis, but you might have some that are waiting for you. Check with South Central Indiana REMC to find out if you have any available. In some cases, the company may be able to apply the credits directly to your bill.

Do you have an old fridge or other appliance laying around? It could be worth something! South Central Indiana REMC might pay some of their customers for refrigerators and appliances that meet certain requirements. Talk to the company about whether they can pick it up or where you can drop it off to get $50 you can use towards your bill!

Take advantage of South Central Indiana REMC’s helpful payment options.

You can lower your bill just by enrolling in the Beat the Peak program. The program allows you to lower your energy bill if you only use a lot of energy during non-peak hours. You can enroll in the program for free and the company will notify you when to lower your energy consumption to save money. It’s usually during the daytime in the summer months.

Prepaid energy can help you save money because you’ll know exactly how much energy you can use. The program does not require a deposit and doesn’t require disconnect or connection fees. It also doesn’t have late fees since you prepay for your service. Most people are approved for the prepaid electric plan.

With budget billing, you can prepare for your energy bill by always knowing how much it’s going to be. South Central Indiana REMC calculates your bill by averaging your monthly electric use, usually over a years’ time. This determines what your payments will be each month. At the end of the 12-month period, you’ll be responsible for any energy you used above the averaged amount.

Upgrade your home for free and save on energy.

The Indiana weatherization program can help you upgrade your home and save on your bills in the process. The program provides free access to energy saving appliances and other things that will help you save money. You might qualify for added insulation, new appliances and other things that will help you heat and cool your home more efficiently.

South Central Indiana REMC offers rebates on appliances and other things you can use to make your home more energy efficient. The rebates range from a few dollars to up to 90% off your bills.

Do you know how much energy you use? If not, an energy audit could be a great way to get insight into your energy usage. South Central Indiana REMC can provide you with the audit so you can make sure you’re making energy cuts in the right places. The company will use an energy expert who knows how to do the audits professionally. The audit is free for members.

South Central Indiana REMC might be able to provide you with a free smart thermostat. Their program helps people get smart thermostats for affordable prices.

If you want to switch to LEDs to save money, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, South Central Indiana REMC may be able to help you. They teamed up with a partner marketplace to provide affordable LEDs. They cost as little as $1.24 and the company provides free shipping!

South Central Indiana REMC supports the community.

As a Touchstone Energy provider, South Central Indiana REMC offers the touchstone co-op card and many other benefits. You get the card free with your membership. It can help you save on things like groceries and entertainment.

Their scholarship program is for students interested in energy as a career. The scholarship provides students an opportunity to learn about energy at a professional level.

South Central Indiana REMC does an art contest every year for youth. The company offers prizes for the winning art. Kids’ artwork may also be featured in different publications.

The energy tour in D.C. gives high schoolers who are interested in energy the chance to learn more about it. The company sends several students to D.C. each year so they can learn more about energy and politics.

As a camp sponsor, South Central Indiana REMC offers opportunities for kids to go to camp to learn about energy. They team up with other companies to provide energy camps and give kids a chance to learn more about energy while also having a good time at camp.

Save even more on your South Central Indiana REMC bill!

Saving money on your electric shouldn’t cost you money. We found some free and cheap ways to lower your electric bill. Use these tips to save money!

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