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How to Get Help Paying Your JCPL Bill

How to Get Help Paying Your JCPL Bill

Paying your JCP&L bill doesn’t have to be hard. Stop getting stressed out and getting shut-off notices. You can use these resources to make paying your bill easier no matter what type of income you have.


Need help paying your JCP&L bill? We found help!

The NJ SHARES program could help you if you’re unable to pay your bill. The program works with low-income individuals to provide them with a voucher they can then use to pay their electric bill. If you have a shut-off notice, the program might even be able to provide immediate assistance for you.

With NJ Power On, you can get help if you’re ineligible for other programs. If you cannot receive HEAP or USF, you might be able to receive funding from this resource. Those who are eligible for other programs might not be able to receive funding from NJ Power On.

These programs could help you pay your bill!

The HEAP benefit might be able to help you if you’re struggling to pay your bill. The benefit can provide help with your electric bill throughout the year but is meant to be a stabilizer against huge seasonal increases. The amount you receive from HEAP can get applied directly to your bill.

With the USF, you can get help paying your bill one time or over a period of time. If you are in an emergency situation or you already received a shut-off notice, the USF can help you pay for your bill. While the USF does occasionally run out of funding, you can always check the site to see if they’re able to help those in need.


You might be eligible to receive an NJ Lifeline payment of $225. If you are PADD eligible or if you receive SSI or SSDI, you can use the Lifeline benefit. There are several different options you can choose from that might make it easier for you to pay a high bill.

Military members, seniors and those who have disabilities can get help.

If you’re unable to pay your bill because of a household member returning to or starting active duty status with the military, you might be able to get deferred payments. There are certain requirements you’ll need to meet to qualify for these payments. Keep in mind that the payments are just deferred. You will still have to pay them, but it just gives you an opportunity to have a little longer to pay the bill!

Do you receive an SSI or SSDI check every month? If so, JCP&L may allow you to extend your due date to when your check comes. Many recipients are only able to pay their bill when their fixed income check arrives. JCP&L could waive any late fees that would come with a typical extension. The program requires you to submit information about when your check arrives and other information, but it can give you a chance to get caught up if you’re struggling.

If anyone in your house relies on life-saving medical devices to survive, you may be protected from shut-off. You can learn more about the Critical Care Program and sign up for the benefit to help you avoid losing life-sustaining medical equipment because you couldn’t pay your bill.

Certain medical conditions may allow you to receive shut-off protection and special notices about your energy. If you provide medical certification, you can learn if you are qualified for this program.

JCP&L offers payment options for you.

Using the equal payment plan could make your bills easier to pay. If you have very high bills during the winter or summer months due to heating or cooling your home, the equal payment plan might allow you to average out the bills you receive. At the end of the 12 month period, JCP&L might make adjustments to the plan and have you to pay any overages that might come from the bills.

If your bill is unexpectedly high, you might be able to get an installment loan. The loan depends on credit approval, but it can help you get caught up with the bill. It works by allowing you to simply pay back a portion of the bill over the next few months. JCP&L can add the small amounts to each of your bills for a time period that seems right for you. This is a loan, though, that you will have to pay back.


Using an extended payment plan could help you get a little more time to pay your bill. The extended payment plan works by simply extending your due date. JCP&L has certain requirements you need to meet before you qualify for the extended payment plan. Keep in mind you can’t do an extended payment if you’re already using an extended payment plan.

Save energy and get free home upgrades!

The New Jersey weatherization program could help you upgrade your home for free. The program helps with things like insulation and energy efficient appliances. It might also help you with a new heat pump system that is made for efficiency.

Even if you qualify for weatherization from New Jersey, you might also qualify for weatherization through Comfort Partners. It’s JCP&L’s version of weatherization. When you apply for the program, you’ll get a free home energy assessment from a professional. From there, the professional will determine what will make your home more energy efficient.

Try other things to lower your bill.

There are so many ways you can lower your bill! Here are a few of our favorite tips to lower your usage and save money too. Many of them are completely free!

Find more savings in New Jersey!