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4 Incredible Arkansas Food Stamps Discounts

4 Incredible Arkansas Food Stamps Discounts

If you’ve got Arkansas food stamps, you can’t afford to miss out on these incredible discounts! All you need is your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) food benefits and you can start saving money on everything from Amazon Prime to museum admission!


Statewide Arkansas EBT Discounts

There are some discounts you can use, no matter where you are in the state! We’ve also found some local EBT discounts, which we’ll list below.

Get 50% off Amazon Prime Access

Amazon offers a discounted Prime Access subscription for people who participate in qualifying government assistance programs, like Arkansas food stamps and Medicaid! The benefits are the same as a regular Amazon Prime subscription, but you’ll get access for half the price.

It’s easy to claim your Amazon discount. Just sign up here!

Get 50% off fresh produce at certain retailers.

There are a lot of places you can shop with your Arkansas EBT benefits. You can use these benefits at Farmer’s Markets, CSAs, farm stands, and even you-pick strawberry fields that are set up to process EBT payments.


Some retailers participate in a doubling program that will give you free fruits and vegetables when you shop with EBT. This is a great way to get more food for your food stamps dollars.

However, there are specific steps you have to follow and only certain retailers offer this discount. It’s important to know how to double your food stamps in Arkansas.

Free Cell Phones & Service

If you qualify for Arkansas food stamps, you automatically qualify for Lifeline benefits. This is a federal program that can provide you with a free cell phone and free cell phone service.

There are many different providers to choose from. All of them offer slightly different plans, so it’s important to choose the best provider for you.

YMCA Discounts

Usually, YMCA organizations will offer a low income community access membership. You may meet the income limits if you receive food stamps. If you’d like a discounted YMCA membership, be sure to ask your local organization if they offer one of these.

Arkansas food stamps

Local Arkansas EBT Discounts

There are several local museums and locations that offer discounts to people with food stamps in Arkansas. However, there are a few things you need to know before we dive into the list.

First, you cannot pay for admission with your SNAP benefits. You will need to show the card to get the discount, but then you’ll need to pay any remaining admission fee with cash, debit or credit. The museum will not be able to accept the EBT card as payment.


Second, some venues offer discounts to out-of-state guests who have an EBT card but some of them only honor in-state cards. We’ve marked any locations that accept cards from other states with a green title so that you can quickly and easily find the discounts that apply to you.

Fort Smith

United States Marshals Museum – $3 or less per person

Discover the captivating history of the U.S. Marshals Service at the immersive U.S. Marshals Museum. From colonial beginnings to the challenges faced by modern marshals, the museum’s interactive exhibits offer a journey through American history like no other.

Little Rock

Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts – $3 or less per person

The Arkansas Arts Center provides programming for attendees of all ages. From the Children’s Theatre to the exhibits, you’ll find something to enjoy here.

Little Rock Zoo – $2 per person

Roar with excitement at the Little Rock Zoo, where over 700 amazing animals from around the world await your discovery. SNAP/EBT cardholders can enjoy discounted admission of just $2 per person for up to six people!

Museum of Discovery – $2 per person

If you have an Arkansas EBT card, you can visit the Museum of Discovery for just $2 per person! Bring up to five guests along for the same great rate! I’m going to have to plan a trip out here because I really want to see that Guinness World Record musical bi-polar Tesla coil!


P.J. Ahern Home – $2 per person

If you enjoy architecture and/or history, then you’ll enjoy a trip to the PJ Ahern Home! This Classical Revival style home features original Italian tile, woodwork and more.


As a member of the Texarkana Museum System, the PJ Ahern Home charges just $2 per person for up to four people to visit with an EBT card. Since the remaining TMS museums are in Texas, don’t forget to check out our Texas EBT discount list for more!

Other Arkansas Discounts

Of course, there may be other services that you can receive as well. We’ve found literally hundreds of ways for low income people to get help with all sorts of things over the years.

Dental Services

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences maintains a list of charitable dental services that may help low income people, including people who receive Arkansas food stamps. If you’re looking for a low cost dental clinic, you should check this out.

Property Tax Exemptions

If you are a disabled veteran, you may be eligible for a property tax exemption in Arkansas! Widows and minor children who were dependents of disabled veterans may also qualify.

Nutrition Counseling

SNAP-ED is a free nutrition education service from the University of Arkansas System. SNAP-ED programs are run in various counties across the state and include school garden programs, cooking classes, activities and so much more. Find your local program!

Free Internet

You could get free internet when you choose one of these low income providers and apply the Affordable Connectivity Program credit to it! If you don’t get the ACP, you could still get internet for as low as $5 – $20 per month.

Of course, the exact service you get will depend on which providers are in your area. Pick your provider now!

More Freebies in Arkansas

You can see all of our Arkansas-specific content. Most of our posts apply nationwide, so don’t forget to search our website or chat with LIRA for more ways to save money and get free stuff.

Getting Started with Arkansas Food Stamps

At Low Income Relief, we write extensively about food stamps. In fact, we’ve been researching it for more than 10 years, so we know the Food Stamps Act in and out and sideways. We have a lot of information that can help you.

You can apply online.

You don’t have to track down your local office, wait in line for hours, and deal with tired and cranky office people any more. You can apply for Arkansas food stamps online quickly and easily.

You only have to fill out one application per household, but you will need information about every household member. Make sure you gather information about your income, expenses, birth dates, Social Security Numbers and other details before you begin your application.

You can buy more than just groceries.

It’s true! The Federal Food Stamps Act actually has some interesting loopholes that let you buy more than just groceries with your SNAP EBT benefits.

You can purchase produce-bearing seeds and plants, such as tomato starts and even peach trees. You can also purchase certain gift baskets. It’s honestly incredible what you can purchase with your EBT benefits.

You may be able to get more food stamps.

A lot of people who apply for food stamps make critical mistakes on their paperwork that cost them dearly. If you misunderstand who should be part of your household, forget to notify the office about increases in your rent and expenses, or don’t pay attention to these loopholes, you could be missing out on a lot of benefits.

It’s important to make sure that you fill out your paperwork accurately. If you get too much, the state can make you repay it. But if you don’t get enough, nobody will tell you. That’s something you have to find out for yourself.

You can get cash back with rewarded shopping apps.

There are many rewarded shopping apps that let you submit your receipts in exchange for cash back on eligible purchases. These apps also work with purchases you make with Arkansas food stamps!

We’ve helped thousands of people get cash back from these programs. That money can be used to buy diapers, toilet paper, and other critical essentials that cannot be purchased with food stamps.

You can get started by downloading Ibotta or Fetch Rewards today!


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