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Get Help with Your Greystone Power Bill!

Get Help with Your Greystone Power Bill!

Stop the struggle! We found options that could help make paying your Greystone Power bill so much easier.

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We found help for your Greystone Power bill!

Georgia LIHEAP might make paying your Greystone Power bill so much easier. The benefit can help you pay for your energy bills by applying a portion of them directly to the account. You will need to meet different qualifications to get help through this program. There are different program requirements and applications for the cooling and the heating season. Just because you are approved for one doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get approved for the other.

The Salvation Army can be a helpful resource when you’re struggling to pay your bills. They might be able to offer you up to $200 toward your electric bill. If you are approved, they will provide you with a voucher that you can take right to the electric company to pay your bill!

Greystone’s Operation Round Up might make it possible for you to pay your electric bill. If you are in an emergency situation where you’re unable to pay your bill and you meet the qualifications, you could get help! Funding from Operation Round Up is based on donations so it might not always be available. There is a limit to how much money and how many times you can get help from Operation Round Up.

Capital Credits are your reward for being a member of a co-op. The company typically applies these credits directly to your bill to lower the bill and make it easier to pay. If you have not gotten Capital Credits for some time, it might be worth checking with the company to make sure you don’t have any credits that are owed to you. Depending on the amount the credits are, you could get a check or the amount applied directly to your bill.

Use these resources to help you avoid shut-off.

Tallatoona Community Action might be able to provide you with assistance if you’re unable to pay your bill. The program requires you to provide proof of income and information related to your family size. You will also need to provide proof of disconnection. If you meet their requirements, you might be able to get direct help for your bill. They might be able to provide information on resources if they can’t help directly.

The Helping Hands of Paulding County has assistance options that might work for people who are in need and struggling with their electric bill. If you meet their requirements, you might be able to get the money you can apply directly to your Greystone Power bill.

Help might be available through Sweetwater Mission! The mission provides limited help to people who qualify. You might need to provide them with information on your income and your family size. Additionally, they might require you to show proof of an upcoming disconnection on your account.

Greystone Power has helpful payment options.

You could qualify for a payment extension! Greystone Power has requirements for payment extensions and not everyone will meet them, but some people might be able to get one to extend the due date of their electric bill. If you feel you would be able to pay your bill, but you just need a little extra time, this can be a great option. Depending on your history with the company and other factors, this might help you avoid a shut-off.

Greystone has different rates that might apply to different times of the day. This is especially true during off-peak hours. You could save a substantial amount of money if you choose to use the majority of your electric during off-peak hours.

The levelized billing program might help protect you during the cold or hot months when you’re using climate control (heat or A/C) more often. Levelized billing allows you to pay only the average amount you would pay for electric instead of the full amount. You will have a settle up month at the end of the period. The company offers this program to qualified customers and might make it easier for you to stay on top of your bills no matter the weather.

Get free upgrades and save money on your bills.

The weatherization program might be able to help you make upgrades to your home. These energy efficient upgrades can lower your electric bills and make it easier for you to pay your bill each month. After being approved for the program, you’ll receive a home evaluation to determine where your home can use upgrades. From there, licensed contractors will come to your home and make the upgrades!

Greystone Power has rebates available for people who are purchasing new appliances. If you purchase an energy-efficient appliance, the company may reward you with money back. They have a list of rebates available that you can consult before you go shopping for your new appliance.

Do you want to learn more about where you’re using the most energy in your home? The easiest way to do it is with a home energy audit. Greystone works with professional auditors who might be able to help you learn more about where you can improve the energy efficiency of your home. The audit is completely free for co-op members!

If you are in desperate need of energy efficiency upgrades and you do not qualify for assistance, you might be able to get an energy efficiency loan through the power company. With this loan, you can make valuable upgrades to your home that will eventually help you lower your power bills. The loan is something you will need to pay back. Interest rates depend on the amount you borrow and your creditworthiness. Not all members will qualify.

You get even more for being a part of Touchstone Energy!

As a Greystone Power member, you’re also a member of Touchstone Energy. This is a collection of co-op power companies that work together to provide members with massive benefits. You can get things like free power accessories and other benefits. You also get a membership discount card that allows you to save money on entertainment, prescriptions and even groceries! To learn more about all the benefits you get as a Touchstone member, read this article.

Greystone Power plays a role in your community!

There are two different scholarships your child might be able to get through Greystone Power. These competitive scholarships depend on your child’s merit as well as the needs they have. The scholarship can be used for students who plan to go into the power or energy industries. Only a limited number of scholarships are awarded each year.

The Youth Tour is an opportunity for high schoolers to learn about energy and power, and how they play a role in our country. Those who qualify for and win the youth tour get an all expenses paid trip to the nation’s capital. There, they can learn about different aspects of energy. Students must show an interest in the energy industry and meet other qualifications to attend the trip.

Greystone plays a large role in the community. They provide free community events for members and more. They also have educational opportunities for younger children, schools and more. Their community outreach programs can be helpful for people going through difficult times. Click here to see everything the company does for the community!

Use these tips to lower your electric bill!

Want to learn how to lower your electric bill? There are a few things you can do right now that will help you save energy and save money. Check out all the helpful tips we found for lowering your Greystone Power bill!

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