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Need a Lawyer? Hawaii Legal Aid Might Help!

Need a Lawyer? Hawaii Legal Aid Might Help!

We found Hawaii legal aid! Get help for your civil case. If you qualify for a program, a pro bono attorney could provide their services for free.

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We found Hawaii legal aid.

legal aid

We found help for residents of Hawaii! If you’re low-income and you’re facing a civil legal case, help could be available! We found Hawaii legal aid that might make it easier for you to get an attorney even if you think you can’t afford one. Most organizations will only provide civil legal aid, but the public defender might be able to provide help for criminal cases!

Use Hawaii legal aid to find a pro bono attorney.

The Legal Aid Society of Hawaii might be able to provide Hawaii legal aid to people who are struggling. They offer resources for low-income residents who need help with a civil case. The organization might offer assistance in the form of legal advice and answers. They could also offer assistance for representation in your civil case if you qualify.

Hawaii Law Help uses legal resources to help low-income residents who qualify for services get help with legal questions, advice and more. While they do not typically provide full court representation, attorneys might be able to help you better understand your case. They might connect you with resources to get help for it.

Volunteer Legal Services in Hawaii is made up of attorneys who provide their services for free for people who are low-income. If you are low-income and you meet the other requirements the organization has in place, you might be able to get help with representation for your civil case.

We found more legal help in Hawaii!

You might be able to get free legal advice through the court system. This legal advice comes from bar-certified attorneys and might make it easier for you to answer legal questions about your case. While this can be helpful, many people use it as a last resort when they’re unable to find an attorney who can represent them.

The online pro bono program could help you answer legal questions you have about your case. This can be helpful if you’re unable to qualify for Hawaii legal aid. Using this program, you could learn more about your options when you’re representing yourself. Additionally, the program has forms and court papers you might be able to use if you plan to not use a lawyer for your case.

Use legal help for your specialized case.

Native Hawaiians might be able to use Hawaii legal aid to help them get help for legal cases. If you’re a Native Hawaiian, you might be able to get legal representation for a variety of legal issues. While the organization helps people who are Native, you might still need to meet other requirements to get help through the organization.

If you have a disability or you think you might qualify for disability, the Hawaii disability rights organization might be able to help you. While you likely won’t have to fall below a certain income amount, they could have requirements you’ll need to meet to make sure you are eligible. Help is not always available and could be given at the discretion of attorneys who work for the organization.

The Immigrant Justice Center provides resources for people who are immigrants. There are different levels of resources available from simple legal advice all the way to legal representation for immigration cases. If you meet the requirements for the program, you might be able to get even more help for your civil case.

More help is available for special cases.

The Medical Legal Partnership for Children might be able to help if you have a civil legal case involving a child. While they usually only work with people who have civil cases related to the medical industry, they might also have some resources that could help you determine your eligibility for legal assistance. The program has requirements you’ll need to meet and not all cases will qualify for help through the program.

The Navy Regional Legal Services might be able to provide Hawaii legal aid to people who are in the Navy and facing a civil case. The attorneys who work with this organization are specifically trained to have an understanding of military law and the impact it can have on people who are facing civil cases. If you meet the qualifications, an attorney might be able to help you have a better understanding of your rights during the civil case.

Get help by attending a law school clinic!

The University of Hawaii offers a legal clinic for people who are elderly residents of the state. While you might not have to meet income requirements for the program, you will have to reserve a spot to attend the program. The clinic is free and can help you learn about elder rights and how to navigate your legal rights as a retiree or a social security recipient.

Regions in Hawaii could provide legal aid.

Hawaii has some regions that might be able to offer legal aid separate from the state’s resources. If you meet their requirements, you might be able to get help. They could also help you get an attorney to represent you for free.

While there are many legal services available statewide, there is just one agency that serves each of the regions of Hawaii. You might also be able to get Hawaii legal aid by visiting one of these locations and meeting their qualifications. Unless otherwise noted, these locations generally accept walk-ins.

Legal Aid Services of Hawaii has offices in the following locations:

  • Hilo
  • Honolulu
  • Kailua-Kona
  • Kaneohe
  • Kauai
  • Lana’i City
  • Maui
  • Moloka’i
  • Waianae does not offer walk-in assistance. Appointments are required.

Check out Hawaii legal aid resources through the bar association!

The bar association won’t be able to help you directly, but they do have legal assistance resources you might be able to use to get help with your civil case! These resources include information on attorneys who offer their services free of charge both on their own and through organizations.

Get help using the ACLU.

If you’re considering going to the ACLU with a complaint about your civil case, you might want to use their resources first. While they’re unable to help most people directly with representation for civil rights violations, they do offer resources. Use these to help you learn more about your civil rights. You can learn your rights. The ACLU can also help you learn more about how to protect them to avoid having them violated in the future!

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