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NH Legal Aid Resources Could Help You Get an Attorney!

NH Legal Aid Resources Could Help You Get an Attorney!

You could get help through NH legal aid. There are resources available that could help you find the legal help you need!  

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We found NH legal aid resources!

legal aid

Struggling with your civil legal case? No money for a lawyer? Try not to despair (ok, despair a little, we get it). We found help for low-income residents of New Hampshire. There are NH legal aid options available for people who need help with civil cases. If you’re facing a criminal case, you might be able to get help through the public defender.

We found legal assistance for residents of New Hampshire.

The NH Legal Aid program might benefit you because they have resources available for people who are low-income. You will need to meet the requirements the program has in place and you’ll also have to prove you’re unable to pay for your own attorney fees. The bar-certified attorneys they work with also provide their services free of charge and may choose to not take on certain civil cases.

The Legal Aid referral program might be able to offer you a referral to an attorney who does pro bono work but outside of the organization. If you are low-income and unable to afford attorney representation, this could be a great option. It might also work for you if you’re unable to get help through legal aid.

New Hampshire’s Legal Assistance Program might be able to provide some help to people who are low-income and facing a civil legal case. The program works with attorneys who are willing to volunteer their time and might be able to make it easier for you to get legal assistance. Depending on your case, attorneys might only be able to help you with legal advice or legal answers instead of fully representing you.

There are more legal aid resources in New Hampshire.

The NH Bar Association uses an attorney referral program that might help you find an attorney who offers their services for free. The referral program will help you find someone who understands your type of civil case and who can help you with their services for free. Depending on the type of case you have, attorneys might be willing to represent you throughout the case, offer you legal advice or simply answer basic questions about your case.

New Hampshire’s division of the Legal Services Corporation offers some NH legal aid for people who are low-income and struggling to pay for an attorney to represent them in their civil case. If you’re a low-income resident of New Hampshire, the corporation could provide you with the resources you need to connect with an attorney who can help.

Special cases may qualify for legal help!

Are you a New Hampshire resident with a disability? You might be able to get NH legal aid to help you navigate the disability process. Attorneys could be available to help you learn more about applying for disability and how you can get additional help as a person with a disability. You will need to meet the program requirements, including income requirements, to get help.

The senior law program could help New Hampshire seniors get representation. The program is intended for people who are over 65 or who receive social security. If you meet the income and other requirements for the program, you might be able to get an attorney who can help you learn about senior rights and help you navigate different aspects of senior living.

If you have low-moderate or moderate income, you might be able to get an attorney for reduced fees. This is different than legal aid because it requires you to pay for the attorney. The fees are generally assessed on a sliding scale and could correspond to the income you have. Your ability to pay may determine how much you have to pay to have an attorney represent your civil case.

Law schools in New Hampshire could help!

The University of New Hampshire offers outreach programs for people who are in need of legal assistance and who are low-income. Law students are in charge of the legal clinic. You might be able to get help with your legal questions and learn more about the options you have for your civil case if you qualify for assistance through the program. At the civil legal clinic, you could learn about how to get help. They offer assistance for things from family law to housing law and other civil court issues. In addition to this outreach program, they also offer pro bono services that could connect you with an attorney.

Counties might be able to help you with NH legal aid.

Depending on the county you live in, you might be able to get help through your county! There are some legal aid organizations that work with counties throughout the state. They offer NH legal aid for people who are low-income and meet other requirements.

Merrimack County

The Concord Legal Assistance program might be able to help you with NH legal aid. This program is for low-income residents of Concord who need help with civil legal cases. You might be able to use the program to find an attorney who specializes in the area of law needed for your civil case.

Rockingham County

Derry Legal Assistance might be able to help you with NH legal aid if you are low-income and you meet other requirements the program has in place. You may need to be on a waitlist or meet other requirements if you want help from a free attorney.

Hampstead Legal Assistance could provide an attorney for free to people who qualify. If you meet the qualifications and you’re a low-income resident who needs legal help, an attorney could help you with representation and other options that could help with your legal case. Even if attorneys are unable to provide you with assistance, Hampstead Legal Assistance might be able to offer you resources for your legal case.

The bar association might be able to provide NH legal aid!

The New Hampshire Bar Association could make it easier for you to find NH legal aid. The bar association doesn’t provide direct help, but they might be able to offer you assistance through their attorney resources. They have a listing of paid attorneys, ones who offer their services for free and also attorneys who work with legal aid organizations to provide assistance.

Utilize resources the ACLU has available.

While it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get an ACLU attorney to represent you, the organization might still be able to provide help for your civil case. They do not provide direct help to most people who are facing civil rights violations. The ACLU does have information on how you can protect your civil rights and what those rights are. Use their resources to learn more about your rights. They also have listings of legal aid available in your area!

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