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How to Double Your Food Benefits in Pennsylvania

How to Double Your Food Benefits in Pennsylvania

You can double your food benefits in Pennsylvania through a variety of nutrition incentive programs, including Fresh2You Veggie Bucks, Buy Fresh Buy Local and more!


Although the Double Up Food Bucks program hasn’t officially expanded into Pennsylvania yet, there are several smaller local programs that are helping shoppers pick up extra food with their SNAP benefits.

In this article, we’ll review what programs are available to you, how they work, who is eligible and what you need to do to double your food benefits in this state – and don’t forget to check out our Pennsylvania EBT discount list as well!

Fresh2You Veggie Bucks

When you use your food benefits to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables from the Fresh2You Farmers Markets or even the Mobile Market in Chester County, you can get special Veggie Bucks that can be used to get free fruits and vegetables on your next purchase!

Who is eligible for Veggie Bucks?

You can receive Veggie Bucks from the Fresh2You market if you shop with SNAP or FMNP food benefits.


It does not appear that you have to be a resident of Pennsylvania to use this program although you do have to redeem those vouchers at a participating market in Chester County. The Veggie Bucks program is organized by the Chester County Food Bank.

How does it work?

When you shop with your food benefits at the participating markets listed below, you’ll earn Veggie Bucks. These Veggie Bucks can only be redeemed on fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables that are sold at a participating market.

According to the Chester County Food Bank Facebook page, it appears that this is a dollar-matching program which means that you’ll receive an amount equal to whatever you pay for.

Where can you use Veggie Bucks?

You can earn and spend your Veggie Bucks at any of the following markets:

  • Downingtown Farmers Market in Kerr Park (Saturdays)
  • Eagleview Farmers Market in Exton (Thursdays)
  • Malvern Farmers Market in Malvern (Saturdays)
  • Fresh2You Mobile Market (various locations & dates)

The mobile market travels throughout Chester County between June and November, delivering farm-fresh fruits and vegetables to areas that have limited access to fresh produce. You can earn your Veggie Bucks when you shop at the mobile market. It appears that you can redeem them there as well.

You can also use your Veggie Bucks to shop from Kings Sweet Corn & Produce at the Kennett Square Farmers Market on Fridays. However, they appear to be the only vendor at that market that will accept those Veggie Bucks.

Fresh Food Bucks

The Fresh Food Bucks program offers a dollar-matching program throughout the Lehigh Valley area. This program will provide up to $10 per day in free produce.


Who is eligible for Fresh Food Bucks?

Fresh Food Bucks are available to anyone who shops with SNAP food benefits at participating markets.

It is not immediately clear whether or not you have to be a Pennsylvania resident to use this program.

How does it work?

First, you need to find a participating location. We have a list below.

Second, you need to shop for SNAP eligible food items using your EBT card. Since the program matches the dollar value of your purchase, you’ll need to spend $10 to get $10 extra. If you spend less than $10, you’ll get an amount equal to what you spent. If you spend more than $10, you’ll still only get the $10 bonus because that’s the maximum daily limit for this program.

Third, the Fresh Food Bucks program will give you a voucher to redeem for even more fresh local produce!

Where can you use Fresh Food Bucks?

You can use Fresh Food Bucks at the following locations:

  • Clear Spring Farm in Easton
  • Crooked Row Farm in Orefield
  • Easton Farmers Market in Easton
  • Highmark Farmstand in Easton (at the Public Market)
  • Nature’s Way Market in Easton
  • Rodale Institute Mobile Market in Allentown
  • West Ward Market in Easton

Food Bucks by The Food Trust

The Food Trust also operates a Food Bucks program.

Who is eligible for Food Bucks?

How does it work?

Where can I use Food Bucks?

The Food Trust operates Food Bucks programs in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. However, each vendor appears to be able to create their own system so it’s a bit confusing.


In Philadelphia, the program typically provides a $2 voucher for every $5 you spend, with a maximum of $6 in free produce per day. Some vendors handle it differently.

The following markets provide a 50% discount on your purchase, with a maximum discount of $6 per day:

  • Bamba & Saouty Produce Market
  • Riverfront Supermarket

These markets will give you a $5 voucher when you spend at least $10 at their market:

  • Cousins Fresh Market on Baltimore Ave
  • Fayer’s Market
  • Save a Lot on W Allegheny Ave

These markets will give you a $2 voucher for every $5 you spend. Some specify a $6 per day limit and others do not.

  • 4th & Lehigh Farmers Markets
  • 52nd & Haverford Farmers Markets
  • Clark Park Farmers Market
  • Headhouse Farmers Market
  • Huntington Park Farmers Market
  • Fairmount Farmers Market
  • Filter Square Farmers Market
  • Frankford Transportation Center Farmers Market
  • Germantown Kitchen Garden Farm Stand & Plant Nursery
  • Junior Supermarket
  • Medina Food Market
  • Northern Liberties
  • Overbrook Farmers Market
  • Oxford Circle Farmers Market
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Weavers Way Farm Market

The South Philly Food Co-Op also participates, but you earn 40 cents for every $1 you spend. There is a maximum benefit of $10 per day.


In Pittsburgh, the program is equally confusing.

These locations will give you $2 for every $5 you spend.

  • Ann’s Market
  • Baldwin Farmers Market
  • Bellevue Farmers Market
  • Bloomfield Farmers Market
  • Braddock Farm Stand
  • Carrick Farmers Market
  • Carnegie Farmers Market
  • Dylamato’s Market ($10 daily limit)
  • East End Food Coop
  • Farmer Girl EB ($10 daily limit)
  • Farmers Market Coop of East Liberty (accepts them but does not offer them)
  • Forest Hills Farmers Market
  • Garden Dreams Urban Farm & Nursery
  • Green Tree Farmers Market
  • Homewood Farmers Market
  • In N Out Corner Market ($6 daily limit)
  • Lawrenceville Farmers Market
  • Magfly Market & Deli (accepts them but does not offer them)
  • Market Square Farmers Market
  • Monroeville Lions Farmers Market
  • North Side Farmers Market
  • Produce Marketplace ($10 daily limit)
  • Rocks Express ($6 daily limit)
  • Shiloh Farm Stand
  • Shop n’ Save in Murrysville
  • Squirrel Hill Farmers Market
  • Swissvale Farmers Market
  • Wilkinsburg Farmers Market

Fruit & Vegetable Bucks

In Adams County, the Fruit & Vegetable Bucks program can help you get up to $12.50 in free fruits and vegetables every day. Unlike most double up programs, this one chooses to simply discount your purchase at the time of sale.

Who is eligible for Fruit & Vegetable Bucks?

Anyone who shops with SNAP benefits at a participating location can use these benefits. However, you have to register for a shopper card at the location prior to your purchase.

This program is only available seasonally, between January and April each year.

How does it work?

Before you shop, you need to visit the Customer Service Desk at the Gettysburg Kennie’s Market to register for a shopper card. You can do this any day, but it’s recommended that you do it as close to the start of the season as possible so that you can maximize those benefits.

If you cannot get to the Market in Gettysburg, you can also sign up at the South Central Community Action food pantry or at the local WIC office.

To use this program, you must shop at the Kennie’s locations listed below. Use your shopper card to get 50% of on your fresh produce. Their program says that you can get 50% off on up to $25 worth of fresh produce, which seems to indicate that the maximum daily discount is about $12.50.

Where can I get Fruit & Vegetable Bucks?

There are only three participating locations for the Fruit & Vegetable Bucks program. They are:

  • Kennie’s Market in Biglerville
  • Kennie’s Market in Gettysburg
  • Kennie’s Market in Littlestown


There are many different programs that can help you double your food bucks in Pennsylvania. These programs are similar to Double Up Food Bucks but somewhat different. Regardless, you can use these programs to get more fresh fruits and vegetables when you shop with your SNAP food benefits.