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Get help with your Indianapolis Power and Light Bill

Get help with your Indianapolis Power and Light Bill

With Indianapolis Power and Light, you have options so you don’t have to go without power. The company works to make sure they not only provide their own resources for those who can’t pay. There are also resources that are connected to local and state agencies that will help you if you’re unable to pay your bill.

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Make life easier with these helpful payment options.

From the time you start service with Indianapolis Power and Light, they do their best to provide you with the ability to make payments work for you. When you start service with the company, you’ll be able to choose which date works best for you. IPL lets you change it to a different preferred billing date if that’s what you need.

IPL’s budget billing program gives you a chance to pay the same thing every month. With their program, they will average out your billing. For 11 months, you will have to pay the same amount and then during the 12th, you will pay a different amount that’s adjusted. This program is available for everyone who is a customer. You can set it up as long as your bill is current and it could help you save money this month.

Since Indianapolis Power and Light knows that it can be hard to pay your bill on time when you’re struggling, they offer payment extensions. The process is simple and can be done online or over the phone.

Indiana Power and Light works with the federal energy assistance program. The program can help you reduce your power bills, and stay connected even if you’re struggling to pay. It can give you the assurance you need to keep your heat on all winter. To qualify for the program, you’ll need an ID, Social Security Card, proof of income, utility bill and lease or mortgage agreement.

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Similar to the federal program, IndyEAP is a program designed to help you pay your power bill throughout the year. While the program is focused on helping low-income individuals pay their heating bill in the winter, they also have a program to help protect you from the dangerous summer heat.

All states participate in LIHEAP because it is offered by the federal government. Local LIHEAP service providers can help you offset your energy costs, but LIHEAP will generally not cover the entire bill. You can apply for the program at your local benefits office.

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To help make your energy bill lower and your house more energy efficient, IPL gives away free kits that include LED bulbs, a showerhead, aerators and a fridge thermometer among other things. The kit is completely free as long as you fill out their questionnaire.

In addition to the free kits you can get from IPL, Indiana has a free weatherization program that allows you to make your house as energy efficient as possible. The process includes things like adding insulation, sealing off any cracks and making your home better able to withstand extreme temperatures. You can join the waitlist at your local benefits office, but once you have the weatherization done to your house, you can save up to $400 on your energy bills every month.


Human Services, Inc. works with people who are going to have their power shutoff or going to run out of heating fuel. They also help if your power is already disconnected. The organization works in emergency situations. It provides valuable resources to pay one-time reconnection fees or one-time monthly bills.

For those who are unable to go through a federal or state program, the Catholic Charities of Indianapolis may be able to provide money to help pay a bill if the electric is at risk of being shut off. The charities work for everyone, not just those who are part of the congregation.

If you are over 65, have a medical condition that relies on electric equipment, have children or have applied to EAP, Indiana law does not allow a company to shut off your service.

Indiana Legal Services can help you if you feel you have had your power shutoff unjustly. Their services are free and they’ll help you talk with your power company like Indianapolis Power and Light. They will help you figure out why it got shut off and what rights you have under the state and federal laws.

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Indianapolis Power and Light has many different programs to help keep your power on if you are a customer. They work with most customers to come up with a plan for paying their bill. They work together with the state of Indiana to provide services that are valuable and can often be lifesaving.

If you are looking for some immediate tips you can use to make your high electric bills lower, you can benefit from these free options.

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