How to Save Money on Your NV Energy Bill

(Last Updated On: January 4, 2019)

NV Energy knows that customers sometimes have trouble paying their power bill. Whether your bill was unexpectedly high or your paycheck was unexpectedly low, there are options for you. Is your bill consistently too high or out of your budget? There are also many solutions for you.

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Make life easier with these helpful payment options.

It can be difficult to make one big payment especially if you are working in a job where you get paid weekly or bi-weekly. NV Energy has set up a program to make sure it’s as easy as possible to pay your bill. Their unique payment schedule program allows you to break your bills into smaller weekly, bi-weekly or three times a month payments. For example, you could pay $50 a week on a $200 bill instead of having to drop that huge amount at the end of the month when things are already tight.

Equal Payment plans are based on average usage for a particular time period. The NV Energy company offers this to avoid huge spikes in your bill if there is a surge in your use or a surge in the price for energy. By paying a little extra during the “good” months, you’ll be prepared for the “bad” months. The program is also beneficial because your bills will not vary much from month to month so you can be prepared. Knowing what a bill is going to be will help you be better prepared to pay it.

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The Nevada REACH program was designed to help residents from the Southern part of the state who are elderly, medically fragile or who are a part of the National Guard. The program provides residents with the help they need to pay their bill all year long.

Those who live in Southern Nevada can benefit from the SAFE Energy Assistance Program offered by NV Energy. The program is for people who need assistance once with their utility bill. It provides them with a payment if they have lost a job, are going through a difficult time or there are other circumstances out of the ordinary. People who wish to use the program must apply to it and can only use it once every 18 months. It is meant to be used in combination with state programs.

Get FREE Home Improvements and Lower Your NV Energy Bill!

In addition to providing valuable services like carbon monoxide detection and gas appliance testing, the weatherization program through Nevada can also help residents save money on their energy bills.

Using the Nevada Weatherization agencies, like HELP and Urban League, can give residents a chance to get free upgrades to their home that will help them save money on their bills. The weatherization program can help you get better insulation in your home, can help you with a new water heater that is energy efficient and can also provide you with a refrigerator that will not drain your home of energy.

You may also qualify for free LED lights, minor home repairs and insulation sealing. If you have old pipes in your home, the weatherization program can provide the resources necessary to re-pipe your house and can provide you with low-flow showerheads. Southern Nevada weatherization resources also include solar screens that can help you save more than half of the money you pay in power bills because of the high rate of sunny days in the area.

Located in Carson City, the Ron Wood Center provides application assistance to those who may need help applying for energy programs. While they are located in Carson City, they can provide this assistance to people throughout the state. Contact them to learn how they can help you apply for programs in your area.

Avoid Shutoff with these resources.

Those who are on life support or who have a medically-necessary device may have special rights when it comes to energy cutoff in Nevada. NV Energy customers who contact Green Cross assistance may be able to avoid having their power shutoff if their life depends on having the power.

Those who are disabled or ill may also be able to use a program similar to the Green Cross program. Nevada wants to make sure their disabled residents, ill residents and elderly residents are taken care of because they know how hard it can be for each of these groups to make money.

Even if you don’t have a medically necessary device, NV Energy can give you advance warning of your power being cut off. By using the NV Energy third-party protection program, you can name someone you would like to be notified if your power is going to be shut off. You may want to use this if you are at work often, if you don’t always receive your mail in a timely manner or if you simply want someone else to be aware. It does not require that person to pay your bill.


Remember, Nevada has different programs for people who are struggling with their utility bills just this month, all the time and even those who simply want to lower their bills. The state has worked hard to come up with programs that will give its residents a chance to have power and live normally even if they struggle to make ends meet.

If you are simply trying to save money on your bills, you can learn some valuable tricks and tactics that will reduce your bill.

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