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Just Energy: Could You be Saving Money?

Just Energy: Could You be Saving Money?

As an energy supplier operating in many different states, Just Energy helps people save money when they switch. If you want to save money on your Just Energy bill, there are a few things you can do.


The Just Energy switch could help you save.

When the deregulation acts were passed, people began getting opportunities they could use to make more out of the energy they had. The plans allowed suppliers the chance to offer energy and that’s how companies like Just Energy were born. If you’re a supplier-customer, you’re actually getting your electric or natural gas service supplied from the company, but you may also be a customer of a different utility company.

The company offers plans for people to enroll in when they start using the company as a supplier. The company provides fixed-rate plans starting at under 8 cents per kWh. The price protection plans available can help you earn 500 points for rewards every three months. The Just Green plans to help you earn credit toward renewable energy sources.

Some deregulated states allow the company to offer variable and fixed rate plans. These plans may have lower rates initially, but they may vary. The variable-rate plans allow you to start out with a lower rate, but there is no guarantee that they will stay low. They could skyrocket depending on different market conditions. While you might have to pay a disconnection fee with fixed-rate plans, you generally do not have to pay that with variable-rate plans.

You can get rewards with Just Energy.

If you make changes to your home by purchasing anything that’s energy efficient – including new light bulbs – you can get rewards from Just Energy. Their perks and rewards programs allow customers to save money and get money back when they take simple steps toward more energy efficiency. You can redeem perks for credit toward your bill and even free gift cards!


When you’re signing up with Just Energy, making changes to your account or doing anything on the phone with the company, they claim you should not wait any more than five minutes. If the company puts you on hold for five minutes or more, you can get a prepaid gift card. The amount of the card may vary and you may only get one every 30 days.

Your supplier works with your utility company.

When you’re switching plans or removing a company as a supplier, you might have to pay exit fees through both your utility company and the supplier. Just Energy waives those exit fees. It’s important to call the company before you start the exit process to make sure they know what you’re doing. As long as you notify them in advance, the fees should get waived.

Since Just Energy serves many different locations, you might be eligible to save even more money. Check with your actual utility company to learn more about savings programs, low-income help and even free weatherization options. You could save on top of what you’re already saving with Just Energy!

Save even more on your energy bills.

Need some ways to save a little more money on your energy bill? Our favorite tips can help you make sure you’re saving as much as possible. Bonus: most of these tips are free or very low cost because we know the struggle!

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