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PECO Energy Customers Can Save Money!

PECO Energy Customers Can Save Money!

It can be such a struggle to constantly pay an energy bill when you’re struggling to make ends meet! If you’re a PECO customer, you might be wondering what type of PECO bill pay solutions are available to you. We found them!  


Need help with PECO bill pay? We found help!

PECO’s CAP monthly credit can help those who are low-income get the assistance they need to pay their full bill. You must apply through PECO. The program may require you to submit information about your income and your family size as well as your expenses.

LIURP could help you lower your energy bill by lowering the amount you use. You must be a high-use customer and meet certain income guidelines to get help through LIURP. You can apply for the program through an assistance agency or through PECO.

LIHEAP could help you save money on your PECO bill. Using the benefit, you could get assistance with PECO bill pay because the credit is automatically applied to it. The benefit may not cover your entire bill, but it can alleviate some of the burdens. You can use the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services website to determine eligibility and apply for the benefit. You can also apply in person at your local assistance office. People who are very low-income might qualify for emergency assistance.

Avoid shut-off with these resources.

As soon as you know you’re going to be unable to pay your bill, you can apply for a payment arrangement. It’s a good idea to let PECO know you’re not going to be able to pay the bill and you need help. The payment arrangement could give you more time to get caught up on your bill instead of having your electric shut off. Not everyone will qualify for payment arrangements.


The CARES program could help you save money on your bill. It could make it easier for you to pay your bill. CARES helps those who are low-income get the assistance they need to pay their bills on time. You will need to provide proof of your income and proof that your need for help with your bill.

Got an old fridge or freezer? You could get $75 to pay toward your bill by recycling it with PECO. You’ll get a check for recycling your fridge or freezer as long as it’s in working order. If you have a room air conditioner that you want to recycle at the same time, you can get an additional $10 with the check!

The Matching Energy Assistance Fund is another program PECO offers for some low-income customers. The program can help you pay for a portion of your bill. It will also help you match any amount up to what you pay toward your bill.

PECO offers helpful payment options.

Budget billing could help you during the hot and cold months when your bills are really high. The cold PA winters and sweltering summers make your heating and cooling systems work harder which can make your bill go up. With budget billing, you can pay the same amount every month after PECO averages out your monthly payment. You may need to pay additional money during the 12th month of the cycle to get caught up on anything you’ve used over the average within the past year.

Upgrade your home and save money on your PECO bill.

The PA WX program can help you with the weatherization of your home. It can help you save money on your bills by making your home more energy efficient. The program can provide you with insulation and additional systems that will make heating and cooling your home better. The program may even provide some families with a new heating or cooling system depending on your needs.

Pennsylvania offers some incentives for renewable energy. If you’re using renewable energy already, you can get money back to make your PECO bill pay easier.

The smart AC saver program can make your PECO bill pay easier for you to handle. The smart AC save program allows the company to cycle your air conditioner on and off during peak hours to reduce the load on the grid. You can get a credit and you’ll also save money on your overall usage for your air conditioner.


PECO can help you upgrade your home, too.

PECO offers free insulation and air sealing to low-income customers who qualify. They pay for contractors to come and make your home more energy efficient based on the need you have. The program works for those who rent and those who own their homes, but you must be a PECO customer for a set amount of time to qualify.

The PECO free checkup can help you learn more about the energy efficiency in your home. With the program, you’ll get a free energy assessment from a professional. You’ll also get free LED light bulbs, power strips, aerators and shower heads.

PECO offers several different rebates for their customers. From appliances to light bulbs and everything in between, you can get money back on the items you’re already purchasing!

Save more money on your power bill.

It doesn’t have to be hard to save money on your power bill. You can lower your energy usage and get the most out of what you spend on your bill each month. Use these helpful tips to save even more money!

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