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Minnesota Power Customers: Get Help Paying Your Bill!

Minnesota Power Customers: Get Help Paying Your Bill!

If you’re struggling to pay your Minnesota Power bill, help is available. We found the best ways to lower your bill, avoid shut-off and even make your home more energy efficient!


Get help paying your Minnesota Power bill.

The Salvation Army might be able to help you pay for a portion of your bill. They generally cap their assistance at $200 for customers. You can only apply for assistance from the Salvation Army and funding may not always be available. The program will directly pay Minnesota Power to cover your bill.

Minnesota LIHEAP could help you lower the total amount of your bill. They automatically apply a payment to your bill each month if you’re approved for assistance through the assistance office. You must apply for the program and show proof of income and household information. You can apply in person at your local assistance office or you can apply online.

If you’re a LIHEAP recipient, you can get discounted electric rates. The CARE program is how Minnesota Power eases the burden of high electric bills for low-income families. You will automatically be enrolled in the program when you begin receiving LIHEAP. If you’re not already enrolled, you can request enrollment.

Avoid shut-off using these helpful programs.

Minnesota’s Cold Weather Rule prevents electric companies from shutting off your power during the winter months and when the temperature drops below a certain amount. If it’s winter and you’ve received a shut-off notice from Minnesota Power, you might have protection from actually having your electric turned off.


Military members who are customers might receive protection from the electric company. If you’re active duty, you’ve received deployment orders or you’ve received orders for a change of station, you can receive shut-off protection from Minnesota Power. You must let the company know that you’re in the military. An ID will be required.

If you’re on or someone in your household is on life support, you might receive protection from shut-off. You must provide medical documentation and certification of the life support. You must also meet certain medical requirements to get approved for this protection.

Minnesota Power offers helpful payment options.

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, payment arrangements might be able to help you get more time to make the payments. You can contact Minnesota Power to get these arrangements. Payment arrangements are not available for all customers. The sooner you contact the company to get arrangements, the better your chance will be.

The budget billing program can help you avoid big bills in the winter. It averages out the amount you pay and makes sure you pay one set amount each month. You will have to apply for budget billing and meet certain requirements to get enrolled in the program.

Minnesota Power’s time of day rate can help you save money on your electric if you do not use it a lot during peak hours. The rates are lower for people who use power during off-peak hours. The company can evaluate the amount of energy you use during peak hours and let you know if the time of day rate plan will help you save more money.

Make your home more energy efficient…for free!

Weatherization assistance might be able to help you make free upgrades to your home. If you are part of a low-income family that qualifies for Minnesota’s weatherization assistance, you can get upgrades to your insulation, your heating and sometimes even flooring. The program will look at your home and will determine what will make it more energy efficient. Both renters and homeowners will qualify for help through WAP.

Do you have an old fridge or freezer? You could make some money from it! You can get up to $50 for a fridge or freezer. Minnesota Power will pay you and will set up an appointment to pick up your appliances. You can recycle both a fridge and a freezer at the same time. In addition to a check, they’ll also give you a coupon for a set amount off of a new fridge or freezer!


The SmartPak is a free kit from Minnesota Power. It can help you make your home more energy efficient. You must have an electric water heater to get the SmartPak. The kit includes faucet aerators, a low-flow showerhead, a shower timer and a water temperature gauge. If you have more showers or faucets, you might be able to request extra products.

Minnesota Power offers a variety of rebates. Whether you purchase a new stove, a new fridge or anything else, you can get help with the rebate programs offered!

Minnesota Power might help you learn about your energy usage.

The Home Energy Analysis from Minnesota Power might help you better figure out where you’re using a lot of energy. When you know where you’re using the energy the most, you can reduce your usage to save even more money on your bills. It’s a free analysis. A licensed contractor will do the analysis.

The Kill a Watt meter might help you figure out if you’re wasting energy in other areas of your home. You can rent the Kill a Watt meter from your local library to get assistance in learning about your energy usage.

Lower your electric bills even more.

Saving money on your electric doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Use our favorite tips to lower your Minnesota Power bill and ensure you’re saving as much money as possible!

Save more money in Minnesota!