Secret Nebraska Food Stamps Perks!

A Nebraska food stamps card can help you get cheap admission to Omaha Children’s Museum and so much more! We’ve been investigating secret EBT benefits for each state. Keep reading to find out what your Nebraska food stamps card can do!

Please note that the museums with green titles are Museums for All participants. These venues accept EBT cards from all 50 states, so you don’t have to be a Nebraska resident to get these great deals!

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Get museum admission discounts!

For your convenience, we’ve organized our free and discounted museum admission list alphabetically by city.

Nebraska City

Kregel Windmill Factory Museum – $1 per child and $3 per adult

The turbine-type wind machines produced b the Kregel Windmill Factory are a staple of the plains and prairies of North America. These important tools combined with drilled wells were essential to the settlement of Nebraska.

The Museum now stands as a tribute to this tool and the American use of renewable power to improve human lives. Discover the history of the windmill and see the tools used in its creation.

Children ages 8 and under are free!


Omaha Children’s Museum – FREE Memberships!

Explore more than 45,000 square feet of exhibits, interactive play spaces and so much more at Omaha Children’s Museum! As a Museums for All partner, this museum invites qualifying EBT recipients to visit the museum for FREE.

Their exact rate was not available on their website, so I reached out to Museums for All and the Omaha Children’s Museum on Twitter. The museum eventually sent me this link with more information about their membership program.

Omaha Children's Museum offers FREE memberships for Nebraska food stamps users

You may also qualify for this!

If you receive Nebraska  food stamps benefits, you may also be eligible for these great programs:

Did you know your Nebraska food stamps card can also do this?!

It’s easy to be confused about what you can and can’t buy with your Nebraska food stamps benefits. However, we’ve found some interesting items that we thought couldn’t be purchased with food stamps… yet they can!

  • Farmer’s Markets and community supported agriculture (CSA) programs can accept EBT.
  • Starbucks! EBT can be used at Starbucks locations that are located inside a grocery store.
  • Subway! EBT cards may be usable at Subway locations inside gas stations as long as the sandwich isn’t toasted. This isn’t always the case, but it has been possible on occasion.
  • Schwan’s Trucks also accept EBT benefits. Order online, by phone or on the app. Please note that food stamps benefits will not cover the delivery charge. Make sure you can pay the delivery charge before you order! If you can’t pay the delivery charge, you will not be allowed to keep your order.
  • Costco
  • Sam’s Club
  • Papa Murphy’s
  • Dollar Tree

You can also use your Nebraska food stamps benefits to buy these items:

  • Seeds
  • Hot deli food that has been packaged and refrigerated
  • Energy drinks that have a nutrition facts label
  • Live lobsters & shellfish
  • Pumpkins
  • Bakery-decorated birthday cakes
  • Gift baskets that include food items

Read more about this on the federal SNAP website.

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